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MI5 and MI6 exposed.


A place to honour those young people who were abused, tortured and murdered whilst on the 1979 British Intelligence INSET course, which had its base at the ex-Powergen building in Solihull, West Midlands. This blogsite will be linked to others in order to compile the hidden history of those who survived the horrific torture and abuse they underwent, during this course.

In memory of 'Kathleen' and 'Sev'.

Two Silhillian teenagers who were discreetly murdered in 'accidents', not more than a year after finishing the INSET course.

Why were they murdered by MI5?

Kathleen was too disfigured to be run as an MI5 prostitute and Sev had begun to remember the torture used during the MI6 mind control experimentation, during his military training. He had also begun to talk about it.


Powergen, Solihull, West Midlands: 1979

Main base for the British Intelligence INSET course besides Fort Monckton and various MI5/ex-SOE bases, located around the UK.

The actual building has apparently been vacant since Powergen left in 1995. Solihull Council have rejected proposals from other companies, to take over the site e.g. ASDA. The building has now been 'vacant' for 12 years. Here is a map of the general area - West Midlands, UK. The nearest city is Birmingham. Many recruits arrived at the Powergen building from Solihull railway station (five minutes walk away):

The former Powergen site lies on the Corner of Haslucks Green Road and Stratford Road in Shirley, Solihull.


Her Story

I was inducted onto the M15 agent-training course in 1979, against my will. I had dropped out of Solihull 6th form College at 16 years old and was looking for a job. My father sent me to 'Select' recruitment agency in Solihull, who found me a job as a clerical assistant and I first met Stella Rimington on the empty third floor of the newly built Solihull Powergen building. She was to be my supervisor and tutor.

At that point, Stella Rimington introduced herself as ‘middle-management, secretarial’, 10 years later she was to become Director-General of M15. The whole of the 3rd floor at Powergen in Solihull, was reserved for ‘special government projects’. The rest of the building was nearly empty. Removals men were still moving in office equipment and Stella told me that Powergen had only just started to recruit staff to work there.

The others on the supervisory team included John Scarlett who was in charge overall; Eliza Manningham-Buller who taught political history and Russian; a Scottish SAS officer who taught us martial arts and Stephen Daldry (graduate trainee) who taught us drama. ‘Acting’ being one of the most crucial skills in spy training.

The first day:

I entered the Powergen building (surprised that they were hardly any cars in the car park - apart from a few, very expensive-looking ones around the back) and realised that there was hardly anybody in there. The receptionist called up to the third floor and Stella Rimington came down to meet me.

She took me up to the third floor, explaining how Powergen had only just begun to recruit. On the third floor, not only was there nobody around but there was literally nothing in the first few rooms, apart from tables. Rimington took me into a small room with a door to the left, which led into another. There were no chairs - only a box on the floor (with a computer in it) next to an empty and open filing cabinet. I was a bit bemused by it all but Stella was very friendly and chatty. She made me a cup of tea and went out to find some chairs. While she was out, I began to feel very drowsy and when she came back with the plastic-backed chairs I sat down, lay my head on the table and promptly fell asleep.

When I awoke, I felt very light-headed and passive - my will to resist had left me and I no longer felt on edge. Stella didn't seem to think it odd that I had fallen asleep and I put it down to being unused to cycling to work, in the early morning. She gave me an IQ test and oddly enough, my light-headed state didn't interfere with my score. I did very well, according to Stella.

She then took me into the adjoining room. This was about four times the size of the other one but completely empty. However, there were two men in there. The large one dressed in a khaki/green, army pullover and the other smaller man, was all in black. They looked nervous, impatient. There were three chairs arranged as if around a square and they told me to sit down on the first one. I did so, Rimington to my left and the army guy (who I later learnt to be John Scarlett) in front of me. The SAS guy (who introduced himself later) stood with his back to us - gazing out of the window.

Rimington and Scarlett then briefly explained that they were working on a secret military government project and asked me if I wanted to join. I asked them what they meant by 'military'. Scarlett began to talk like an 'British Army commercial' in terms of all the different skills you could learn in the military. I replied that this was all very well but didn't you also have to be prepared to kill people? There was an uncomfortable silence.

Rimington then turned the question back onto me by asking whether or not there was any situation where I might be able to kill somebody. I replied that in a war situation, as in WWII in defence of my country, in a 'kill or be killed' situation...then I might be prepared to do so. Scarlett then handed me a copy of the OSA. I read through it quickly - it seemed innocuous enough. Nothing too binding in the legalese jargon and I couldn't imagine that I would ever contemplate breaking it. However, something held me back.

I asked them if I could take it home and consider it. Scarlett told me that I could not. I had to decided there and then. I looked towards the door to see that the SAS guy had moved to stand in front of it. I didn't know what to do and so read through the form again. Finally, I decided that it didn't look like I was signing my life away by putting my signature on a form which appeared to be only about 'keeping quiet' and so I agreed to sign.

How wrong I was. I wasn't going to be paid as a clerical assistant. I wasn't going to be paid at all. They were going to send me on 'training'. I wondered briefly how I would explain this to my mother who had wanted me to start bringing some money in, to pay for my keep at home.

Rimington then took me back into the smaller room where three young people (slightly older than me) were waiting for her. I could see others arriving and walking down the corridor. She introduced me to them and told me that I would be part of their 'team'. Shana (17), Peter (18) and John (19). I never learnt their surnames and was told that everyone had a code name. Mine was to be 'Rose'. We were not allowed to give our real names to anyone but the controllers of the operation. Rimington then pointed out the 'graduate trainees' who were slightly older than the rest of the recruits, at 21 years old. I was to follow whatever orders they might give.

My team then took me down the corridor to the main room which was used for lectures. The 'graduate trainees' did not attend this . The room was full of young people waiting for the lecture to begin. So full that several people were crouching at the back. There were not enough chairs in this room, either. The lecture began - it was on 'political strategy' and as it continued, I began to realise that most of the young people there, were not of a particularly high intelligence (average college students) but more importantly, that the lecturer himself, didn't appear to have much of an idea of the subject he was supposed to be teaching.

Scarlett then popped his head around the door and asked Shana (my new 'team' member) to leave the room. She followed him out. I looked around at the others and felt uneasy. Something was wrong.

I asked one of the army guys positioned around the room, if I could go to the toilet. He refused, saying that I would have to wait another hour. I asked him politely if I could pee on the floor then because that is what would happen if I wasn't allowed to go. He relented after checking this out with the lecturer (to my embarrassment) and accompanied me out down the corridor. He was walking along to my right and told me to keep looking straight ahead. I thought, this is probably in keeping with military training but if someone orders me to do something, my natural reaction is to do the opposite.

To my right were two, small cubicle rooms which had large, open windows in them. I was startled to glimpse inside one of them, what appeared to be the graduate trainees and Scarlett who were bent over, standing around a table. Shana was lying on her back on the table and Scarlett was holding her head up. He had something under her head which I couldn't quite see - it looked like a small black truncheon.

Suddenly Shana's body jerked and jumped off the table in convulsions - like frog's legs being electrocuted in a biology lesson - it was horrific. The graduate trainees were trying to hold her down but they couldn't manage to do it because the seizure was so violent. The army guy with me realised that I had seen this and gripped me round the shoulders whilst trying to cover my eyes with his other hand.

'Don't look, don't look' he said in a low voice. 'It'll only upset you.'

He then proceed to frogmarch me to the toilets at the end of the corridor, past the escalator which now had an SAS guy stationed in front of it. I was to learn later on, that this man had a dual purpose: to stop any Powergen employees from entering that floor from the other levels of the building and also to prevent British Intelligence recruits from escaping.

Once in the toilets, I checked the windows. All of them were locked. I didn't know what to do. The army guy outside started to shout at me, telling me to hurry up. I opened the door to find him blocking the doorway. My mind was racing - how could I escape? What were they going to do to us? What were they going to do to me? I was escorted back to the lecture, frightened out of my mind.



MI5 and MI6 Exposed 2


His Story

I was on the British Intelligence INSET course in 1979 and was also sent on the Royal Arch Freemasonry course in Jerusalem. Having read the other blogsites, I can add some other relevant details to this body of information.

The British 55 Imperial 55 antique typewriter on show in the Jerusalem museum prison:

The Roman soldiers' torture game that they played with their prisoners, including their most famous prisoner whom they had named: the King of the Jews.

The British Intelligence officers on the course, told us that the Romans had sodomised him because they thought it would be a laugh to be inside of somebody who claimed to be 'God'.

The male British Intelligence officers and graduate trainees were to do the same to all of the British Intelligence recruits. Each and every member of the course, was at some point either raped or sodomised by the programmers or graduate trainees. Sometimes this was done in public, in front of the whole team of recruits.

The 'B' represents the KING in both Latin and Greek. British Intelligence interpreted this as the British Monarchy and we were their slaves to do, with as they pleased. They forced us through the most terrible tortures. Some of these were directly related to the 'Stations of the Cross' i.e. whipping/flagellation. The 'lightbulb' in the centre, represents the Crown. The smaller circles represent the aristocracy. The thick black line going down the paper represents the lifeline of the prisoner. The objects which cross it denote the types of torture. Death comes at the end of this line where another smaller line crosses the main one.

In the Negev desert, at the edge of a cliff-top, they played the most terrible game of all. By this time, all of the recruits were under mind control and could not disobey orders. The programmers told the recruits to stand near to the edge, in a huddle. We obeyed. Rimington then took out a list of paper and announced that she would name the people who had failed and would no longer be attending the Royal Arch Freemasonry course.

She read out the first name...and then Scarlett ordered us to push him off the cliff. He didn't resist in the slightest - not a sound. Rimington then read out a second name. Three young people died that day. No one spoke about it afterwards. You just counted yourself lucky to be alive.

Powergen torture and mind control

At Powergen, the graduates (Daldry, Marr and Tomlinson) and programmers (Rimington, Maningham-Buller and Scarlett) strapped me to a table and put a metal band around my head. They were to do this with all of the recruits. The pain and terror was indescribable. One of the young women recruits was told to watch over me but was ordered not to unplug the metal band which was plugged into the wall.

The programmers and graduates all left the room.

Eventually the young woman couldn't bear it any longer and pulled the plug out. When the programmers came back into the room they told her that they had been watching her behaviour on a monitor and pointed out the hidden camera. They were furious that she had disobeyed orders and called all of the team into the room, in order to witness her humiliation.

Whilst this was going on, someone untied me and I began to recover. I was then told to tell the female recruit how arrogant and stupid her behaviour had been, in disobeying orders. To my undying shame, I did so. I could barely stand up, never mind speak but they forced me to tell her how wrong her action had been.

Another 'torture game' was according to the British Intelligence 'mind control' script 'Wind in the Willows'. Seriously, they actually used this to teach us the 'secret meaning' behind some of the scenes (as in 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'The Wizard of Oz'). We were told that we were going to have 'tea at the Great Hall'. 'T' in Alice programming means torture.

I remember Rimington called us into one of the rooms of the castle that we were driven to, in order to watch one of our peer group being tortured. He had been strapped to a table but this time, he was naked. Rimington was in hysterics, with Maningham-Buller and called us all in to watch. They were electrocuting his balls. Rimington kept laughing at the way in which the young man's eyes popped out of his head when she did it, reminded her of Toad of Toad Hall. We were all forced to laugh with her. Not to join in, would have meant punishment.

Afterwards, the young man sat on the stone stairs outside and cried. He kept saying:

'I can't take it anymore'.

No one knew what to do. We were all in the same boat and to offer him any sympathy would have incurred the most awful penalties. You were not allowed to show any human feeling to any other recruit on the course and by and large, we didn't.


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British Intelligence Torture Techniques

I would like to briefly recount here, the two systems of torture, which comprised a large part of 'training' on the INSET course. 'Mind control' programming was intermixed with torture - the objective being, to break a person in terms of their mind, body and soul. The hoped-for result was that agents and officers would then follow commands and orders, unquestioningly.

Torture was divided up into 'hot' and 'cold' as well as 'wet' and 'dry'.

Every recruit was tortured arbitarily and at random, regardless or whether or not they had performed well at the tasks set. Even if a recruit followed orders unquestioningly - they were still tortured as much as anybody else. People who excelled at tasks were tortured because they had shown 'pride' and therefore their ego had to be punctured.

Recruits quickly learnt not to excel or to fail any task - most importantly, they learnt to follow orders unquestioningly, even if it meant abusing one of their peer group whom they knew was entirely innocent and did not deserve to be 'punished' at all.

When 'punishment' has no rhyme or reason, it kills most people's spirit of rebellion very quickly. It is the quickest way to break a person's heart and mind - they become something less than human.

'Cold' Torture

(A survivor's account)

"We had sessions in breathing control and how long we could hold our breath - presumably for any operation which required swimming under water. We were made to practice and the programmers timed us and took our best results.

We were then taken to Fort Monckton where we were given various practical training sessions, run by the SAS. During our stay there, each one of us was taken away for a morning. When the recruit came back, he or she could not speak about what had happened. They had been forbidden to and so none of us knew what to expect.

When my turn came, I was taken by the graduate programmers and Manningham-Buller to a small room with no windows, where there was a large tank of water. I was told to strip and get into it. Once inside the tank, they put a lid on and bolted it down. There was still air at the top of the tank but this began to rapidly disappear and I realised that there was a pipe at the bottom of the tank which was filling it up. Someone had turned on the tap. I cannot describe what I felt like at that moment of realisation. It was impossible to escape.

I held my breath for as long as I could but eventually began to take in water. When they took the lid off, I must have been unconscious.

I remember coming to, on the floor. I could hear a huge argument going on between one of the SAS in the doorway and Manningham-Buller. He was shouting abuse at her...that I was one of their best recruits and what the hell was she doing...Manningham-Buller sounded rather strange. She kept saying that it was 'just like drowning kittens' in a rather fey and bewildered voice. She didn't appear to understand why the SAS officer was so enraged.

Afterwards, I developed a lung infection and had to spend several days in sickbay."

'Hot' torture

(A survivor's account)

"The graduate trainees on the INSET course at Powergen - had been given a 'student house' of their own, in Solihull. A road which was opposite a paddock with a couple of horses in it, just behind the Franciscan Monastery.

The graduates used to 'use' the female recruits as prostitutes in the evening and it was common for them to order young women recruits to stay the night. Under mind control - it was almost impossible to refuse and if anyone did, they faced severe punishment. The graduates would then close the curtains of their living room and watch each other use the women.

I was taken there one evening and told to strip in the kitchen. The graduates had laid out newspaper on the floor. I was terrified but had no idea what to expect. They told me to lie down on the floor. Daldry then took a chip pan of smoking oil from the stove and began to flick boiling oil at me. It was excruciatingly painful and I began to scream.

This stopped him in his tracks (worried about what the neighbours might think) and Marr told me to 'switch alters'. Under mind control, there is an alter called 'rubber duck' which is supposed to be impervious to pain. I was ordered to keep silent. Tomlinson came in and filled a bucket of water.

Daldry then tipped the entire contents of the smoking, chip pan oil onto my stomach. They waited a few seconds and then Tomlinson threw the bucket of water over me. Marr was watching, he didn't say a word.

I don't remember anything much after that. I must have passed out. When I woke up, I was lying in the middle of their living room, naked under a blanket. They had left me there and gone to bed. I nearly choked as I woke up - the need to breath and to vomit, at the same time.

I began to feel myself to see if there were any bones broken...a natural reaction I suppose...I hadn't quite remembered what had was then that I saw that my stomach was bright red, as well as part of my torso. The pain kicked in and I found myself unable to move. I lay there sobbing, I was so frightened.

Tomlinson came down and whispered in my ear to 'grit your teeth and bear it'. He then went upstairs again. They left me there for the whole night. I was terrified, too frightened to cry out - too hot and yet shivering, with this horrible need to scratch but my stomach was too painful to touch.

In the morning, the graduates took me in to Powergen as if nothing had happened. I could hardly walk. When we arrived, I told Rimington that I had to go to hospital. She replied that I should join in and that I would feel better later on.

I told her that if she would not take me to hospital then she would have to call a doctor to Powergen or else I would die on the floor. At that point, she began to realise the seriousness of the situation and called the graduates out of the room to question them upon what they had done to me. She then consulted Scarlett who agreed that she should run me to hospital.

I was driven to a military hospital, where a doctor examined me. Rimington told him what had happened. As I lay on a hospital bed, the doctor exclaimed in front of me that it was a miracle that I had survived. He was surprised that my internal organs had not gone into shock. He then remarked that the 'blubber' on my stomach had probably saved me.


Richard Tomlinson and the Russians

An 'unofficial biography' of an Ex-MI6 Officer who is currently engaged in a battle with British Intelligence, in order to stop a campaign of harrassment against him. Mr Tomlinson is a Royal Arch Freemason. In the past, he was on friendly terms with two former Director-Generals of MI5 (Stella Rimington and Eliza Manningham-Buller) and MI6 (John Scarlett), whilst on their way up the career ladder. Mr Tomlinson was trained as an MI6 Illuminati mind control programmer.


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Richard Tomlinson and the Russians.

1. 1979 - Powergen, Solihull:

The young British Intelligence recruits entering this building, had no idea of the hell that lay before them. No idea that they would be forced to become slaves to a demonic, mind control program; run by MI6 and sanctioned by Royal Arch Freemasonry. No idea that they would be forced to sign the Masonic 'Sat B'hai' contract and swear allegiance to the Monarchy rather than to the UK State. No idea at all, in fact.

The Powergen building was mostly unoccupied in 1979. Only a few Powergen employees worked in the building, which was almost deserted. The car park was nearly empty for the whole of that year. The third floor was reserved for 'Special Government Projects' and no Powergen employee was allowed entry.

To outsiders, the young people who entered this building each day, looked like a relatively normal, young bunch of Powergen graduate recruits and so nothing out of the usual.

At 21 years old, Richard Tomlinson was one of the graduate intake onto this course - most of the recruits were aged between 18 and 21 years old. Tomlinson was to begin his training here, to become an MI6 Officer later on, in his military career. The others were being trained to be run as agents of the 'Crown'.

It was at Powergen in 1979, that Richard Tomlinson was first shown a passport photograph of Vladimir Putin.

Rimington, Manningham-Buller and Scarlett showed the graduate trainees and each Delta (espionage and assassination) team, a selection of four b/w passport photos. The recruits were informed that the four KGB men in the photos were:

'Your counterparts in the KGB'.

The recruits were under the impression that these young, Russian KGB agents were supposed to be the 'enemy' or 'rivals' despite Manningham-Buller's 'communist' training i.e. during her Russian and Political History classes.

What was 'real' communism, according to Manningham-Buller?

It began with 'Guardianship' by those who were 'born to rule'. They were the self-elected custodians of British society who could decide what was in their people's best interests.

To summarise: a benevolent dictatorship.

This was personified by Manningham-Buller demanding that each of her classes stand to attention and do a Nazi salute as she walked in the door, before she would begin the lesson.

Important note: the b/w passport photographs had been supplied by one of Oleg Gordievsky's contacts. Gordievsky was a Royal Arch Freemason and one of the Russian Chapter. He had negotiated photographs of the new Royal Arch Freemasonry recruits, within the KGB - to be sent to MI5.

2. 1980: Russian Monastery Compound, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Vladimir Putin and the other KGB Royal Arch Freemasons, stayed within this high-security compound. It was run as a nunnery (it still is today) but is generally known by the Russian Orthodox church to be a 'spy-centre', and is currently being run by an ex-FSB Head.

The British Intelligence recruits mainly stayed at the 'Youth Hostel' behind the St John Church in the centre of Ein Kerem. It is located partly up the mountain which overshadows the town and it backs onto a pine forest.

Even today, there are still 'guard dog' signs and barbed wire everywhere, around this building and locals say that it is not possible to book as an ordinary tourist. It was reserved for 'special groups' of young people, internationally in 1979 and has been for many years. Recently, the whole building has changed hands and is now being renovated into flats, in order to be sold off. How times have changed.

Beside the main building of the youth hostel, there are two hexagonal buildings - architecturally, rather like geometric mushrooms. This is where the British graduate trainees were lodged: Richard Tomlinson, Andrew Marr and Stephen Daldry.

In the evenings, the 'graduates' would sit on the verandah of these buildings with their KGB Russian counterparts; to smoke, drink vodka and shoot the breeze. None of them could hold a conversation in Russian apart from Tomlinson, who did his best to act as interpreter for the whole group.

Together, they looked like ingenues, trying desperately to live up to their programming as 'Illuminists' i.e. their predecessors - the colonials of the 'enlightenment' period who had ruled the world by their supposed, innate superiority and worldliness.

This was to be the very first meeting of many, between Richard Tomlinson and Vladimir Putin. The latter was quite a few years his senior at 26/7 years old but much younger looking.

3. 1993 - Poland

Vladimir Putin had lost his job as KGB controller of the Stasi in East Berlin. There was a famine in St Petersburg and the KGB owed their employees several months of salaries. Whole families were starving in the cities (foodstuffs had been held up in the ports) and Vladimir Putin's own family was no exception to this rule.

John Scarlett (MI6 Moscow Station) made a deal with Mr Putin in Poland. They knew each other relatively well (dating back to 1979 in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem) and both were Royal Arch Freemasons.

Poland had become a trading ground for potential Russian dissidents, to sell whatever they could lay their hands on, to the West. Almost every intelligence agency had descended upon Poland to buy whatever they needed and the amount of wheeler-dealing and double-dealing which was going on, had reached fever pitch. It was almost laughable.

No one really knew who was working for which agency or which agency was allied to whom, in what turned out to be a 'smash and grab' bun fight. One could name MI5, MI6, the CIA and the IRA as but a few in this free-for-all; the desperate dash to acquire information, drugs, guns - you name it. Just about every intelligence agency and mafia organisation was in on the game. Everything was on sale.

What was the deal that Scarlett struck with Putin?

Putin needed safe passage for himself and his family out of a situation in St Petersburg which was rapidly deteriorating. Scarlett had agreed to set up a new identity for him in the UK as a teacher of German (Putin had native-speaker fluency) in exchange for...well, this bit is unclear. Scarlett already had all of the information that he needed from Mr Putin, on the Royal Arch Freemasonry network. However, he agreed to take Mr Putin and his eldest daughter back to the UK and rescue his wife and younger daughter at a later date.

Scarlett was to renege on this deal. Why? MI5 (for reasons of their own) had decided to torture and then murder Mr Putin as soon as he set foot on British soil. He was dispensible. They had most of the information that they needed and were not going to honour any deal.

The upshot of all of this, was that when Mr Putin learnt of British Intelligence's real agenda, he called the deal off and returned to Russia.

So far, so simple, except that there was one complicating factor: Royal Arch Freemasonry.

Mr Putin had been part of the Russian Chapter and he had been sorely let down by his British counterparts. In addition, he had been under MI6/Royal Arch Freemasonry Illuminati mind control since 1979 and had been one of their operatives within the KGB until 1994.

Why 1994?

Because this was the year when MI6/Illuminati laptops began to disappear in Europe. Mr Putin was beginning to work it all out and as a consequence, was tracking down the MI6 Senior Officers who held the colour-coded information of the tailored mind control programmes for their officers and agents, within their laptops (electronic locks that weren't supposed to be unlockable but were in fact, quite easy to crack by the KGB). Once the codes are broken, it is relatively simple to control any of the operatives listed (as well as guess how to control others who were 'indoctrinated' in a similar way) and then to turn them against their 'masters'.

See for details of the 'typewriter' code at the old, British prison in Jerusalem: it accounts for 10 different branches of Royal Arch Freemasonry-infiltrated British Intelligence departments since 1945. The KGB Royal Arch Freemasons were one of these departments, in this tarantula-like Masonic organisation which has been strangling the world, since the last days of the British Empire.

Those within British Intelligence who were not Royal Arch Freemasons, had no real idea of what was going on at all. If they did manage to catch a 'Russian spy' within their midst, it was because the Royal Arch Freemasons had deemed this person expendable and had then fed him or her to the fishes. Think Burgess, Maclean etc and you will get the picture. Blunt escaped such censorship and hounding. He was a 'master' of Royal Arch Freemasonry.

One of the most sinister departments of Royal Arch Freemasonry/British Intelligence is the 'ZKTZ' - to be found on the list of codes on the British typewriter in Jerusalem 'British prison' museum. This prison was run by the British, who had forced Jews and Arabs to man their 'Palestinian Police' station.

(Zayin, Chet, Tzadik, in Hebrew) = the code for 'zygote':

The Royal Genome project

In brief, Vladmir Putin had been chosen as a DNA sperm donor within this Royal 'zygote' project and had then been ordered by the Masonic body to copulate with various British female agents, whilst in Berlin. The zygotes were then 'collected' and the young woman involved, was subsequently murdered. Stephen Daldry had organised various victims to be sent to Berlin for exactly this purpose. He has also boasted of listening to them (bugged rooms) being murdered, during this period. Cameras were also placed in the TV sets for the Royal Arch Freemasons to view afterwards - in essence, 'snuff movies'.

By 1993, the Royal Arch Freemasons had no further use for Mr Putin in terms of information or DNA and therefore, he was expendable - Royal Arch Freemason or not.

Additionally, during 1994 - a 'diamonds' operation under the supervision of John Scarlett, went awry. The goods disappeared somewhere in Bosnia and therefore someone in British Intelligence, had to carry the can. See for details.

4. 1995 - MI6 HQ, London.

Richard Tomlinson was sacked from MI6 on undisclosed charges. He escaped the country and went on the run, eventually turning up again with a mysterious Russian publishing house, in order to publish his autobiography 'The Big Breach' in 2001.

What had happened in the interim?

5. 2003 - Shanghai, China

On Manningham-Buller's orders: Andrew Marr (and several other British Intelligence operatives) kidnapped and tortured an ex-agent of theirs in France. The motive behind this was to force the agent back under mind control ( the agent was an ex-Royal Arch Freemason who had gone AWOL), in order to take an MI5 message to China.

Why China?

An 'educational conference' had been arranged at Jiao Tong University, Shanghai to improve Russian-Chinese relations. Except that there was no publicity for it, nationally or internationally and no reports published afterwards.

Nineteen, armoured cars turned up to this 'discreet' event containing the Russian contingent of nearly 100 participants, who then stayed for three weeks at the University's Academic Centre Hotel.

The campus was cordoned off throughout this period by Chinese tanks, armed guards and soldiers. Funnily enough, this 'educational conference' which includedVladimir Putin amongst the distinguished guests, was not mentioned in the international press. However, this was the time of the SARS epidemic in China and therefore, there were not many foreign reporters on the ground, in Shanghai.

Back-tracking: Richard Tomlinson was present at the torture of this agent in France 2002 and was also to attend the 'meeting' which took place in China. In short, he had been instructed to oversee the whole operation. Tomlinson was not allowed to know the message until it had been safely delivered to Mr Putin in China. He was however, present at the time that the message was given.

The operation was code-named 'METE'.

The gist of OP METE was as follows:

The implantation of a nuclear bomb (ESSO were employed to do the drilling) between the tectonic plates under the seabed - just off Aceh, Indonesia.

MI5 were to send a military ship into the area after the explosion had occurred, in order to check radiation levels. They had miscalculated. The radiation levels are now affecting all of the surrounding islands, including the Arabian peninsular.

The explosion occurred on the 26th December 2004.

In addition, the agent who had been sent with the message, had worked for Richard Tomlinson in eastern Europe 1992-1995 and had known him for years. The agent had also met Mr Putin many times during 1993-1996.

The agent told President Putin and Richard Tomlinson the message, concerning 'OP METE' .

Manningham-Buller had also ordered the agent (according to Marr's instructions) to return to Russia and then to attempt to assassinate President Putin. Why? The agent could only guess that even attempting to carry out such an order would have resulted in instant death. This would have been an ideal way to dispose of the 'messenger'.

Unfortunately for Manningham-Buller, Chinese surveillance had recorded the meeting between Mr Putin, Richard Tomlinson and the agent in question. They were to question the agent later on with the CIA present, who subsequently confirmed the information, in interview.

Indonesian Intelligence were duly warned and took action by taking out large insurance claims with British companies just before the event (mainly on the same day beforehand, in order to get the claims through without creating suspicion and UK firms backing out of the deal), in relation to the areas and buildings that the tsunami would hit.

The authors do not know whether or not it might have been possible to dismantle the bomb instead, but think that it was probably not technically possible. They hope that this was the case.

What is known is that Vladimir Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemasonry member. Can the same be said to be true of Richard Tomlinson? His current battle against SIS would suggest that he too, has broken free of MI6/Royal Arch Freemasonry mind control programming.

Richard Tomlinson (ex-MI6 Officer)

An 'unofficial biography' of an Ex-MI6 Officer who is currently engaged in a battle with British Intelligence, in order to stop a campaign of harrassment against him. Mr Tomlinson is a Royal Arch Freemason. In the past, he was on friendly terms with two former Director-Generals of MI5 (Stella Rimington and Eliza Manningham-Buller) and MI6 (John Scarlett), whilst on their way up the career ladder. Mr Tomlinson was trained as an MI6 Illuminati mind control programmer.


Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Richard Tomlinson (ex-MI6 Officer)


Richard Tomlinson (ex-MI6 Officer)

Born: 1958, New Zealand.

After university, Tomlinson attended INSET British Intelligence course1979: at Powergen, Solihull; Fort Monckton and MI5/ex-SOE buildings.

It was run by Stella Rimington (MI5 middle-management), Eliza Manningham-Buller (Russian, Politics and History teacher) and John Scarlett (who was the overall MI6 controller of the modules).

British Intelligence Graduate Trainee
The most pertinent training which was tailored to Tomlinson included:

1. The ‘MI6 Beast’ programming.
2. ‘Smelly Cheeses’ programming.

The first one refers to the ‘beast computer’ of the Illuminati program – the one which is placed into every recruit’s mind control programming during recruitment training at both MI5 and MI6. However, the MI6 ‘Beast’ mainframe mind control computer so to speak, controls not only their own people but also those of MI5.
(This was why Rimington stole the MI6 codebook in 1989 – see

‘Smelly Cheeses’ is programmed in via the reading and enactment of ‘Three Men in a Boat’. Every Illuminati script carries words in CAPITALS which make no sense to an outsider unless they are given the ‘true meaning’ behind their usage.

Read Chapter 4 of ‘Three Men in a Boat’ on the Gutenberg website to find out the precise programming which is couched in CAPITALS of: ‘NO CHEESES’.

Chapter 4 relates how it is most important whilst traveling and carrying ‘smelly cheeses’, not to touch the goods; nor afterwards, once one has arrived at one’s destination! All smugglers are most worried about the safety of their drugs/contraband and therefore this ruling was the one which was drummed in with the most amount of ECT programming.

Tomlinson and the other graduate trainee programmers were given huge electric shocks after ‘training’ i.e. the enactment of this little drama, and would then be instructed to sit on chairs facing a large window. This was ‘relaxation’ to de-stress the brain. The young men would sit there and grind their teeth (normal response to ECT) whilst gazing blankly at the sky. ‘Mr Blue Sky’ by ELO was sometimes played at this point, to ‘rejuvenate’ their spirits.

The main point behind MI6 'Smelly Cheeses' programming was that prospective recruits to British Intelligence were sent on 'gap years' around the world on various 'missions' i.e. to courier contraband on British-dominated smuggling rings, which had their origins in the British Empire's 'snake-lines'.

SAS/KK rites
Continuing on: Tomlinson left the INSET course early (romantic disappointment) to join the SAS and then the SBS. The equivalent of joining the ‘foreign legion’. He had been also programmed with ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as a spin-off program but that is another story.

At this point in time, the elite of the SAS were running the OTO KK cult and Tomlinson became an honorary member. This KK cult has obvious comparisons to the American KKK cult of the 1950s but with one significant difference. The British contingent saw themselves as Celtic ‘druids’. In addition, they used the land surrounding Fort Monckton for their rites.

The rite consisted of rounding up a team of four new recruits from Fort Monckton and herding them into the back of a jeep, naked and blindfolded. They were driven to an unmarked spot in the countryside where the druids would be waiting around their bonfire, in white robes – their faces covered with pointed, triangular hoods. They were then taken like cattle, one by one, out of the truck and forced across the ground, blindfolded to where the druids were waiting.

Each recruit was then forced to kneel before the ‘priest’ who then rolled them in the mud. The ‘priest’ then took a burning log from the fire and branded them. The pain was so severe that many recruits were barely aware that what appeared to be a baby (accounts differ on this one – toy or for real) was then thrown onto the bonfire by the ‘priest’ in front of them. Accounts differ but most can testify to hearing a young child screaming. Whether or not this was a tape-recorder, playing behind one of the druids – is unclear. According to an untrustworthy source, this cult has now been disbanded.

Royal Arch Freemasonry Training
Before he left INSET training, Tomlinson also attended the Royal Arch Freemasonry course in Israel (see and other related blogsites for details).
It was in Israel , that Tomlinson was forced to have his first taste of cannibalism, courtesy of the cult of St John , in the St John Church in Ein Kerem. Each recruit was told to eat a piece of what appeared to be a small ‘pig’ which had been roasted, on the altar. Tomlinson ate quite a bit of the above-mentioned. He was violently sick after the controllers informed him as to what he had actually eaten. A female graduate had to clean up his vomit later.

Cannibalism and the ‘Hellfire Club’
Cannibalism is still continued in British Intelligence circles via ‘The Hellfire’ Club – unfortunately not a fictitious society but based on pure fact. Tomlinson is still part of this cult which holds black masses to celebrate its rites. The most recent one to date which the authors know about – was held at a chateau near Cagnes Sur Mer, in 2002. Stella Rimington had organised it. Tomlinson was an active participant in the rape, murder and cannibalization of a tiny girl at this satanic orgy. All participants had been, at some point, victims of MI6 mind control programming.

‘MI6 Beast programming’
To complete Tomlinson’s grooming as an MI6 ‘Beast’ programmer, he was also instructed to role-play the Minatour of the Labyrinth. The ‘beast’ protects the British Crown jewels in MI6 mind control programming. Each recruit was forced to go down the tunnels underneath Jerusalem in order to find the ‘jewels’. Tomlinson stood in front of a cave where they were located and severely beat up anyone who dared to approach.
This is one of the most important aspects of MI6 mind control programming: you are not allowed to become ‘conscious’ of what is deeply embedded in your psyche i.e. the ‘crown jewels’. If you approach the subject, even in thought – the ‘beast’ appears and your mind goes blank. You literally reach a full-stop in either speech or train of thought.

Via Dolorosa
One of the tasks set the graduate trainees and mind control programmers who were running the Royal Arch Freemasonry course, was a ‘treasure hunt’. The treasure hunt was to test their ‘spycraft’ skills and general sadism. Part of this ‘course’ was based on an old Roman game which the soldiers had played with their prisoners. The rite of Saturn. In short, it was a sado-masochistic game, whereby the recruits were tortured and abused in a similar fashion to the Roman prisoners. This was called the ‘Via Dolorosa’.

The Origins of British Intelligence
The other part of the task, was to find out the history of British Intelligence, where it had originated and what different groupings constituted its organization, internationally.
The main clue was to be found on an antique British typewriter ’55 Imperial 55’ at the Jerusalem prison museum which used to be run by a certain Major Charlton during the end of WWII. The code on the typewriter keys, runs as follows:

1. $SV
2. XDM
3. KGB
4. RKK
5. AAN
6. TYM
8. NLT
0. PF!

The 10 sequences above, describe British Military Intelligence from its inception (MI1) to the current, public form of MI5 and MI6. Can you guess the other ones? The authors can give you several clues: 7. = ‘zygote’ 9. = sex kittens. These departments are all still in existence, today.

‘The Golden Chain’
This is primarily a biography of Mr Tomlinson and not British Intelligence, therefore we would like to end on this point to bring the reader up to date:

A female agent reported back from Budapest in 1993, that Richard Tomlinson had turned up there from Bosnia , in an excited and frightened state.

What was the reason?

One of his male agents had been murdered. Not only that, but Tomlinson had also found a pouch of diamonds in the agent’s clothing. He had exclaimed (ad verbatim) to the female agent that he subsequently contacted: ‘you could live on the money for the rest of your life!’

The agent asked Tomlinson why he had not removed the pouch. The answer was obvious: ‘don’t touch the SMELLY CHEESES’. Tomlinson’s MI6 graduate trainee programming had kicked in. He was unable to touch the goods. (Most important when an agent/officer is given drugs to smuggle.)

At this point, Tomlinson’s chain of command was the same as it had been in his early ‘training’ days on INSET, when he had attended the ‘Russian course’. John Scarlett had been the overall controller of this course.
In 1993, John Scarlett was the MI6 station boss in Moscow and had been overseeing Tomlinson’s exploits in eastern Europe.

Who were the diamonds for? Tomlinson had wanted to know. He suspected that someone in British Intelligence was supposed to be on the receiving end but dared not report the find back to HQ. He was too frightened of the consequences.

Needlessly, as it turned out. He was sacked from MI6 anyway, in 1995.

Is there a connection between the two? Mr Tomlinson certainly appears to think so.
Read his current blogsite 2006 (the last one got closed down by SIS/MI6):

A significant section of Tomlinson’s history has been left out within this biography. It relates to the KGB and FSB. This will be fully explained in:

Part II: Richard Tomlinson and the Russians
To be cont’d.


[2009 may] MI-5 and MI-6 Wreak Havoc for the Illuminati by Henry Makow Ph.D.