Who Killed John Lennon?

It is quite ironic that the man who penned the words "Give peace a chance" and made it a mantra for the sixties generation should have come to such a violent and untimely death. It was, indeed, an assassination and not a murder.

But why? What made this man so important, gave him such influence, and, in the end, made him so dangerous to those who, ultimately, created him?

There are direct links which tie many pop music groups together in an ongoing project designed to control the development of human society in the most fundamental ways. It's not talent that allows our stars to rise to the top -- it's how they play the game. Scientific projects were taking place of an extremely advanced, esoteric nature that were exploring the possibility of the manipulation of consciousness, time, thought and, indeed, reality that were part of the Phoenix/Montaulk Project.

What is more powerful or influential than the music we listen to today? It's everywhere, it's all around us, in the car, in the elevator, at home, and even in the movies and television programs we watch. Our founding fathers would be incredulous at the music we take so for granted, it's availability, and its diversity.

But it is the "Top 40 Hits" we are primarily concerning ourselves with here, for it is with "Top 40" radio that much of our advertising and thought creation is linked. 

The Beatles weren't the first musicians to create the phenomenon of hysterical, screaming crowds, but they certainly were the most proficient. The first musician that I am aware of that caused crowds of fans to cry hysterically, scream and faint was Frank Sinatra -- whose roots in organized crime are no mystery today. Another historical figure who was able to create such crowd hysteria was, of course, Adolf Hitler. A better tool for mind control than Top 40 radio doesn't exist. The words haunt us sometimes even when we don't want them to. We find ourselves humming little ditties in the shower, it surrounds us in the grocery store, at the mall, and everywhere else we go. People with portable "Walkmen" on their heads move through the streets ingesting all kinds of thoughts most don't take any responsibility for. We do have choices. Most of us don't make them in a conscious and responsible way, not when it comes to what we put into our heads.

When the Beatles came into power, the kind of choices we have today didn't even exist. They were created with the wave of popularity that was created around the Beatles -- four young men like anyone else with a fair amount of talent and a tremendous amount of support. The groundwork had been laid with the growth of television. Ed Sullivan and American Bandstand made it possible to create the audience that would create the groundswell that would change history.

The Beatles did not choose to be part of this plan. They had talent, and they wanted to be successful, what any musician/artist/writer wants. They got the support they needed. They had no idea what was in store for them.

The Beatles were part of the mass experimentation that contemporary society was being subjected to by the CIA, Britain's MI6 and the Tavistock Institute utilizing extraordinarily powerful mind-altering psychedelic/psychotropic drugs.

It didn't start out that way -- but that was the plan. 

The Beatles came into America at the height of the Civil Rights movement. Protest music was in the air (Eve of Destruction; Abraham, Martin and John; Joe Hill; Cruel War; Society's Child, etc.) which was creating a massive counterculture that threatened everything that had been established by those who fought World War II. In spite of the fact that so many had been slaughtered during the Holocaust and the reign of Eugenics worldwide, allowing for the Baby Boom of the 1950s, what no one had anticipated was that increasing the number of white middle class children would result in a backlash against an establishment that considered them nothing more than cannon fodder for the next power move. Something had to be done.

John Lennon was one of the "big guns" in the CIA/Tavistock/MI6 arsenal. It was the Beatles who first started alluding to the "Magical Mystery Tour" that led our generation down the CIA created yellow-brick-road of LSD and marijuana, and no one even challenged the imagery. That in and of itself should smell suspicious, that the middle-class, straight-laced establishment didn't have them booted out of the country right then and there for being a danger to the American way of life. But of course not. They were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing. It was the CIA, after all, that brought LSD into this country with the idea that it would enable those in power to more efficiently control the rest of us. It didn't exactly work out the way they wanted it to, but hey, it came close enough. The Civil Rights movement came to a screeching halt as people began to heed the words, "Turn on, tune in, drop out." 

The truly American fight for justice and equal rights was interfering far too much in the agenda for power and control that the United States was imposing on the rest of the world. Mind control experiments were at their height. It seemed the perfect solution for the "hippie" problem.

Not only did LSD grab hold of America's children, but the "Manson murders" and the Patty Hearst trial and the Jeffrey MacDonald trial took all the "peace, love and freedom" color out of the flower power movement as blood and violence was plastered across every newspaper and television screen in America and blamed on the hippies who, according to California's Governor Ronald Reagan, "looked like Tarzan, walked like Jane, and smelled like Cheetah."

Children did not trust parents who considered it their patriotic duty to send their children to Vietnam to die in a war that made no sense. Parents became afraid of their children who could become drug-crazed mind-controlled zombies and unpredictably come home and slaughter everyone.

The breakdown of the family began in earnest, which benefits none so much as Corporate Amerika, who encourages their wage-slaves to prioritize nothing, but nothing, over showing up to work every morning and producing profit for their stockholders.

It is interesting to note that the controlling stockholders of the world's second-largest multi-media corporation (Hachette Industries, Paris) are family members of Sadaam Hussein.

The daughter of privileged aristocracy, as a child in 1945 Yoko Ono huddled with her mother and father and two tiny siblings in an underground bunker while the largest number of American B29's to attack a single Japanese city rained incendiary bombs on Tokyo by the thousands. Eighty-three thousand people died; a quarter of the city burned. Yoko's mother and the three children joined many of their neighbors in a headlong flight away from the burning city, out into open country. Yoko's father was missing and feared dead in Hanoi. The Onos were reduced to foraging from farm to farm for food which they pulled along, with their few belongings, in an ancient-styled wheeled cart.

"I had a young brother and sister I had to find food for. I couldn't sleep, we were always evacuated. ... When the bombs dropped, I was living in this country town where the farmers didn't like city people, so they threw stones at you and wouldn't give you food. I went through a period when I was really skin and bones, going around begging. It's a long story, too long to tell."

Yoko's father survived, and when she was 19 she joined her family in Scarsdale, New York where she was tutored in classical piano and attended Sarah Lawrence College.

Soon after meeting Lennon, she was ordered back to Japan by her parents and institutionalized for a short time, prior to returning to New York, where she and Lennon reunited to become history's most enigmatic couple.

Shortly before his death, Lennon was interviewed by Playboy magazine, where he blatantly asserted, "We must always remember to thank the CIA and the Army for LSD. They invented LSD to control people and what they did was give us freedom. ...look at the Government reports on acid..."

He also indicated his awareness that the Beatles themselves had literally been subjected to mind experimentation with respect to certain drugs they were induced to use; and further conveyed that he knew the Beatles and the entire "Beatlemania" phenomenon were to some extent at least just another aspect of some very wide-scale, globalist "social engineering and experimentation. More than any of the other boys in the band, John Lennon had become increasingly aware of the extent of corruption, co-opting and infiltration of the counterculture -- including the rock music scene -- by the covert government intelligence elements.

He had to be stopped.

In the same interview, Yoko stated, "I really think that what happened in the Seventies can be compared to what happened under Naziism with Jewish families. Only the force that split them came from the inside, not from the outside."

It was only more subtle, and far more effective.

Shortly after that interview, New World Order head honcho and Satanist, globalist, CIA director, Tavistock underling and then vice-president George Bush Sr. had Lennon slaughtered on the streets of New York utilizing yet another mind-controlled Delta slave Mark David Chapman. Mark Chapman is the victim of an artificially induced model psychosis

Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act state and testify that various Federal Agencies of the US government had a several decade-long covert research project to develop a technique or method by which an involuntary, unwitting innocent individual could be covertly manipulated to hallucinate that he or she must carry out the assassination of a pre-selected target.

Who benefited from that, even all these years later? The spirit of rebellion was kicked out of the Sixties Movement. If JFK's assassination didn't do it, of Malcolm X's assassination didn't  do it, if Robert Kennedy's assassination didn't do it, of Martin Luther King's assassination didn't do it, if the government-created nightmare of Charles Manson didn't do it, if Jonestown didn't do it, John Lennon's assassination nailed the coffin closed on the Spirit of America for a long time. Our leaders were gone. Our soul was broken. We knew Evil had taken over America. We didn't know what to do. It hurt too much to move forward. We spent our adult years in drug addiction, depression, grieving and denial. We bought the Reagan-created empty vision of the "Yuppie," those of us who could, while the rest of us became "welfare whores," driving those imaginary Cadillacs.

But we're still here.

The primary red flag in this story is the fact that because Mark David Chapman, accused killer of John Lennon, pled guilty, there was no trial. This is the persistent link to so many of the cases that should raise questions immediately. No trial, no way for any of us to know what really happened ... ever. Case closed.

John Lennon, the most politically active rock star of his generation and militantly left-wing politically active at that, was shot down outside his own home by a killer who was merely a tool, a human gun used and controlled by others to destroy a uniquely powerful and radical figure who was likely to prove a rallying point for mass opposition to the policies soon to be implemented, both at home and abroad, by the new United States government headed by Ronald Reagan.

It is said that Mark David Chapman did it for publicity. An actual "syndrome" has been invented to explain the killers of high profile figures who are deemed to be "lone nut" characters with no tie to the victim other than their own need for acknowledgement due to "low self esteem." Convenient myth number one.

Inconveniently, Mark David Chapman turns down thirty to forty interviews a year. He has not interest in publicity. 

The roots of even this story go back to the OSS/CIA connection. The OSS, sold to the public as restricted solely to activity outside the USA, in fact was prohibited, in its charter, written by Congress, from exercising "police, subpoena, or law-enforcement powers or internal security functions." It simply would not operate at home: any domestic work that needed to be done would be handled by the FBI.

But, from the very beginning, the OSS/CIA began to stretch the envelope. According to Admiral Stansfield Turner, appointed by President Carter as CIA director in the hope of cleaning up the organization during the four years of his administration (1977 to 1981), "Some 300,000 Americans considered to be potentially 'dangerous' to our national security were indexed in a CIA computer, and separate files were created on approximately 7,200"  -- including John Lennon.

Former President Bush was such a popular CIA director in his time because he pretty much gave them carte blanche to do whatever they wanted. I suspect those policies are currently in place once again. In fact, its pretty obvious that they are, as their budget increases and their staff and power have ballooned to unimaginable proportions since the "Attack on America." Just who attacked America and why remain debatable, but there is absolutely no doubt that "National Security" has become a top priority budget item like never before -- and never before have we been more insecure as a nation.

From early in 1972 John Lennon knew he was under surveillance,  being followed in the streets and with his telephone tapped. More ominously, in late 1972, he told Paul Krassner, a left-wing friend of Yoko Ono's in San Francisco from the early 1960s: "Listen, if anything happens to Yoko and me, it was not an accident."

What really got the CIA and FBI so all fired up about Lennon was the idea for a "revolutionary road show," starring Lennon and Yoko. This combination of rock music and radical politics was to barnstorm its way across America in the early summer and end up in a giant protest rally outside the Republican National Convention at San Diego, where President Nixon was almost certain to be nominated for re-election at the presidential elections that November. The aim was a huge "political Woodstock" that would successfully accomplish at San Diego in 1972 what Jerry Rubin and his colleagues had failed to achieve at Chicago in 1968: the disruption of a major party's national convention. An organization originally named the Allamuchy Tribe, and then the Election Year Strategy Information Committee, was set up with headquarters in the basement of Lennon and Yoko's apartment in Greenwich Village. No federal law was being broken in this, but it concerned a president of the United States, and was enough to get the FBI and the CIA crucially involved.

A little over three months after Lennon was murdered, newly inaugurated President Ronald Reagan was shot and nearly killed by John Hinckley, in New York City, again.

Hinckley's father, a Denver, Colorado resident, is a close personal friend of George Bush Sr. and sons.  

For several weeks before attempting to assassinate Reagan, Hinckley prowled the streets of New York. Hinckley followed as exactly as he possibly could every single move that Mark David Chapman had made, in the days before Chapman murdered John Lennon. At the time of their respective arrests following both shooting incidents, John Hinckley and Mark David Chapman were each carrying on their person a paperback copy of the JD Salinger novel, Catcher in the Rye.

Author JD Salinger had substantial and enduring ties to the US intelligence community, in particular, the CIA.

Hinckley first came to New York well before his attempt to assassinate Reagan, in order to prepare himself for his assigned role by imitating Chapman's moves and actions of a few months before.

Reagan was wounded, but survived. His leadership ability, questionable at best, became even less credible as time wore on and the ability of the people to trust their leadership and believe their representation was being respected and honored withered away, particularly in the face of the Iran-Contra scandal.

Who was really pulling the strings? And who continues to benefit, even today?

America deserves better than what passes for democracy today. It isn't. And it's time to take it back.