LaVey Satanic Bible

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In regards to this article  i think it's obvious that you know nothing about the present form of satanism.  If you would bother reading the satanic bible, which outlines the majority of the modern satanic philosophy, then you would clearly see the utter nonsense you was spouting about satanists.  I'd like to know the 'satanists' you've interviewed about the sacrifice of children.  My advice to you is become aware of what you're talking about before you go off on your soapbox about the evils of satanism.  Clearly you don't understand what satanism is, so I will attach the satanic bible for you so that you can read it.  Maybe you can enlighten yourself on what it is, since the basis for your website is the 'search for the truth'.  I think listening to the propaganda of the church about satanism isn't a very good search for the truth.  I think rather than subscribing to what people who know nothing about it say, a person who wants to know the truth about it should go right to the source.  Enjoy the read, enlighten yourself.  The truth about modern satanism is in the book. 
James Hein