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MoonBeaM Posted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 3:01 am    Post subject: They made me do it!

This past Sunday Kayla and I were running errands with a few minutes to spare so I was sitting on the bank stairs hoping to get a glimpse of the wind maker elemental I knew was around. Instead I saw a ufo of some kind. At first I thought it was a bird way high up there, but I've never seen one go across the sky that fast before. Or a plane either for that matter. For the record I live near the airport.

After two suspicious people crossed by the bank property instead of using the sidewalk, without seemingly any reason, I sent them the message not to worry, I was too busy to do any gifting and to leave me alone. One of them was in some kind of trance. Then I saw another guy at the end of a laneway beside the bank just standing there leaning on a brick planter staring in my direction. I blasted him, he left immediately.

I had already gifted the towers nearby on previous occasions and I know others have too. I decided there must be something close by worth their effort to watch me. I was inspired to ask the wind maker to help me by blowing wind in the eyes of those trying to watch me. The wind picked up and I got to work gifting. They made me do it!

I drove down the laneway where that guy was standing. It lead me to a recreational center. I thought it odd that it wasn't open on a Sunday afternoon and there were 3 unmarked white vans and a pickup that stuck out like sore thumbs. I spot a small forest, grab a tb and head over there. As I get closer I get an ominous feeling and head back to the car to grab a bagful of tbs because I felt it needed it.

The first one I planted was fine. The next one was weird. It was in a small clearing under some trees. I actually jumped back when I got images in my head of what may have happened there. The ground was too soft like I'd never experienced before. It was no effort at all. I've planted hundreds of tbs and am a gardener too. Wish it was always that easy.

We got a few more spots. This young guy comes speeding in the parking lot, lets his dog out, I blast and he immediately jumps in his car and leaves. An older guy comes from another direction, walking what looks like the same dog, and quickly leaves after I blast him too. Then another guy comes from the same direction as the 2nd guy, with what looks like the exact same dog again, and leaves following the same path as the 2nd guy when I blast him too. This was boom, boom, boom, all in less than 2 minutes. What are the chances of that?

I felt that we left enough gifts and we head back to the forest where our car is waiting on the other side. Kayla turns to look behind us and spots 3 older black men and starts freaking out saying they're following us, hurry up. I look behind and was amazed to note these guys were wearing clothing and hats straight out of the 30's or so. I start blasting.

They appear to be walking slow, but everytime we turn around they are sooo much closer to us and we are walking quickly. I'm telling Kayla calm down, they won't get us we are protected. We saw them enter the forest behind us, and we are halfway through it. I take off my shoes and start blasting with all my might. They never came out through our side of the forest. Weirdness!

Monday I discovered my telephone wire was cut. I retaliated by planting an earth pipe in that spot I mentioned a few weeks earlier while asking for the wind maker's help again. Again the wind picked up and planted it without anyone seeing me.

When will they learn the more they mess with me the more gifting I'm going to do???
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