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 MONARCH Schools---I"m not kidding! 
The CIA is really putting this brainwashing program in our faces.  Back in 68, when this particular public-school stinkfest started, almost nobody knew about MK Ultra and the other Monarch brainwashing programs but by then I think most kids born in the USA were already 'introduced' to it. Al Bielek describes the progression of techniques used for this since the start of federal brainwashing after WWII, with the birth of the repugnant fraternal twins, the CIA and USAF and at the evident behest of the parasitic Vryal and their offworld sponsors, who maintain the ancient, massive underground base network centered at Montauk, NY.

Look at how far they've come since the old, crude, Stalinist 'duck and cover' terrorism of my childhood in the 50s Cool

I think that dropping some towerbusters around one of these CIA-directed schools may produce some interesting confirmations for you.  Pay attention to the relative number of cars in the parking lot after that, for instance.  CArol and I gifted a CIA-front bornagain chump church in Pullman, Washington, where the parking lot was full to overflowing each Sunday and after that the number of cars in the parking lot dramatically decreased.   The front door of that creepy joint was under a pyramid Cool

Note that the one in Atlanta is affiliated with the Psychiatry Dept of Emory University.  Psychiatry is synonymous with mind control. Freud spent the last decades of his debauched life as the director of Tavistock Institute. Reich, a psychiatrist who actually cured mental illness instead of just 'analyzing' it, was blackballed by Freud.   If there are any other shrinks out there who actually help people, that's in spite of their training and I say, 'Good for you!'

Clay, in Florida, lives near one of these (which he'll gift) and he sent me a list of others that you can gift if you're near one:

Monarch School locations:

Houston, Texas - started in 1998. Also affiliated with it are the
River City Academy in Portland, Oregon (opening in 2011) and Colegio
Monarch Guatemala in Guatemala City:

San Diego, California - founded in 1988:

Santa Cruz, California - created in 1974:

Rochester, NH - established 1968:

Duluth, GA -

Cleveland, Ohio - Monarch Center for Autism:

Heron, Montana - a college prep school:

Emory University in Atlanta has a Monarch School Program:

Seattle, Washington -