A. and B. The shadowy bodies of the High Self, composed of a pair united, in which dwell the conscious male and female Parental Spirits of the man.

C. According to the Huna beliefs, all High Selves were closely united with all other High Selves in some mysterious way, and yet they remained separate and individual. Because man cannot understand the mysteries of his High Self, all such beliefs remain conjectural.

D. This dotted line represents a connecting cord or thread of shadowy body substance extending from the low self to the High Self. Along this cord can pass vital force carrying on its flow the thought forms of prayers (upward) and the thought forms embodying visions of the future or messages from the High Self such as inspiration etc., (downward). This cord is the symbolic "Path" connecting the lower selves to the Higher Selves, called symbolically the "Light." If a guilt or other complex prevents the communication along the cord, the "Path" is said to be "blocked."

The shadowy body of the middle self (conscious mind) interblends with that of the low self (subconscious), but is symbolized as a halo around the head because the head is the center of the consciousness of the middle self.

E. The dotted line here shows diagrammatically that the low and middle selves constantly send back and forth to their centers of consciousness the thought forms created by all thinking, remembering, and sensory impressions. The actual point of exchange is probably in the lower portion of the brain.

F. The dotted outline surrounding the figure of the man represents the shadowy body of the low self. It is of about the size of the physical body and interpenetrates it, duplicating in its invisible substance every tissue of the gross body.

G. The physical body, used in life to house the two lower spirits of man in their shadowy bodies.

H. The dotted oval indicates the magnetic field caused by the presence in the body and shadowy bodies of electro-vital forces. The field, as we now know, extends much farther away from the body, but weakens progressively as it extends outward.

L. There are a great many invisible threads of shadowy body substance extending between the man and people or things he has once contacted. Such a thread is pictured as connecting the man and another person (K). In passing between the man (H) and the second man (K), the thread passes through the dense materials which might obstruct the way or tend to cut the thread. A block of wood as (J) is penetrated by the thread as if not there. Along threads of this kind (L) pass thought forms and vital force when telepathic messages are sent or received or when mind reading is being performed. The same mechanism is used in psychometry.