Al Bielek & Preston Nichols


In late February of 1998, a psychic in NYC told me that her reading on Camp Hero indicated to her that the time portal, so to speak, was currently shut down.

Not long after, in a phone conversation with Al Bielek, he told me more or less the same thing: that certain groups closed off the access to the portal (stargate) for those regressive forces which have been responsible for so much of the severe horror and abuse at Montauk--not only abuses against human beings, but abuses of the power point/interdimensional gateway itself.

According to Bielek, the Montauk Project per se, which Moon and Nichols have written about and which my report covers, was primarily being operated from the future, and that the project was (and still is) in support of the so-called "New World order" objectives, using a veritable army of 5-10,000,000 intensively programmed individuals in the U.S. alone.

Apparently this "Montauk boys" programming operation in Sag Harbor was operated with the assistance of a Catholic religious order known as the Pallotine group: a monastic order working with the secret government to help train an elite fighting group of children along the lines of Delta Forces.

There was more notable weirdness--quite significant in my opinion--which he told me of going on there; for instance, so-called cell phone (mobile) transmitter towers have been appearing everywhere in Calgary. A similar state of affairs exists in New York City, where these transmitters have been installed on nearly every street corner! These so-called cell phone transmitters are being installed in tremendous numbers all over the USA now, and that while cell phone communications may be one of the purposes of these towers, there is in fact a covert purpose as well and that such transmitters are being unquestionably used for mind modification/control of the general population: most of the towers are operating at ten kilowatts of power or higher--much more power than is needed for only cell phone transmissions.

Al Bielek, having left Denver after living there for about 18 months, told me the city was literally crawling with "Montauk boys" and to some extent "Montauk girls"; young people with Aryan (Germanic/Nordic) racial characteristics programmed with the Montauk and "Monarch"-type techniques to be sleeper agents to be utilized in the covert government's astonishing array of brutal, vicious, psychotic, satanic and murderous "operations" and "activities", and also during the projected implementation of the so-called New World Order. Bielek had a number of casual interactions with some of these people while in Denver.

Bizarrely, and remarkably like what Al Bielek was telling me about Denver, Tooker said that the streets of Calgary have as of fairly recently become inundated with a tremendous number of street people, the great majority of whom fit the "requirements" for the typical "Montauk Boys" to a T! There is solid evidence, some in photographic form, of a tremendous, many-leveled and multipurpose subterranean city easily one hundred square miles beneath the finally completed Denver International Airport, which houses a vast array of different underground facilities including those necessary for a national government to operate, as well as underground freeways and a subterranean rail line connecting this to other subterranean complexes operated by the covert government.

In addition to all this the floor of the main terminal at Denver Airport is constructed of a material which is said to be impervious to particle beam and EM pulse weapons. The floor and walls have a number of esoteric Masonic symbols and phrases, as well as murals depicting global destruction and apocalyptic themes. If the place was plastered with Buddhist, Jewish or Christian symbolism, you can bet some Constitutionalist or civil libertarian would be raising hell.

Obviously many more subterranean installations exist nationwide and worldwide.


Another connection to organized religion surfaced when Preston Nichols was working with Air Force agents in deprogramming a number of "Montauk Boys" at Sag Harbor. The Pallotine group, by means of various youth related services and facilities, has been tied to the procurement of children for use in the project. Preston Nichols called it a monastic order working with the secret government to help train an elite fighting group of children along the lines of Delta Forces. Strangely, the Pallotines, considered to be a "militant" order by the Roman Catholic Church, are said to have extensive interactions and liaisons as well with many other organized religions.The unfortunate children are procured for the Project through various youth related services and facilities operated by The Pallotine group, and those deemed suitable for such "service" to their unconstitutional secret government are funneled through the Pallotine network into the Montauk Project. Judging by some photos on the Pallotine web site, These 'fathers' look like real CIA types.

They have a remarkably creepy message on the web site also, which reads in part--"for those that have gone astray... this is where you will find your salvation" and that "Jesus is going to refresh and REMAKE you". I definitely won't be planning to worship at these guys' church! Though this may sound somewhat hokey and not particularly significant or relevant in the bigger picture, I can say this: Preston Nichols feels that the information he has found out relating to the Pallotines and many of the world's organized religions is a major aspect of the Phoenix/Montauk Project, which until now has been almost entirely unknown and completely hidden. Due to what he feels is the extreme emotionalism and at times irrational nature of how many relate to religious beliefs in our world, Preston Nichols stated that he is NOT going to publicize the information he has uncovered regarding the Pallotine organization; because it exposes the deep involvement of many organized religions in the mind manipulations perpetrated against humanity by the covert world government, it is severely damaging to these religions, and because it could lead to an extraordinarily volatile and in fact dangerous situation for him personally.