Mongolian Dark Master in Haiti, Mossad bombers in Berlin, etc.

Don Croft
Mongolian Dark Master in Haiti, Mossad bombers in Berlin, etc. - June 26, 2006 09:21
Haiti is the western third of the island of Hispaniola, which is just east of Cuba.  The majority of Hispaniola is Dominican Republic, where there are now five gifters:  Jose, who posts here, and a group of three Germans and a Dominican on the north coast who sent us some astonishing intel last week.

Carol and I had corresponded with a couple of the Germans there but hackers had been interfering with their later attempts to contact us, so they got in touch with Jose about the following, then we worked out the secret-police hacker kinks after that. 

The Dominican gal is psychic and talks to dolphins; the other three do what many of us are doing: they gather psi intel and go gifting, based on that.

A dolphin told her that there's a spot in Haiti that's a major vortex and is being used by aliens, somehow, to generate a cataclysmic event which would sink most of Haiti and cause an exceptionally destructive tsunami in the region. Right after that, she and the dolphin were energetically attacked and sickened, apparently by offworld reptilians at the site in Haiti.

So, I put that on the agenda for Sunday's chatblast.  To warm up, we followed through on Georg Ritschl's suggestion to look at a couple of possible World Odor terrorist plots:  destruction of the Reichstag and mayhem at a World Cup soccer game in Berlin.  The Reichstag plot was apparently a misdirect but Carol clearly saw a roomful of Mossad agents planning to bomb that soccer stadidum in Berlin. She was kind of shocked to see that Mossad operatives all measure their worth by body counts--whether their victims are  Israeli schoolchildren or  Palestinian  patriots  isn't an issue at all, apparently. 

She suggested that we focus, first, on the animated head guy becuase all the rest were MKid automatons and could easily be cleared away, aftwerward. Like the SS, Mossad members are apparently all cold-blooded murderers. I bet even the cooks and clerks have to kill a baby or something to get in. Nasty bunch.  When one of our cohorts in Japan told me that he was accosted by a Mossad agent and his reptilian female companion while attempting to buy crystals in a store our antennae went up. Fortunately, that was just intimidation.  I was kind of surprised when Carol mentioned that all of these Mossad guys were human.

We did, indeed, warm up on these Mossad killers, as did some dolphins and orcas ;-) and Carol got the impression that Mossad is considered so heinous and reprehensible, even by the CIA and FBI, that they sometimes just start shooting Mossad operatives when they see them, careful to kill all of them in the group to avoid vendettas.  She said that Mossad groups clearly remind her of rival Mafia clans, hence the other sewer rat agencies' care in wiping out an entire Mossad 'clan' if they harmed only one of them. I guess the millions of  Homeland Security Abominations are each considered expendable by their  administrators, who are probably all Russian and former East German sewer rats by now, anyway.  Whose homeland do you reckon they're attempting to secure?

Even KGB operatives only kill if it furthers one intrigue or another.  We've been finding MOssad in the middle of every single Armageddon attempt for the past three years in our chatblast sessions, though, and they've always been in the process of killing innocents, or planning to. I don't think there are worst terrorists than them and I'd be astonished if any of them were actually religious ;-)

Iran's got some pretty creepy clergy types who work with Mossad to bring Iran and Israel to blows but we don't get the impression that they're in it just for bloodsport, the way these  Mossad guys and gals are.

So, we were pretty warm by then and when Carol, who was the only regular psychic on hand, went hunting in Haiti for that spot, the dolphins and orcas were already there, interfering with the offworlders.  This offworld reptile colony was set up like a hive, apparently, and Jeff McKinley saw one of the ancient wheels, deep underground there. It wasn't turning and Carol saw that the reason the reptiles wanted to generate a big earthquake was so that they could uncover and claim this power source.  The Dominican psychic got a good impression that this vortex, in particular, has been used by the Haitian  voodoo cabal for centuries to power up their control of that country.  I assume this is how they drove the FRench out in the late 1700s. 

It's pretty well known that the government of Haiti only controls the urban areas, perhaps only the capital city, and that their rule is dependent on the voodoo cabal's pleasure.  We've seen a lot of cases where the traditional, neo-aboriginal, filthy magic cabals tie in with the World Odor, intimately. Haitian voodoo is largely structured like French freemasonry, as described in the book, THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW, which is the account of an MIT biologist who spent a lot of time in Haiti, researching the zombie phenomenon, and got mixed up in some of the secret stuff, fleeing just before he was to be cornered into participating in a human sacrifice ritual.  Once a person does that, there's no turning back, except by the grace of God.

 CArol looked at a map of Haiti and said the spot is south of Cap Haitien, apparently in an area where there are very few people.   An airplane might be required to gift that spot because infrastructure (roads) in Haiti has always been less than adequate but giting might not be necessary. 

Carol's first impulse was to ask us to disable the dormant wheel but apparently The Operators had another idea and the wheel started turning clockwise, very slowly, then started to build momentum.   Someone was so pleased with Jeff that Carol saw a very tall, Mayan/Atlantean figure beside him, looking very pleased and grateful.  This was apparently Jeff's reward for finding the wheel.  Jeff was clearly aware of him, too, and this ancient entity is probably going to remain with him for awhile and help him. 

It might be interesting to see what develops this summer when the three of us go to the Bahamas to gift that vast, previously-Atlantean/nice-reptilian underwater base, southeast of Andros Island and three thousand feet down, in the Tongue of the Ocean.  I found three massive HAARP transmitters near that base on a chart, yesterday, by the way, so we'll get those, too. They're on the Grand Bahama Bank, far from any island in about 20 feet of water and are lined up east to west.  They even have individual names on the chart ;-)

The situation in Haiti is so bad that people are dying of thirst.  Centuries of control by voodoo mavens has left that populace in pretty bad shape and no doubt the voodoo cabal are happy, too, about the way HAARP has obliterated the atmosphere and stopped rainfall. I forgot to mention that Carol saw a Mongolian dark master among the reptiles at that vortex. This one was much younger than the other Great White Brotherhood sewer rats we've been encountering.  We did him, first.

Do you realize that the only people who were ever able to conquer China were MOngols?  Historians still say that nobody's ever conquered China but Marco Polo, himself, met Kublai Khan, the Mongol ruler of China, not long before Genghis Khan nearly took Europe, too. The Mongols had commited genocide in Turkey, by the way, which is why the Turkish language resembles Mongolian.  Some scholars claim that the MOngolians so heavily influenced Russian culture that Russians are essentially more oriental than European, despite their Europoid physical features. I think MOngolians are pretty cool folks, by the way. Haitians are cool, too.  There aren't a lot of cool cultures these days ;-)

I wonder if the dark masters were looking into making Hispaniola a suitably lifeless desert, now that we (and others?) torment them regularly in their Gobi ersatz stronghold. They're not used to being vulnerable.   From Jose's description of the weather on the other end of Hispaniola it's obvious that HAARP is very, very busy there. I'm hoping someone in Puerto Rico, which is just east of DR, will get busy with orgonite soon, if that's not happening yet.   It would be great if someone in Eastern Cuba would do the same but maybe Castro needs to be held accountable (lawfully tried and executed for mass murder, extortion and embezzlement?) before anyone in Cuba will get the courage to start healing that place. 

Some Canadians, I think Dean and Steve, have done some gifting and towerbusting in Cuba, at least, as tourists and I think we can easily find a home for a cloudbuster among our acquaintances on South Andros Island, just north of W. Cuba.  The head gov't guy, there--Norward Rahming--loves our zappers and we know a few other nice folks there. 

Jose had to contend with an old Dominican voodoo master for awhile until we all got in the mix and taught that old coward a lesson or two.  Thanfully, voodoo's not as virulent in DR as in Haiti and Jose's already seeing Sylphs in the sky over the area he's been gifting.  The folks on the  north coast have made and distributed three or four cloudbusters, by the way.

A couple of Sundays ago we all did some work for John Leach and Igor  Cinti, who came  under severe attack by occult operatives of the World Odor after they gifted Cerveteri, the ancient (Etruscan) and current satanic cemetery north of Rome--John told us that it's about a mile long and has such an extensive underground network (necropolis) that ancient, tuffa domes were erected right at ground level there.

Another point of history that you didnt' learn at school is that the Romans, a small, lightly armed but cohesive force, took the Etruscan empire suddenly by zipping along the paved, straight roads (on ley lines) that led to their capital (a major vortex) and they simply achieved a coup d'etat.  Good strategy, and that's how we attempt to operate, too, in the etheric realm.  The Etruscan empire, like the current, rotted World Odor, was terminally centralized, so lacked cohesion and strong leadership at the top end but their armies were still formidable on the battlefield, so the Romans avoided them.  

We're exercising a Big Secret:  the real stuff happens in the etheric realm, first, then the physical.  The etheric realm is the one that lasts, too, and the World Odor is parasitic, so they never established hegemony in the etheric realm and are quite  vulnerable from there.  It's a lot of fun to go at them from a place where they can't harm us.

These two inspired, tireless guys in Rome are producing phenomenal confirmations in and around that ancient city with their systematic, strategic gifting sorties.  Italy in general, and especially Rome, had a very degraded atmosphere and ambience when the Italian gifting network got busy, several years ago and we can track their progress the same way we tracked the clearing of Los Angeles' atmosphere. mostly by Bradley:  just look at the films made in the region over the past five years. Compare the ones being made now with the ones that were made before orgonite. 

There's the visual record of orgonite's power to transform and heal and I intend to keep EW up and viable for the duration so that at least one reputable, published record will be on hand in case someone else tries to claim credit, perhaps backed up by the What To Think Network, for what this genuine network's been doing.  The silent gifters probably wouldn't come forward, then. I bet you don't want World-Odor-supported usurpers to claim credit for what we've all been doing, once the PJ folks wake up to the fact that their world is now a better place to live in and there won't be WWIII or genocide.

Here's a good place to add the reminder that much of the best gifting work is being done without fanfare.  For the past five years, fanfare seems to have been reserved for compromised board efforts, most of which have disappeared, ultimately due to their lack of substance.  EW is quite obscure (I sure don't miss those clamorous, Monarch-asset, chest-pounder peanut galleries on the discredited boards and sites) but it will probably endure.  I don't know how this network keeps expanding unless it's mostly by personal referral at this point.  EW's relative obscurity is the best evidence I'm aware of that gifting has become a genuine, self-perpetuating, revolutionary movement in the world rather than a personality cult or poisonous MKid kindergarten.

I get a lot of correspondence from substantive, reputable people who arent' interested in participating in any board effort but who have gotten busy with orgonite and have thus found a broader life purpose. I'm also receiving more reports from people who tell me that they can discuss subtle energy and even conspiracy information more openly now.  YOu may realize that until recently almost  nobody we encountered in 3D would hear information like this.  I've developed a lot of hope for humanity and that feels pretty good.

Most of the really significant gifting seems insignificant while we're in the act of doing it, then we start seeing and feeling confirmations, sometimes in the form of savage attacks by insidious secret police operatives and/or non-human parasites but more often in the form of suddenly cleared atmosphere, sudden Sylph expositions, blue holes in a dreary sky, envigorating heart energy, happier people, cleared water, etc.   Judy Lubulwa in Nairobi is planning to gift Kenya's premier satanic location shortly and we'll be running some interference for her from the chatroom while she's on her way. 

There's a certain amount of anticipation when we decide to take on a major regional target like that one--it's pretty exciting, actually;-)--and I hope you'll send her a boost as you're reading this.  Carol tried to get to that ritual site and vortex with some orgonite on her way out of Kenya, almost five years ago, but  nobody would take her there.  The reptilians who run the African dirty magic network were sending Carol psychic visual images of bloody human body parts, being greedily eaten by a half-reptile man, who I assume is the fellow who's been trying to interfere with Judy, lately.  They were trying to frighten her away, which has the oppposite effect on my gal, of course.  Carol's Kenyan hostess, Atieno's, adult kids were redy and  willing to drive her there but Atieno forbade it.  Who could blame her?

East Africans are cool, too, by the way ;-)