key 9/11 witness deader than Julius Caeser

Barry Jennings was a coordinator for the Office of Emergency Management of the New York Housing Authority.  Jennings was in World Trade Center Building 7 a.k.a. The Salomon Brothers Building.

Jennings is quoted as saying that he felt explosions inside WTC 7 and had to step over dead bodies.  WTC 7 was the largest CIA station in this country outside of the Langely Virginia Agency headquarters.  Other WTC 7 tenants were the Secret Service,
The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Office of Emergency Management. If I remember correctly former NYC Mayor Rudy GHOULIANI was in WTC 7 at one point on 9/11.  The president's own brother Marvin once ran security of the WTC from inside WTC 7!  The company was called Securacom and later changed to Stratesec if I remember correctly.
Jennings was one of the most important eyewitnesses ever to come forth about his knowledge of explosions.  And now Jennings is deader than Julius Caeser.  His death was admitted by New York Housing Authority about a month AFTER Jennings' died and the cause of death is STILL unknown. Nowadays with directed energy weapons and the various potions concocted by the spook agencies, anyone can be
made to look as if they died of "natural causes."

and in related new world odor pungency, here is an article from The Army Times stating that the army will now openly deploy troops in the u.s. to one day fight against the american citizenry.

The troops are trained specifically in dealing with civil unrest (HELLOOOOO!) Crowd Control (remember the Republican National Convention in St. Paul MN?) biowarfare attacks (can anyone say "BIRD FLU?")
and other forms of mass casualty causing events.  They openly describe utilizing "non-lethal weapons" and then in the next sentence talk about how excited they are to be helping the american citizens.

Yeah right.

and heres a good article from Larry Chin on about the Palin-McCain ticket and how Palin is plugged right into the militant "christian right" and is part of a hardcore sect.  When Palin was asked by Charlie Gibson about the possibility of a nuclear war with Russia
Palin glibly answered that Nuclear War was certainly a possibility.  Geez if I didn't know I'd swear Palin was suffering from Dissocciative Identity Disorder and may even be a mind controlled multiple.

What the "conspiracy theorists" have been worrying about for decades viz a planned economic collapse to turn america into a banana republic controlled by a military junta is happening right before our eyes.
And the sheeple buy into the lie that all this is because banks have loaned money to unqualified borrowers.  Geez...if the corporate media was told the moon was made of cheese, the sheeple would buy into it.
How bad will the financial markets be if there is another massive series of false flag terror attacks in the u.s.?  I believe another false flag attack was just meted out to that u.s. embassy overseas.  This is all designed to lead to a global nuclear war and then
perhaps a fake extraterrestrial invasion to finally compel the sheeple to accept World Government.   What else would a "World Army" like the u.s.backed NATO fight against after all the people are subjugated on a worldwide basis?