The St. Michael Line The St. Michael Line, discovered by John Michell, is probably the most well-known ley of all. It links many places with St. Michael dedications across England, including St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall, St. Michael's on Glastonbury Tor and St. Michael's on Burrow Mump.

St Michael's Mount is also the starting point for the infamous St Michael's ley, a broad line linking the Mount, St Michael's Church Brentor, St Michael's Church Burrowbridge, St Michael's Church Othery, St Michael's Church, Glastonbury Tor and Stoke St Michael

Glastonbury with its Ley connection to Stonehenge. Christians began erecting chapels on the male serpent line, dedicated to St. Michael. These were studded along the former sites of the Celtic God, Lug. On the more curving female line, often near water or Holy Wells, Mary Chapels went up on former sites of his consort, the Goddess. Interestingly, 16 miles to the North, a perfect North South line from Stonehenge passes through The Sanctuary near Avebury where the Michael and Mary line cross ...I have already dowsed the Blue Serpent Ley from Stonehenge

Some maps of the St. Michael Line - the URLs of the sites they were on are: They show the straight and dowsed serpentine St. Michael lines. Also my site where I have traced the line round the world as a great circle: You may like to see my other sites listed on