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The PAP-IMI Pamper

That's what Don calls it. I like it, so I'm sticking with that name. Wink

I have known about PAP-IMI machine for a few months now. I was looking for websites that have to do with teeth regeneration, remineralization and reenamelization. This is how I usually stumble onto these websites, by the way. PAP-IMI is a PEMF device. It's also referred to as PAP ION generator. Len Horowitz mentions these types of devices in his newest book entitled DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral.

I wrote a Reversing Vaccine Damage article for the Vaccination Liberation quarterly newsletter and this machine was mentioned because of the adverse reactions of vaccines, that can be helped by it. Specifically nerve and tissue regeneration.

About Chuck Wallach...

I've participated in a few chats on the Bioenergy Services website and Chuck Wallach was present. Recently, I got an email alerting me that Chuck Wallach, Founder and CEO of BioEnergy Services had passed away.

I immediately "knew" that it was foul play and that he was murdered. They were involved in some litigation with FDA and was in the process of getting it approved here. They never mentioned what the details were.

I was really being burdened by his death, which was weird because I really didn't know the guy, other than talking with him in chat a couple of times.

Since it was bothering me so much, I had asked Galaero to take a quick look-see while talking with him in AOL instant message. Galaero confirmed that Chuck was taken out.

I noticed my smoothie drink straw spon around the glass by itself out of my peripheral vision. I mentioned it to him, and he said someone was trying to get my attention and that it wasn't a baddie. It didn't feel threatening, so we continued talking. More on that later...

One night after a main chat blasting session, some the girls and I stayed behind as we most always do, and was discussing other things. They were Anne, Stacie, Alicia and I.

I was still burdened by this, and I wanted to ask Anne about it and for her to take a peek. She also confirmed that it was an execution. Poison dart and a car crash. She also mentioned that "they" want to hijack his funeral or memorial for dark purposes. She saw CIA as being involved. The BioEnergy website, Chuck and the other employees are from Tarzana, California.

I was discussing some of the benefits of the machine as far as healing and shared some links to some of the testimonials, etc... with the other girls.

Anne had this FANSTATIC idea about connecting to the machine remotely, like we do with our powerwands, etc... She sent me the papimi energy and it was an INTENSE magnetic field.

I mentioned to them about treating sinuses with it, and what a side effect of sinus treatment was. A pleasant side effect is opening of the third eye of those who used it for sinus infections, etc... Chuck did mention this in one of the chats I participated in. Then it HIT ME HARD, that this is the reason they don't want it approved here. Imagine for a moment, masses of folks with sinus problems from the chemtrails having treatments with pap-imi machines! I don't know why I didn't make that connection before last night, but Anne confirmed it for me.

We all got blasted by it, and was still discussing it, when I noticed my drink straw do the spin circle around the glass again. This was the 2nd time I noticed that happening. I asked Anne about it, and she confirmed the visitor and said it was my friend. I had a feeling it was Chuck, and she confirmed that it was and that he was thanking me. Apparently, he wanted me to know about this and this new way of accessing the device. He also wants known that his death was an execution.

However, I thank Anne for this wonderful idea of connecting to it remotely. We then realized how important this was, and Anne said that she felt honored to be a part of this. I felt very honored too, and was crying tears of joy. Anne asked if someone in the room was crying and that it was joy. Words can't even describe at how elated I felt that night.

Here's how I connect to the machine...

I connected to the machine simply by thinking of it. Just like I did the PW, Solus Wand, etc...and the hoop hose on the machine is the contact that you picture being put on a target for healing or blasting.

I picture the machine in my mind, and and wait for the pulsating wave of energy. My hands will start to tingle and my back starts getting warm.

It's a little different for everyone. Some need the actual picture to get the connection and that's okay too. Here's the pic of the machine.

On me, it starts getting warm on my mid back and when I start sending the energy, it feels like it's coming in from the back. Not all the time, but most of the time. The first time was an intense pulsed magnetic field.

After I've been connected for a bit, I start feeling it in my heart chakra. And I can see little indigo blue flashes of light. When Robert connected to it, he saw a green streak of light. So that means it will be different for everyone.

Most starts feeling it in their hands and arms too. The tingling electrical sensation. It feels like a pulsating magnetic field. Especially when it's strong.

To me, it's no different than connecting to my PW or borrowing a Solus Wand. It feels like a zapper, SP or PW on steroids.

Now, there are times that I don't even have to try. It's an automatic connection. Wink

I have also used a succor punch, powerwand and solus wand and send it thru or along with the papimi energy. Sometimes I send just the papimi energy by itself.

ANYONE can do this method. One does not have to be psychic to be able to hook into the machine.

Some of the practitioners who own these machines, are apparently aware of being remotely connected to it. A dear friend who has used it already, said that the practitioner told that the energy has a lasting effect. Another papimi practitioner in the BioEnergy Services PAP-IMI chat room said that they can still feel the energy even when not on the machine or using it. That tells me that some of them already know about remotely being connected to it. Wink

The same rules apply as if connected physically to the machine. You will need to drink water to hydrate yourself to avoid a possible headache. It says to do that with a physical treatment from a practitioner.

I do hope others report their experiences with the machine, whether it be physically or remotely. Wink

~Donna C.

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