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[Runs MAMA  Vigorous defender of vaccination which is odd considering Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy label is used to hide vaccine deaths.]

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[2011 May] UK Paediatrician and MSBP Expert Knew Babies Suffered Breathing Problems and Died After Vaccination By Christina England

[2009 may] David Southall “A Very Dangerous Doctor” BBC Panorama swims with sharks By Lisa Blakemore Brown, Psychologist.  The programme focus, garnered from my interviews with a Panorama researcher, appears to be on a trouble maker, Penny Mellor, and her influence on families and the regulatory bodies such as the GMC. Yet Panorama were not interested in the information I had on both this trouble maker and Dr Southall, having been an Expert Witness in a court case in which Dr Southall was involved back in 1996 and part of a New Zealand documentary on travesties of justice involving Dr Southall and also myself a victim of Penny Mellor’s dirty tactics.
.....Panorama were not interested in the tape of a phone conversation in which Penny Mellor desperately tried to warn a mother against making contact with me, saying she “got LBB struck off”. She had put a blatantly libellous complaint into the British Psychological Society about me, but she did not “get me struck off” and I have never been “struck off” from the British Psychological Society, yet they listened to Penny Mellor despite all the evidence against her. .
    The reason Panorama were not interested, I can only assume, is because I would appear to be saying the same thing as Penny Mellor about David Southall and this would complicate their story as we are clearly not on the same platform and I am most certainly not part of any hate campaign and never have been. The fact that in my opinion both individuals might be a problem is clearly not on their agenda.

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