Lilly Sovereign-Spirit and Carol Croft Fish for Tail in Las Vegas

By Lilly Ochescu
August 7, 2004

What a day!!! It starts at the Post Office Saturday morning. Carol needed to send some packages to their customers and there we are waiting in line, Carol is writing her mail addresses, this Asian employee guy is suddenly veeeery helpful with us trying to rush us to leave the Post Office as soon as possible. All people there seem very agitated.

They are talking with each other about Carol and I. The supervisor is human, you can tell, unlike most of the other postal clerks. The other supervisor is reptilian and bad. The human supervisor would smile and node at us he was kinda saying: "come on those two ladies are not terrorists, give me a break!" (CIA instructed the Post Masters to watch for us) We were using a breathing technique that Dork Boy [cbswork] had shown Carol and Carol taught me to make them feel unbalanced, uncomfortable and they were trying really hard to maintain their human form. The reptilian black woman (supervisor) was looking at us with her LEFT EYE (which means she is REPTILIAN), her left eye has started to protrude grossly from her head. Visit  for the description of the techniques, you'll go nuts and have so much fun.

The CIA agent dressed in black (man in black???) was behind us in line, I told him to go ahead of us and he acted shocked, like "She knows what I am!" and he started sweating.

When we got in front of the counter the clerk lady is also reptilian and when she picked up one of Carol's packages and asked "what is this?" and Carol answered ''experimental healing device" she acted as she was really scared of the package V a YACK gesture. By the way, it was a terminator and has orgonite in it, poison to reptilians- like garlic is to vampires ;-).

The clerk man on the left half reptilian was friendly with me kinda complaining about his job and I replied :Why don't you leave it? There is always a way out. The reptilian woman replied instead of him telling me : "He likes it here!". Hmmm.. She sounded like she was in charge of him. Carol gestured to look up in the two-way mirrors and I waved and stuck my tongue out there.

Outside there was this Russian-looking agent and before we left the parking lot he got into his white van with dark windows and other two people talking on the phone. And K of course there was a RED SPORT'S CAR (psychic agent car) which is hachback open. Hmmmm. This is not the only time we saw the same car.


At the service desk, there is this really strange man standing there. I elbowed Carol and she was nodding at me, meaning "Yes he is a reptilian". Well, well, we started the magic-breathing technique and OHHHH MY!! Carol was pointing down towards the back of his trousers THE GUY'S TAIL STARTED TO SHOW, GETTING BIGGER AND LONGER and we start laughing really hard! HA HA HA !! And he was trying really hard to get the cashier to hurry up to get us out of the store.

Meanwhile, at the other cashier in line, there was a tall man with dark glasses. I did the technique to him and he started to sweat profusely, being really agitated, moving around like he was standing on hot coals. I noticed under his black glasses there were big black circles under his eyes. Hmmm

The female cashier waiting on him was also agitated, dropping things; you could tell she wasn't concentrating on what she was doing, also very angry. She realized where the energy was coming from and she came next to us touching Carol and she said: "Coming up behind you" instead of "Excuse me" or something a real woman/man (notice I am not using the word "person" which means a fictitious entity) would say. She implanted Carol, of course. The man with the black glasses ( in the store??) got out as fast as he could, looking at me really scared and sweating a lot.

I felt a presence behind me which I knew was bad. I turned quickly and there is this guy again with dark glasses walking towards us. When he saw me turning, he suddenly turned and walked back the way he came. Hmmmm. Carol confirmed that what I suspected was right: the CIA agent came to implant and intimidate us. Have you noticed how they always wear dark glasses and talk on the phone? The cell phones are used as devices to shoot people with implants for your info, but (smile!!!) there is always a remedy: magnets, the cbswork implant killers, and many other devices. This agents can shove their technologies where the sun doesn't shine. Hehehe..

In the parking lot, as we were ready to leave, we saw -GUESS WHAT? THE SAME RED SPORTS CAR from the post office. Again, a man in the car on his phone. I waved at him and blew kisses. He was Iranian. Carol confirmed that. He waved back at us. He wasn't that bad, he was like the human-supervisor in the post office ("What's so dangerous about these ladies?")

Later that day, we went to Wal-Mart's to buy BBs for earth pipes. The BBs were locked in a glass case, so we had to wait for the cashier to open the case. I asked Carol: "He is a reptilian, isn't he?" and she confirmed. WOW!! The fun just started!! We started the technique and Ohhh Myyy!!! The guy got red faced and his forehead started to stick out further and further, and his cheek bones started to stick out and his eyes started moving really fast, rolling around really quick. The guy was dropping things and he couldn;t stand up, leaning towards the pole behind him. We kept blasting him with heart energy and I moved over to get a closer look, and Ohh man, that guy was in deep s**t. His eyes were rolling like crazy and he was all red, he was really having a hard time maintaining his human form. I felt sorry for him and I stopped blasting him. Carol felt the same. He was an old guy. The moment we stopped blasting him the color came back in his face and started to look normal again.

There were many agents there, but by then we had seen so many that it didn't matter; not a big deal.

On the way home, we see this guy waiting on the corner to turn on the main street and we turned right beside him. We went up the next block and turned left, and here comes the same guy at us down the same street. Was he trying to intimidate us? Come on, give me a break, he looked like a mommy's boy! Dealing with these agents is like playing checkers with a little kid. We came home overwhelmed with what happened to us the whole day. We though our day was over, but NOOOOO!!!

My husband was arrested Thursday. Don Croft and him went out to buy pipes for the earth pipes. The fake police-reptilians were waiting for them a few block from our home and arrested Constantin because he refuses to do business with the government and cancels/realeases contracts with the fraudulent government. They don't want in any way Don and Constantin to come together and share information because they both know stuff.

Anyway, today I got a call from the holding facility where they have Constantin , I though he was Constantin, but it was a man saying Constantin wanted him to call me and asked me to return him a favor. Sure, and quickly I asked Carol to check on this guy. I could tell there was someone there telling him what to say. Carol confirmed. He wanted me to call somebody for him. I said "hold on while I get a pen" In the meantime, I asked Carol to check on him and when I got back on the phone, I asked him to give me the number and the guy hesitated and sounded very nervous. I insisted and the guy told me the message: " If my step mother ever contacted the PROGRAM place" Hmmm

Carol called that number, to see if was a real man/woman and it was. Then the guy called back. I told him the man who answered the phone said that his step mother wasn't there. Very strange phone call. I also told him to send lots and lots and lots of LOVE to Constantin and everyone there specially the man standing beside him. I wondered what his face looked like. He was like :"How do I answer this?" He was a good guy, but being told what to do. Perhaps he was bribed: "If you do this, we'll make your sentence shorter". He also was asking me where I was from because of my accent. Carol told me
the people at the jail want to know what weird language that I spoke with Constantin.

When Constantin would call from the jail, I would use my native tongue so the people listening would really need a talented translator quick. Carol says they couldn't figure out what language it was so they have that guy called to ask where I was from. I just said Greece because they would never know the difference anyway and HEY!! I liked "The Big Fat Greek Wedding".

The moment I hang up the phone, I heard voices outside and looked out of the window with Carol because there was this weird car out front. MAN!!! First we saw this girl in her early twenties of course, talking on the phone. Carol and I started to use the TECHNIQUE sending her energy from the heart. MAN she went nuts!!! She flipped around really searching for where the energy was coming from. NOW, it was creepy because her hair was covering her right eye, the only thing showing was her LEFT EYE which started to get bigger and bigger and blacker. WOW!!! Cbsworks says that reptilian would always lead with their left eye (refer to ) She freaked out and was moving really nervously (that's what we noticed with all of them when we use the technique, all of them having spasms MAN- WE ARE REALLY GOOD). I could tell she was really bad.

OK, outside with her were four other teenage kids, MAN you could tell they were Mkids [MK Ultra], ALL TALKING ON THE PHONE. Well I am not quite sure about the fourth one, because he had his back to me. AT LEAST FOUR KIDS TALKING ON THE PHONE AT THE SAME TIME??? GIVE ME A BREAK!!! HOW MANY PEOPLE DO THEY HAVE TO REPORT TO? They must all have different handlers. Not to mention they all finished the conversation at the same time.

Then the CIA neighbor's son showed up and joined the reptilian girl. She was definitely in charge. Before that, I was talking to the reptilian girl from inside my house. Carol told me she hears me!! Imagine how much fun we had with that. I told her: are you pregnant bitch?? (She looks like a breeder) "I am going to shrink you tonight" like I did to her mother the Queen the same morning. Not to mention the reptilian cop who arrested Constantin was sister with this reptilian young girl , a breeder and one of the queen's other daughters. When she got in the car, I told her not to start the engine because it will blow up and she got really nervous and she kept hesitating to put her hand on the key in the ignition. Carol heard her saying: "Oh S**T!".

She went for the key a couple of times and finally started the car. I wish I could be more angry to make that happen. Well there is always next time !

The Mkids left, following the reptilian girl in charge.


By the way Constantin needs your help. You can use the method below because if you use it on a balanced positive human what they receive is healing loving energy, but the bad guys really hate it.


It works better if you take your shoes off, but it works anyway. Two or more people doing this method at the same time make it a lot more powerful.

What you do: you just shut your eyes and think of someone you love and charge yourself with infinite love if you know what I AM talking about. Take at least 3 deep breaths and filling your whole heart area with this LOVE and then on the last exhale imagine the energy going to the man/woman/reptilian you are aiming at and as you send the energy out say the word YAHWEH. Keep doing over and over and over.

If the man/woman is reptoid she/he will start to act very nervous, strange and clumsy, dropping things, etc almost like they are having a spasm. This means that they are having a real hard time maintaining their human form. And watch for the left eye becoming bigger, and extended out slightly from the skull, huge black circles under the eyes or the eyes rolling like in cartoons and of course, people wearing dark sunglasses inside the stores.

Keep this thing in mind when you go out in public and you will be amazed, but don't forget to have fun- that's a MUST!!! Remember it's important not to have any fear and laugh instead. They can smell fear and they feed off of it. There is really nothing to fear. THEY CANNOT HURT US UNLESS WE ALLOW THEM TO.

And then all you have to do is just sit back and watch the show. Carol said: "don't forget the popcorn".

Lilly Ochescu


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