Letter from Contessa Isabella Vacani, author of "Checkmate-The Enigma of Reinhard Heydrich"

October 5, 2009

The Mischlinge part, that would be his half Jewish ancestry has never been proven. As far as I am concerned, his alleged Judean ancestry is of of marginal importance. He was an altar boy and a helpful volunteer in his Church. He remained a practicing Catholic until 1936 when he formally renounced Catholicism because it "clashed" with the principles of the NSDAP, the National Socialist  Deutsche Arbeit Partei. That shows a certain coherence and intellectual honesty if you will. He had realized as the Super spy that he was, that the Catholic Church would be a formidable foe. He considered them as dangerous as Jews, Communists, Bolsheviks and Freemasons.

On numerous occasions he went out of his way to assist and/protect Jews. For instance, one of his dueling partners in the fencing competitions was a Dutch Jew. After the national competitions ended in glory for him and his team, Heydrich granted him, his family and all his relatives the necessary papers to travel to Portugal and then to Canada. There was nothing personal in the way he hunted down Jews or other enemies of the Reich. It was purely professional.

Canaris survived because Heydrich admired and liked him. His exploits during  WWl had left an imprint on the adolescent Heydrich. He was also one of Heydrich's mentors in the Navy. He never forgot Admiral Canaris's loyalty towards him when the Naval High Command voted for Heydrich's ouster from the Navy. Canaris and several Admirals voted in his favor. The naval industrial complex wanted him out. He had dared to break a relationship with the whacked out daughter of a powerful naval contractor. He loved Lina instead.

Mlitary and Naval Intelligence run by Admiral Canaris was " like a sieve". He also suspected Canaris of being a Bolshevik agent. At best, a secret Marxist -Stalinist. This was long before Heydrich joined the NSDAP and organized the SS, SD, RHSA, and Interpol. Eventually, he also took over the Gestapo which had been in the hands of Goering, a morphine addict.  Heydrich was such an overwhelming personality although he stayed in the shadows that his Secret Services received most of the money from Hitler. Canaris had to manage with a shoe string budget.

"Sometimes there is no need to kill a rival. Just clip his wings sharply."

Heydrich did not think much of the "Nazi" party. He joined only in 1931 although Lina, his wife and most of his friends had become members in the mid to late twenties. He thought Hitler and Himmler's almost subservient attitude towards the occult, ridiculous.

There is no proof that he ever ordered the gassing of prisoners in the concentration camps. He had always disliked the fact that Himmler did not give him any jurisdiction inside the camps. Heydrich held sway over who was admitted in the camps and who was released. What occurred inside was left to Theodore Eicke"s decisions.Himmler had been aware for sometime that he depended on Heydrich. Heydrich ran the SS,SD RSHA and INTERPOL.He made sure Himmler received the glory but everyone in Hitler's inner circle, especially Borman knew otherwise.

That changed when he became Reichsprotektor of Bohemia-Moravia. Borman played a crucial role in this. He wanted Heydrich away from Hitler. This backfired because Heydrich as a pilot asked and received from Hitler two airplanes, which enabled him to fly to Berlin with his "Brainstormers" as often as Hitler and/or he wished. What became intolerable was that Hitler and Heydrich met alone in his office at the Chancellery. No one was ever present. This was a political post and it made him the most powerful man in Europe,( supposedly after Hitler) I have my doubts. Heydrich, as the greatest Spymaster knew too much about his enemies and Hitler, Borman, et al. You are bang on, on this , Henry.  Certainly he had the power of life and death over any citizen in Bohemia-Moravia ( now the Czech Republic).  He was a successful political leader of an occupied country and gave many carrots and few sticks.

He did order the arrest of Oskar "the Swindler" Schindler as well as that of Alfred Goering, younger brother of Hermann Goering, for war profiteering , smuggling and hoarding. They were Germans but Heydrich did not make distinctions between foreign and German criminals.  Hermann Goering, Head of the Luftwaffe ran to Hitler and begged for his intercession.. Hitler asked Heydrich to overturn the arrest which carried a death penalty.  Heydrich deported both Schindler and Goering to Poland and banned them from ever setting foot on Bohemia-Moravia, under pain of arrest and death by hanging. All this changed after Heydrich's death in 1942.

Kristalnacht was NOT Heydrich's idea. He wrote to Joseph Goebbels and defined it" a blatantly stupid and useless act of violence which can only hurt our image abroad." It was Goebbels who unleashed Kristalnacht. Heydrich was so furious that he ordered the SS to stop the destruction as much as possible.

We do have documents signed by Heydrich during Operation Barbarossa - the war on the Russia front, ordering his Einsatzgruppen to execute all Jewish Bolsheviks and their sympathizers in every village in the USSR- Union of Soviet Socialist Russia.

The bomb attack  against Heydrich in Prague, appeared to be the work of Czech partisans parachuted from Scotland by the SOE - Special Operations Executive, headed by Sir Victor Rothschild. In actual fact, the partisans primary loyalty was to Stalin. who feared Heydrich would remove Hitler and work on a peace deal with Lavrenti Beria his Chief of Intelligence and Terror; who would then purge him and take the reins of power.

 Though wounded, Heydrich engaged his attackers in a fierce gun fight forcing them to abandon their attack and take flight. He survived the attack and had his spleen removed. Supposedly he died of septicemia six days later. He did not trust Czech and  German doctors. Hitler sent his personal physician but Heydrich considered him a quack. He had his own scientists and Tibetan monks look after him. I have always suspected poison by the German doctors who kept this vital piece of information from Hitler. I see the hand of Borman, Goering and Goebbels all over this, with Borman as chief instigator of the Conspiracy.I tend to see eye to eye with you on this matter.

 When Hitler behaved AS IF HEYDRICH WOULD BE HIS DESIGNATD SUCCESSOR ( Heydrich had been appointed Viceroy of France, granting him yet more political power which would not be centered in Berlin) he set off many symbiotic forces which allied themselves in order to remove Heydrich who knew "too much" . He surely was the Spy Master and Puppet Master of the Third Reich, and not only the Third Reich. I doubt that in his heart of hearts he was anyone's Yes man, regardless of the circumstances or appearances. Whether he was partly Juden or entirely Catholic, does not matter in the panorama of his actions.

 It must be pointed out that his death was the first significant victory of the Allies, albeit a psychological one . It rent the invulnerability of the NSDAP. No one in the Allied Media ever mentioned that Heydrich was riding in an open car, his Mercedes slowed down and then stopped to allow the trolley to pass, he was not wearing a protective vest, and lastly, he had refused bullet proofing/armor plating his car How could he not know that there was a plot to assassinate him?. Did he prefer to die in a blaze of glory? That is why he remains an enigma to this day.