Key Witness in Rove Probes Killed



Key Witness in Rove Probes Killed (Dec. 21, 2008) Mike Connell's untimely death will haunt Karl Rove and the Republican Party. As the key witness in investigations into election fraud and the firing of US attorneys, Mike Connell informed investigators that he had received death threats.

Connell's testimony threatened to lead to the indictment of Karl Rove. Key allegations in the cases that were converging on Rove were to the effect that Connell was ordered to manipulate election returns in 2004 to deliver the presidency to George W. Bush instead of John Kerry who was leading the pre-election polls.

A gifted IT expert, Connell was under investigation in the case of thousands of missing emails relevant to the probe into the politically motivated firing of US attorneys.

In both cases, Karl Rove is the prime suspect.

The timing of Connell's death recalls the untimely death of George De Mohrenschildt who was scheduled to be the star witness in the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) in 1977.

De Mohrenschildt was a close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald.

In February 1977, De Mohrenschildt granted interviews in Europe to the effect that he had direct personal knowledge of the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. Upon De Mohrenschildt's return to the USA in March, he was subpoenaed by the HSCA and scheduled to meet with Lead Investigator Gaeton Fonzi.

When Fonzi arrived at De Mohrenschildt's residency in Palm Beach he discovered that his key witness had died, apparently by 'suicide' only a short time before the two men were to have met. De Mohrenschildt's death rocked the nation and was featured prominently on the front page of the New York Times.

Other key witnesses in the HSCA were brutally assassinated or disappeared. Jimmy Hoffa, Sam Giancana and Johnny Rosselli were designated key witnesses for the HSCA, but they became victims of assassination before and during the Congressional hearings that gripped the nation in 1976-7.

Congressman Richardson Preyer (D-NC) was one of the most outspoken members of the HSCA that found JFK had been killed as part of a conspiracy involving organized crime.

Other suspicious and untimely plane crashes involving high-ranking politicians include those of: U.N. Secretary General Dag Hamaskjold; Congressman Hale Boggs; Sanjay Gandhi; General Zia Ul-Haq; twenty MI5 officials aboard the ill-fated Chinook helicopter; Ron Brown and John F. Kennedy, Jr.