A. Representation of a broken bone.

B. A prayer has been made in the Huna manner to the High Self for instant healing of the broken bone. The High Self uses its high voltage (atom smashing voltage) to change the dense substance of the broken parts of the bone to the thin, invisible or "etheric" form.

C. Parenthetically, this is a representation of the shadowy body of the broken bone, BUT, the shadowy body cannot be broken. It remains uninjured and is a perfect mold of every cell, nerve (all tissues) of the bone. It is back into this shadowy mold that the High Self pours the thinned substance as it is re-solidified, givingó

D. The instantly healed and perfectly restored bone. The same mechanism is presented by Huna explaining the instant healing of any injured or deformed part of the body. This work involves control of temperature changes as illustrated in E and F.

E. The drawing pictures the symbolic use of the high voltage of vital force by the High Self in controlling the heat of flames (or other forms of heat) to prevent burning of feet, as in fire-walking ceremonies performed to demonstrate the fact that there are High Selves and that they can answer prayers to make fire-immunity a fact.

F. Temperature control by the High Self covers cold as well as heat. In Psychical Research many apports of very hot objects have been observed, also blocks of ice (as well as living creatures etc.).
G. Represents a High Self responding to the request of a low and middle self at a seance. The request has been made for the apporting of a live fish.

The High Self sets to work using the low voltage vital force supplied by the sitters at the seance, stepping up its voltage to the atom smashing frequency, and

H. The live fish is changed to the invisible form.

I. The live fish has had its dense substance changed to the thin etheric (or invisible ectoplasmic) form, as indicated by the dotted circle around the dotted outline of the fish which indicates its shadowy body, which remains unchanged but is being carried with the etheric substance to the seance room.

J. The etheric substance of the fish is changed back from etheric to solid and placed in the shadowy body. The vital force of the fish, its temperature, and all things belonging to it as a living organism have also been transported and replaced in their original form by the High Self in producing the apport.

NOTE: The spirits of the departed are usually responsible for bringing the High Self to aid them in producing apports. However, Huna suggests that the living can make the same request and get the same results. Evidence accumulates to show that the low self alone, as a departed spirit of the poltergeist type may also be able to make such requests of the High Self and be given apporting phenomena, as in stone throwing cases, and the setting of fires, pouring of water, etc.