MILAB Research Ruffles Feathers

by Helmut_Lammer, Ph.D.

The anti-MILAB group has made an attempt to connect my private research interests with my workplace. This is in response to: (1) the publication of my third MILAB article in the MUFON UFO Journal, April 1999, No. 372; (2) a reply concerning an article attempting to debunk research about alleged military involvement in some "alien" abduction encounters by Victoria Alexander (CAUS updates, March 1999); and (3) our new book titled MILABS!

Therefore, I am informing all readers and other researchers that my research of UFO phenomena, abductions and MILABS is not connected with my work as a space scientist. It does not represent the opinion of my department, my director, etc. and is not supported by them. My research is private and is based on my own hypothesis, which is supported by investigative journalism.

I also do not claim that the whole United States military or related intelligence agencies are involved in alien abductions, UFO-research, kidnappings of abductees, examinations, etc., and I am not anti-American.

However, it is my democratic opinion that there are indications that covert human forces may be involved in the abduction phenomenon. This is only an hypothesis and the discussion about this should not be forbidden or censored in democratic societies. If attempts continue to be made, we should remind ourselves and the anti-MILAB group, that we do not live in the former Soviet Union or Serbia, we live in a democratic society.

It is a known, published fact that segments of the United States military-intelligence agencies experimented on unwitting people during the Cold War (New Scientist, No. 1961, 1995; No. 2030, 1996; No. 2058, 1996, etc.), even though it was illegal. I do not believe that our MILAB critics can guarantee or prove that such secret experiments have ended.

Editor's comment - Many people are curious as to why Peter Gersten of CAUS would solicit an abductee debunking article such as Victoria Alexander's What Would Freud Say? and send it out in his numerous electronic mailings. It is difficult to see how anything in her article would actually further the 'CAUS.'

by Helmut_Lammer, Ph.D., Copyright 1999