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Montauk Point Analysis

by Steven J. Smith

Aerial Photo Analysis:
The photo on the right is an aerial view of Montauk Point state park, and Camp Hero military reservation, both located at the eastern tip of Long Island.  The loop highway and large parking lot in the upper right hand corner are adjacent to the Montauk light house (a national monument).  The complex of roads and structures stretching from the left hand edge of the photo, and continuing to the right hand edge comprise the Camp Hero military reservation.  For many years there has been a continuing controversy surrounding the Camp Hero military reservation (CHMR).  According to many accounts, this site has been secretly used for experiments in mind control, advanced weapons research/testing, and as a time machine portal.  These clandestine endeavors are commonly and collectively known by the term "Montauk Project".

At first glance, mind control, particle beam weapons, and time travel may seem to have very little in common.  However, all three tasks make use of high power electro-magnetic energy.  The particle beam accelerators at Brookhaven are used to supply the needed energy (directly in the case of particle beam weapons, and indirectly in the case of mind control, and time travel).
Photo Courtesy of USGS

The photo on the right is an enlargement of the bottom center section of the previous photo.  Notice the ring shaped artifact measuring approximately 100 yards in diameter.  A cross check of the USGS topological survey map indicates the artifact does NOT correspond to any natural land feature.  This artifact is the visible surface signature of an underground structure.  Manifestations of this kind are caused by two distinctly different processes.  (1) Disturbance of the natural aquifer by the underground structure.  (2) EM or heat leakage from the underground structure modifying surface vegetation growth.

A 100 yard ring is too small to be a primary particle beam accelerator, however it is just the right size for an electron synchrotron of the type used to create a partial vacuum "tunnel" through the atmosphere to the target (see NSLS, Brookhaven analysis).

Another use for electron synchrotron generated radiation is human behavior modulation (mind control).  While the radiation it self is pure EM, the electron synchrotron generation process allows access to parts of the EM spectrum that are not normally available through the use of conventional RF generators.  These wavelengths are particularly useful since they are of the same scale (size) as certain microstructures within the human brain.  Furthermore, since the wavelengths in question do not occur in the natural environment, the human brain has no innate immunity.  The high power levels that can be achieved with an electron synchrotron allow many subjects to be "treated" simultaneously.

The photo on the right is another enlargement from a section of the first photo.  Again we see a ring shaped artifact (albeit better hidden).  The artifact is more indicative of aquifer disruption than direct vegetation disturbance.  This ring is located above, and slightly to the left of the smaller ring shown in the previous photo.  Also, once you know where to look, the ring is actually more noticeable in the large photo at the top of the page.

With an approximate diameter of 275 yards, the ring is about the same size as the AGS particle accelerator at Brookhaven.  The ring could be a primary particle beam accelerator, but with the Brookhaven facility so close, a better use would be as a secondary storage ring for the primary particle beam accelerator rings at Brookhaven.  This conclusion is supported by the fact that accelerators require considerably more power than storage rings, and a plethora of ancillary equipment that would represent needless duplication of the Brookhaven facilities.  Locating the particle beam weapon launch facility is more problematical.  At Brookhaven the dual use nature of the facilities makes the task relatively easy, however the Montauk underground complex is by definition a covert (secret) base and therefore far less clues are available for analysis.

Assuming the particle beam weapon launch facility isn't completely camouflaged, and assuming the two rings connect to the launch facility via straight beam line, the best choice for the particle beam launch line shown in the photo to the right.  The second photo on the extreme right shows an enlarged view of the suspect particle beam launch point.  It is interesting to note that ALL of these particle beam weapon components are outside the fenced off portion of CHMR.  A classic example of misdirection, and the "hide it in plain sight" doctrine.

An analysis of the time portal systems is beyond the scope of this document.  Suffice it to say that experiments involving time displacement are unbelievably dangerous and therefore an isolated site, located well away from major population centers and valuable infrastructure (such as Brookhaven national laboratory) is advisable.  Yet the nature of these experiments also require access to energy concentrations that can only be achieved by particle accelerators (such as Brookhaven).  Based on this set of requirements, Montauk point (and CHMR) would seem to be the ideal compromise.  However, it is the authors opinion that if an accident does occur, Montauk will prove to be entirely too close for comfort...

Support Facilities:
An operation of this magnitude requires considerable above ground support facilities.  In particular, particle beam components are large and cumbersome, therefore they must be trucked into the site.  A line of trucks, waiting to unload their cargo would be a dead give-away, furthermore truck drivers are notorious gossip mongers.  Therefore a nearby cargo container staging yard is needed.  Located on old Montauk highway, at the junction with the new Montauk highway, the area shown in the photo on the right would make an ideal cargo container staging yard.  The large circular structure near the bottom of the photo does not cast much shadow, and is most likely an "in ground" tank.

The Montauk (and CHMR) site show most of the classic indicators of an underground access point (see companion paper entitled "Underground Infrastructure").  Furthermore, the identified artifacts (above) are commensurate with the alleged facility uses (5.1.1), both in terms of size and shape, and in terms of geographic relationship to each other.  Therefore, it is the authors opinion the Montauk point state park, and CHMR are in fact a covert underground facility, operating under the aegis of the United States government.

Brookhaven Analysis  

Brookhaven-Montauk-Shoreham Aerial Photo

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Montauk Point Analysis