The Long and Winding Internet Road

By Don Bradley, March 14th, 2008


In April of 1995 I put up my very first web site. I was about to be published very soon and wanted a web presence. The internet in those days was simple, easy to use, and the big octopus of evil hadn’t yet entwined its very existence with multi-layers of fraud, deceit, and misdirection. Even in those early days, I was publishing articles decrying the state of affairs regard the times we lived and, in my mind, unveiling the hidden agendas of those who would “pull the strings” behind the scenes of this vast and growing world deception of reality. In short, the internet proved a way to reveal what I knew and was learning to anyone who wanted to read about it or listen, if they had audio on what now seems like very old and antiquated 486DX4 systems with 128k of ram; (state of the art in 1995.)


Those were the days when working 18 hours a day, seven days a week, writing, publishing, dealing with bookstores and literary agents, networking with the public, doing speaking engagements, radio shows, TV shows, etc and life was good. Things were going well, and the internet for me proved a treasure trove of information never seen before in libraries and schools. I and others learned a great deal on topics and as well, also noticed a disturbing trend on the web in the late 90s that became something of a wave which washed out anything of value. It was a wave of deceivers and liars—paid agents of disinformation—who pretended to be things they were not, so as to muddy the truth pie. These were the days of Ed Dames, Gordon Michael Scallion, and Art Bell. All the worst agency cutouts the internet had ever seen come down the pike.


We also found that these deceivers were very clever. Or at least the “machine” behind them was. They would “mimic” the modalities of real truth tellers and folks, even down to the words and wit and personality, so, like any fake coin of the realm, appear to be genuine, when everything inside that coin was just plain old pot iron, rather than the real-deal gold or silver.


Many times I found my words, my style, being imitated—even in content and tone!—right down to the iambic meter of how I myself was writing. Countless times I would come across yet another Art Bell guest who was directly ripping off my stuff and then going on the air and making millions. I would do search engines on my name and found my sites, “unavailable.” There were the hecklers who constantly showered my inbox with endless BS questions designed to fish for what I knew, never really caring personally about what I had to say. These were cutouts, too. People placed in groups and movements for the sole purpose of destroying it later with their “personal experiences” with this or that person. The snake hidden beneath the rose. I have had my share of those people in my life. I still have them in my life, sad to say.


These were the days of David John Oates of Reverse Speech fame, a wonderful person, genuine world worker for truth, whom I met with and with whom I found was the real deal. David and I spent countless hours, each of us teaching the other about the wonders of what we were doing. I remember clearly Dave and I doing a speaking thing in Fort Collins back in 1998 and watching the FBI and others descend upon this small auditorium. We saw agents with guns bulging under their coats everywhere we went. Same crews that followed us from the airport were around us on the roads, around us in the restaurants, and around us at the hotels. This was our daily life, you know. Daily.


They destroyed him right in front of me when they found they couldn’t control him, forcing him to leave the country and go back home to obscurity. He too, learned the hard way, of how evil a “honey pot” can be and, how deadly. David stayed to the truth and wherever the truth led him, that’s what he talked about. Reverse Speech was a tool to remove the lies and reveal truth. Still is. My sons and I still muck about with it on our own stuff, just to have fun. We’ll play some silly comic songs we make up, record them on the laptop, and then reverse it just to hear what else we were saying. It’s fun and revealing. What animates your soul comes out in reverse speech. Yes it does. But, Dave is a fighter and he kept plugging away with that portion of truth that was allotted him to bring to the world. So, they murdered his lovely and charming daughter a few years back. One of the worst days of my life, when I got the news. Yet, he still gives and serves.


I still believed even in those days that truth would overcome the liars, but didn’t count on the fact and also, completely ignored the historical reality of truth tellers. That very often, they were murdered, destroyed, bankrupted, and made desolate. For that is what then happened to me. I made the silly mistake of going on radio and TV shows while on book tours and shifting the topics over to forbidden subject zones, finding very often the interviews cut short.


In my book, Freemasonry in the 21st Century, I lambasted modern freemasonry as a cult of black magicians bent upon destroying the world. I wrote that book in 1993 and published it the following year. It was the first book of its kind, ever, based upon clairvoyant observations of the workings of the first 3 degrees, the blue lodge. It was reviewed by minor publications. I was threatened with Masonic ritual murder by masons.


Studying freemasonry gave me an understanding of how evil works in our world. The entrance lodge, the blue lodge, the first 3 degrees are all warm, loving, and the energy forms created are quite powerful and pleasing. This gets you in. Makes you feel at home. This is how modern cults work, as well, take note. They get you in, make you feel loved, you are among friends, we are your real family, like that. Then once in, the good light vanishes with each degree and upward movement, and the false light, the dark light, slowly takes its place. I almost died in a lodge meeting—my very last—as they tried to kill me there using black magic. My heart stopped, I found I could not breathe, and fell over near-dead in lodge. Except for one person, no one stopped the proceedings in lodge or even bothered to help me. I was carried outside of lodge and laid on a table. Then my heart started again and I found myself recovering, still hearing the proceedings of the lodge inside and only the one person standing next to me, “are you okay?” Sure…


I never went back after that. I had what I needed for the book. These Luciferic souls showed me exactly what they were inside. I saw firsthand how the thing worked and had direct experience of what happens to a man or woman when a collective of dark souls gathered to do harm to another. My first experience with “blasting.” And I was the victim. Lot of that around these days, you know.


So, one after another, my books kept getting published here and overseas. In Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Hebrew, Spanish, Danish, etc. As domestic houses shrank from my books, foreign publishers ate them up. Other than the initial advance to secure publishing rights, I never saw a dime from any of that. Ever. And that was okay. It took six weeks to write a book and I was writing like crazy in those days, a veritable flood of information pouring in, needing to get out.


By 1999, I had enough, though. I hung up my spurs, wrote two more books (Common Sense and the Ageless Wisdom, America, 2000 and Beyond,) seeing one get published by a small publishing house in Ohio and the other just collecting dust. I put the latter book out for free on the Internet and then all hell broke loose in my world. The money dried up for good and so-called friends started taking public shots at me in earnest. Bitter lessons were learned, and the internet by the year 2000 had become a veritable sea of liars and lies.


In 2001, I put out two parody CDs for the sole purpose of awakening people to chemtrails and to make also, the world aware of the evil running it. These were YOU’RE KILLING ME HERE and ENEMA OF THE STATE. In the Spring of 2002, I wrote and produced a cheesy half hour documentary called CLOUDS OF DEATH, for the same purpose. It was the first ever chemtrail awareness video ever made in the world. It was at this time period that I became involved in the orgone movement.


As the years rolled by, one by one, Internet truth tellers were dying off. Gary Webb was murdered and so was the author of Behold A Pale Horse. Like clockwork, as I sat on the sidelines, one by one, they died. All murdered. All the old truth tellers of the 90s were dead by 2004. All of them, save for those exiled into the corners of the world like DJO and myself, teaching guitar lessons to keep food on the table. Only the liars remained. Some liars, so discredited by reverse speech and or the falsity of their stuff, simply faded into oblivion, no longer useful to the “network.” Dead truth tellers were replaced by fakes and fakers, doing a poor and shallow job at best in imitating the real deal. Some would reinvent themselves. Like Gary North, mister Y2K bug himself (I told the world publicly in 1999 that the Y2k thing was a massive hoax; no one listened.) Now Gary is being put out as the voice of the crash, year 2008. Well excuse me dude, but you are three years behind the curve. They trot Gary out whenever they need someone to create fear, for Gary sells fear very, very well.


Happily, as I became persona-non-grata in the public eye, my inner, spiritual world was leaping forward at an incredible and very often, amazing rate. That which was mainly ephemeral became more visible. While this was going on, I found myself in the then new, burgeoning orgone movement, started by Don Croft. I liked him immediately. My kids liked him. We all liked him. He talked it real, wanted to do something about the problems of the world, and frankly felt that if we raised the earth’s vibration with these new-fangled orgone creations, evil must, by definition, give way to that. That appealed to me. It was a real, grass-roots kind of thing, and I found him completely open and without guile in every respect. But, like DJO, Don was slowly being encircled with a ring of vampires who wanted to take his place, push him out, and become the focal point. I openly warned him about this happening, had personal experience in it from the 90s, and felt that as long as he stayed true to HIMSELF, without influence from outside sources, he would do and be, whatever his role was to do and be. I still feel that way. In fact, because I wanted to be true to that, I REMOVED MYSELF AS ONE OF THOSE OUTSIDE INFLUENCES SO HE COULD BE HIS OWN MAN. If I was a fed, would I do that, when I was completely welcome in his world in every way? No real agent would throw such an opportunity and doorway, away like that. I did. Because so many were saying I was influencing the doc. I only reported to him my experiences with people and with orgone. Fact. When vampires came at me to play me, I told him so. Because HE ASKED ME TO.


The name cbsworks came about because, the doc had a new board up and as it happened, I found myself the very first member of it, logging on early one morning in 2002. It asked for a screen name right off. Okay…ummm Cloud Busters Work! How to shorten that into a single word? Umm…cbswork? Done. It stuck from there.


Many that came into the orgone thing over the years were there because they wanted what the doc had (my nickname for him.) Push him out and take his place, by any means possible. What they would with that if they ever succeeded one can only speculate about.


Don was and I assume, still is, and implacable oak tree who brooks no bullshit from people. It doesn’t matter how nice you are and sweet, if you have that odor of a player, he’ll suss it out all on his own. I saw that early. And for the record, the doc rarely, if ever, came to me for advice about this person or that. He knew. It’s one of his gifts, He has a nose for fakes and frauds. He really does.


Many people came to him expecting a saint who would be all-wise and have all the answers. He is a regular man, with unflagging strength, and is, like all of us, on the same journey of self-awareness and discovery. His blatant dislike of failed institutions, whether they be religion or government, rings of someone who at the very least, understands that the old systems no longer work. It’s the person who makes the difference, rather than the group. Group-think is evil and has proved itself as such. Just witness our modern church system for a good example of that.


The orgone movement grew as such things are wont to do and try as I might to stay out of the petty politics of the thing, found that others—mainly people who had never met me—were doing their best to create splinter cleavages as the movement lurched forward. The usual gang of honey pots, assassins, deceivers, and mimics appeared, all vying to unseat the founder and primary source of the thing. They all felt they could do a better job, year after year, and all are hoping to be the new leader. Good luck…


From 2001 through 2003, our family of six lived on 50 dollars a week, while living in a shack without a furnace, without heat, often without running water, and without windows, in a very bad section of Pasadena. How many times did I take a shower with a garden hose? Used the bathroom in a plastic bag? Loved, raised, and tried to keep my family alive on what little came in from Trisha and the little earnings from teaching guitar lessons. And yet, we smiled, laughed, played, and GIFTED all on whatever was left over. Each week, I managed to make about hundred TBs, and each week during those years, I gifted someplace in southern California. From donated shavings and resins and crystal deals with revted and others, it all worked somehow. I met some very nice people in those years; I also met some very dark and forbidding souls, as well. Real vampires.


My internet presence in those years was posting on whatever board the doc had going at the time, which changed, it seemed, about every six months. New people would come in, many with mixed motives, and very often, these very same people were working both ends of the street. They would befriend you, then, when you were down, or the numerology of the time was right, starting planting seeds of discord and innuendo among the various adherents of the orgone movement. Some were openly blatant, mainly to hide the more sinister and subtle dark ones, moving into deeper positions behind you. This is a common “network” ploy and tactic. To this day, they are still doing it. They even come to me in emails trying to get me to openly do this or say that or imply this thing or that thing. Frankly, it’s an old and tired routine and I just smile at it all. Long experience in these matters.


In 2004, while gifting and making orgone, playing music, trying to stay alive, and raise my sons with love, I found myself being pushed into deeper realities of spirit beyond anything I’d ever imagined possible. The angelic kingdom became something amazing and real to me, like never before. Interaction with those realms, as well as the lower regions, became a daily reality for me. The details, try as I might, became quickly known by surveillance and I found that, lo and behold, even though I only publicly wrote about ONE TINY ASPECT OF IT, the sylph kingdom, fakers and mimics appeared which were using the details I was discussing with MY CHILDREN ONLY, for they too were going through the same experiences as I was.


And along comes the Sherry Shriners and the Messages from Matthew, using the same jargon and implying the exact same thing as we were discussing privately amongst ourselves. See, when we boys went through some amazing things a few years ago, we would use the word Christed, rather than Christian, to denote a linkage to that Great Sun of God, Yeshua Christos. Never published it. But on the web, here comes “messages from Matthew, all of a sudden using this new word, which we never openly talked about, except amongst ourselves in private. It was obvious the messages and the messenger was an agency put up job. It’s all that flowery mother crap that just reeks of syrupy hand-holding noise of flattery and warm puppies and saying absolutely nothing honest and truthful about life. Well, that thing stank from what it was and it flat-lined on the web. Happily, Ken Adachi finally saw through the thing and stopped putting that crap out there.


In 2004, Sherry Shriner, after stealing my orgone pictures from my site, started openly proclaiming she was the Daughter of God and was in the bible codes. She/they tried so very hard to mimic cbswork in style and content and it became blatantly obvious to all without anything being said by myself that her stuff was complete agency fiction. The first two seasons of 2004, whenever I’d write or post about something, here would come Sherry, taking the same thing, right over the mental edge of reality and beyond. It was sickening and laughable, both at the same time.


Later that same year, to stay out of the politics of the internet noise unhappily filtering into the orgone movement, I moved away from the boards for good and just did my own thing: pictures, articles, and blogs. I felt this would keep the focus off me in the orgone movement and put it squarely back into the doc’s camp, where it rightfully belonged. I would sell orgone, sure, and also make note of whatever was going on in my reality of the thing as long as one of two components were always present. These were, either a photograph, or a physical witness to whatever was being stated. I felt and still feel, that foundation for writing or stating things would remain in good stead for years to come. There is far too much of he said, she said, so and so said out there—flat out hearsay—and if I didn’t have a witness or a picture, I kept whatever it was to myself.


In 2005, I lost my home again. This time however, was by the hand of my life partner of 15 years, Trisha. The details of that are between me and her, but it can be rightfully said, we were going in different directions and always had been. It’s just that I finally noticed what was always fact. When I noticed what was the case, she left me. Fact. The truth is, I always knew, but would do anything, even being in a loveless relationship, to be a father to those boys. That mattered more. The man or woman who chooses a relationship over their own children has no real understanding of what that great responsibility is. If divorce is forced upon you, then you did what you could.


In March of 2005 I moved to Ojai, continuing making orgone and publishing spirit photography. I lost my home again. In June of 2005, I moved to Northfork, California, then lost my home again. In October of 2005, I moved to Valencia. Over and over again the same pattern. I would reach new heights of spiritual splendor and contact, and over and over again, lose my home. Finally by 2006, I was living in my truck, parked next to the boys house, where I lived for 11 months with a side trip to a home near them, which I again, had taken from me. Because in each instance—this was their plan—they wanted an agency operative to be my roommate. So they could have someone on the ground floor to contain and control, implant as necessary, setup or kill, as they wanted. Each time that I refused to have someone like that in my world, the money would dry up. As it’s doing again, right now. Because I won’t allow a field agent that deep in my world. So, the money is drying up again. So be it. The more you squeeze, the deeper my understanding and love for Christ will always be.


We live in the year 2008 and it’s fraught with global changes, the network becoming more bold and defiant of anything spiritual. Black is white, up is down, and evil is having its way in the world like never before.


But, life also is bringing spirit to the world. Not to the group, but to the individual alone. A direct, personal connection. The days of leaders and gurus, and pastors are over. The connection now is one on one. Because the institutions are corrupt, the contact is to the man, the woman, the child. This is the new paradigm.


The days of taking one’s word for a thing are over. You either have proof or you are a liar, a fraud, and a deceiver. If you channel anything, you are blind, and are being led by a den of liars. Real spirit doesn’t channel anything. It’s direct. And there it is. Welcome to the new paradigm. Direct. Middlemen are cut out. You want answers? Seek the kingdom of HEAVEN WITHIN YOU. There are your answers. Get you to it with haste, my friend.


Everything else is deception.