Mexico City Gifter!

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Post Mexico City Gifter! 
I hadn't heard from Ismael ('Ixma') in awhile, since he told me last year that he was moving back to Mexico City to begin an extensive gifting campaign, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to get this illustrated report from him!

Mexico City is/was one of the most densely polluted on the planet, as you may know--far worse than even Los Angeles was before (mainly)  DB systematically removed most of the smog in the LA Basin by early 2003 with a whole lot of intelligent gifting and many thousands of towerbusters.  I think those two metropolitan areas are approximately the same size and population.

I think we're going to be hearing more from Ismael Cool


Hi Don,
 How you been? This is Ismael, reporting on some of my early gifting sorties here in big Mexico City. I Included a slideshow of the sky history above my head here, were I've been living. Hope you can comment on it. The photos are from last december till this last february, since I started. I gifted the Plaza of the Three Cultures were the student massacre occured in '68 and the old ruins of the ancient city of Tlatelolco. I also gifted the big communications array from Telmex (the national phone company) in downtown Mexico City, left a gift near the old Cathedral in el Zocalo...The "cell phone" towers nearby my neighborhood. The local zoo and the big park nearby...

 Hope you and Carol are doing great like always...

 Best regards and wishes,


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Post Re: Mexico City Gifter! 
Hi Ismael, this is great! I'm very happy that you are starting to gift the huge Mexico City. I hope you can continue with your efforts. Besides congratulating you, I wanted to let you (and all of EW) know that Ale and I are putting up a Spanish Forum, to provide a space for the Spanish speaking world to share experiences and adventures with orgonite. So if you feel like writing reports in Spanish, please do so and in a couple of weeks you'll be able to post them directly on

Also, what about gifting Xochimilco? Its a rather big water source in the middle of the city (Xochimilco location), remember that water gifting provides strong effects. It would be interesting to see if the water turned clearer as well.

What a pleasure it was to ride in those colorful boats, so peaceful and happy. Even better with a healthy sky above your head Wink

Xochimilco picture 1

Xochimilco picture 2

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Post Re: Mexico City Gifter! 
Hahaha, what a better place to show that orgonite really works to heal the atmosphere in this type pf conditions, no Don?

For the same reason people here are really negative and miserable, you could see the blatant parasitism of the bureaucracy and its predatory police state (that don't help the situation), its amazing how much police presence has grown here ;-0. But for what is worth, must of them can barely read and write, although the local govmint’ is trying to hire nearly educated cops to boost up their ‘image.’  But we’ll help improve that situation here with some trusty orgonite to heal and energies the place.

Having orgonite around you all the time (I’ve observed)  has make it pleasant and tolerable living here. For example having a Hhg in the car it makes it easier not to get that stressed in this crazy México City traffic Wink

I have my eyes on some juicy targets here in el D.F.  and hopely we can transform them in POR generators…


[I've invited Ismael to post here, directly, and we're discussing water gifting--Xochimilco.  ~Don]

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Post Re: Mexico City Gifter! 
I'm so happy that someone has decided to gift el Defe! Ixma, you should gift Xochimilco in a raft with mariachis! Xochimilco is a really cool spot, its very easy to imagine yourself riding around the waterways of Tenochtitlan 500 years ago.


I have family in Mexico City and have been there many times, I love el DF but wouldn't want to live there, not yet at least  Wink


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Post Re: Mexico City Gifter! 
Hi Ixma, Javi again. Its great that you are part of this forum now. "El DF" (Mexico city) is not an easy target, much more overwhelming than Santiago. However, if you set up a gifting plan, you can cover wide areas in a short time. A very useful advice is to start by gifting along all the main highways of the city. Ale and I are taking this procedure here in Santiago, and it really helps organizing your efforts, giving you a method and specif short-time goals. After those are gifted you can move into specific neighborhoods. Of course we've done a lot of neighborhoods or comunas before finishing up the highways, but those are the ones close to where we live or comunas with specific targets that need to be taken care of promptly (such as HAARP arrays). But for the rest of the city we've found that the highway technique is very productive.
I really hope that more people will get motivated to help you out over there. This is why its important to report our efforts and confirmations, so that other people can see what orgonite does and feel compelled to try it out for themselves. Its good news that we'll be able to provide a space for that in the upcoming Spanish Forum. We are hoping the same happens here in Chile, so we can share the efforts and have dramatic results sooner.

In the future, Ale and I wouldn't mind to go back to Mexico (we absolutely love that country, we've traveled through most of the territory actually), and it would be fun to do some other juicy targets. For instance, I'd love to gift Quetzalcoatl's waters or pools ("Las pozas the Quetzalcoatl"), located very close to Mexico city (1-2 hour ride?), in a town called Tepoztlan. The famous pools are said to be one of the most sacred places of Mexico, where the plumed serpent God Quetzalcoatl was born. In the wet season (June) the pools are filled with water and trippy mushrooms grow everywhere, so you can imagine this is a new age / hippie gathering place. In fact, many of Mexico City's new agers gather there on weekends to meditate and retire. It is truly a beautiful place, but seems artificial probably because the cleansing and "purify yourself" ceremonies and rituals seemed artificial too. Anyway, its a great weekend adventure, including a water source. But of course, these are fun targets, like gifting masonic temples or hospitals. Cities, deathtowers and HAARP arrays are my priority right now, but as I said before, maybe we could go on a trip to Mexico some time and do some gifting with you, after we get the dirty work done in both our cities  Wink .