E mail:

Maybe you should check the dates on your smallpox vaccine data, it seems to be a bit antiquated. 

I do have a question for you.

So how did smallpox, which has been recorded for over 3000 years suddenly disappear within less than two decades (1967-1980), or so after the WHO launched a campaign against the disease?

Since your into medical conspiracies don't you think that seems to be a pretty big coincidence?

There are many people who are alive today that have the marks of the vaccine and those with scars of the disease (and are blind from it). Have you approached any of them and asked  what they thought of the vaccines validity?

Sure there are real conspiracies in the world, but there are a lot that are not.

If you look for a pattern long enough  you will find it.

As a word of caution of proclaiming oneself as an expert, unlike those that have dedicated their lives to specializing in such fields.

You can get people killed by spreading information of that which you don't know. I have read a lot of books on various subjects, but that doesn't make me an expert. Sure I have my opinions, but I don't have a website that broadcasts them, proclaiming them as truth. You should realize that what you are putting out there may be guiding one's decision between life and death. There are many  religious websites that do exactly what your website does--cherry-picking information to suit their own needs. As you have probably seen with these sites, the results can be devastating.

I'm not asking you to remove your website, or go and throw yourself off a cliff, or anything like that. All I am saying is that you should really look at both sides, all sources (dates included--we did at one point believe the earth was the center of the universe), and weigh them fairly.

Then ask yourself: What are the potential outcomes of the information I post? What if I am wrong? Am I a legitimate authority on this subject?

Thank you for your time,

A concerned reader.

Dear  concerned reader.

I have never said I am an expert, or what I say is the truth.  I take the piss out of experts and authority, I expect people to think for themselves.  Authority is the oldest con trick on the planet. 

And the WHO one of the main false authorities.

I don't know what books you have read but I suggest you read the 30 or so books on smallpox vaccination on this site. 

If that coincidence is the foundation of your belief in smallpox vaccination then how about this one: For decades the UK population was heavily vaccinated and that was coincidental with outbreaks of huge deadly smallpox epidemics that only subsided after they repealed the compulsory vaccination laws.

I have read lots of books on a few subjects, mostly medicine, and own over 100 on vaccination.  I suggest you start reading a few.

You can ask me to do whatever you want, but I am hardly likely to pay any attention unless it agrees with basic common sense, now am I?

Perhaps you don't know the Allopaths/vaccinators kill 780,000 people every year in the USA alone through bad medicine? Plus a few hundred thousand with chemotherapy, plus the millions they addict to psychiatric drugs every year, plus the tens of thousands they give autism too, also asthma, diabetes etc.

I don't know what reality bubble you live in but it is fairly absurd from my perspective. 


PS are you meant to be incognito? You need to remove your name from your e mails, first.