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The system of fluoridation and mind control endangers your health and your freedom

by Dan Montgomery

November 3, 2000

Mind Control Systems
Free Radicals, Fluoride and EMFs
Suppression of Evidence by the U.S. Government
Materials for Blocking the Influence of Mind Control
Suppression of Opponents and Perceived Opponents of the Cult of Intelligence


On Friday evening, August 4, 2000, I came home to find that my residence had been totally ransacked. It was like those television dramas where everything is dumped out of drawers and cupboards onto the floor. I thought it would never happen to me.  Scarcely anything of value to a casual thief was missing. My red CET was gone. The CET is housed in a red plastic cylinder with a rounded top like a ball. It sits on the floor. I had just bought one a few weeks before from Nordic Living Water Systems and placed it in an inconspicuous corner.

The purpose of a CET is to protect people from geopathic stress. Geopathic stress can be caused either by certain natural earth energies or by excessive amounts of electromagnetic frequency waves (EMFs).  EMFs from power lines can increase free radical activity.  New electronic technologies may be making people more susceptible to geopathic stress.  Geopathic stress hastens the onset of chronic disease.  (pp. 13, 14, 101, Thurnell-Read, Jane, Geopathic Stress: How Earth Energies Affect Our Lives, Element Books, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 8BP, U.K., 1995.)

Mind Control Systems

After installing my new CET, I noticed that it blocks the influence of mind control messages. I kept this to myself, thinking that no one would find out that I had this new protection. After I found that my CET was stolen, I distinctly discerned a mind control message that conveyed the idea, "I don't want a CET, I don't want a CET . . . " Someone knew before I did that the CET could block mind control messages.  Most people people are not aware of the operation of mind control systems.  Anyone can be programmed or influenced by mind control systems.  Most never even guess that they have been programmed.

There are various kinds of mind control systems.  Dr. Becker comments on one such system.  In 1973, Dr. Joseph Sharp at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research "heard and understood spoken words delivered to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed-microwave audiogram (an analog of the words' sound vibration) beamed into his brain."  Dr. Becker points out that such technology can be used to program people undetectably to do as instructed.  Mind control can be used to make people think they are hearing "voices."  (Robert O. Becker, M.D. and Gary Selden, The Body Electric:  Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, New York:  Morrow, 1985. pp. 318-319)

When I started the Fluoride Issues website in 1995, I became aware that intelligence cultists were trying to obstruct my work by operating a mind control system. One might wonder why intelligence cultists would be concerned about opposition to fluoridation. Fluoride makes people more susceptible to such things as subliminal messages and mind control.

I cite three historical sources about fluoride and mind control.  The first source is a letter received by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional  Research, Milwaukee Wisconsin, on 2 October 1954, from Mr. Charles Perkins.  He was a chemist.  He was sent to administrate holdings of I.G. Farben, the giant German chemical company at the end of World War Two.    He learned about a Nazi plan to use fluoridation to reduce resistance to mass control of populations.  He was misled to believe that now that the Nazis were defeated it was the Soviets who would try to use fluoridation for the same purpose.

The second source is Einstein`s nephew, Dr. E.H. Bronner, a chemist who had been a prisoner of war during World War Two.  His letter was printed in The Catholic Mirror, Springfield, MA, January 1952.  He alleged that fluoridation could be used to support a certain conspiracy of intellectuals of which he had personal knowledge.

The third source is Dr. Geoffrey Smith, a retired dentist in Australia. Dr. Smith published many scientific papers in respected journals. He worked for British intelligence for many years.  He reveiwed the politics of fluoridation in The Secret War and the Fluoride Conspiracy. He explains that the earliest reason for promoting fluoridation was to deflect attention from industrial hydrogen fluoride air pollution, but it wasn't the only reason. At the end of World War Two, American intelligence agents captured German documents of fluoride experiments. These experiments showed that fluoride damages an area in the left occipital lobe of the brain. This is said to make people more docile. Docility might just as well be a description of attention deficit disorder or Alzheimer's disease, both of which can be caused by excessive fluoride contamination. It is now known that very small amounts of fluoride like they put in the water and aluminum contribute to Alzheimer's disease. Numerous research reports have presented evidence that fluoride impairs the brain. The part about the left occipital lobe is more subtle. Impairment increases susceptibility to such things as mind control.

Free Radicals, Fluoride and EMFs

Fluoride increases free radical production. Fluoride damages the antioxidant network that protects the cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radical damage eventually leads to degenerative diseases such as cancer. Numerous scientific papers have been published in the last few years about the free radical damage that fluoride causes. Some of these papers are in recent issues of Fluoride, the scientific journal of the International Society for Fluoride Research.  EMFs can cause free radical damage.

ELFs (extra low frequency waves) are at the low end of the electromagnetic spectrum. ELFs are 0.1 to 100 Hz (cycles per second).  At 10 Hz, one wave is 18,600 miles long.  At 50 Hz, ELFs depress thyroid activity.  This is true even when the intensity of ELFs is well below the so-called "safe" power density of 10,000 microwatts per cubic centimeter. ELFs at 30 to 100 Hz interfere with the biological clock that keeps our biological cycles properly timed.   (pp. 267, 272, 275, 288-289, 327 Dr. Becker)  Andreas Schuld reviewed the scientific literature and showed that there is abundant evidence that fluoride depresses thyroid activity.

Suppression of Evidence by the U.S. Government

Fluoridation and EMFs used by the U.S. Government are similar in two ways. They both are harmful to health. The harm that they do is minimized and concealed by agencies of the U.S. Government.

The weight of the scientific evidence shows that EMFs cause free radical damage. (Roy Beavers, Wave-Guide: The Ugly Secret -- The Epidemiology is Misleading Us, August 7, 2000, www.wave-guide/org/library/ugly-secret.html.)  Research into the harmful effects of EMFs is being distorted. Such distortions seldom occur at the level of working scientists. The higher level scientific reviewers misstate and bury the truth. It isn't just industrialists who are hiding the truth. Government agencies have been systematically misleading us.  Quoting from Roy Beavers: 

"The distortions of truth (which have occurred so frequently in the past in this EMF saga) RARELY occur at the working level. The dishonesties begin to appear when the work of the (by and large) dedicated, objective and conscientious "working" scientists is passed up "the chain of command" to their bosses higher in the bureaucracy. It is there that political and economic ... considerations begin to distort the true science which began at the bottom ...

"... the government's vested interest in this matter is almost as great as the industries!!!! Between them, they have so far succeeded in keeping much of this info from the public. What info HAS gotten to the public has been successfully obfuscated by claims like, 'but this hasn't been 'proved' yet,' etc."

Agencies of the U.S. Government do not admit the harmfulness of EMFs until the "proof is sufficient to overcome all deception." (Becker, p. 314)  This charade has continued for many years. (Becker, pp. 301-302, 306, 314-315, 278)

One can see a similarity in the tactics of suppression of the truth about fluoridation. The government reviewers of fluoridation progressively review away the evidence of harm and efficacy as one goes up the review committee ladder.  A recent example of how the scientific facts are reviewed away is the York Review. Quoting Paul Connett, Ph.D.:

As expected certain sections of the media are trumpeting the York Review as showing that fluoridation is effective and safe. Nothing could be further from the truth. If one goes beyond the spin in the accompanying press release  "The Final Word on Fluoride" from the NHS Centre for Reviews & Dissemination, University of York (CRD) and actually visits the scientific detail of the report, there is - even with all its many limitations -a clear evidence that water fluoridation has been a massive, and potentially dangerous, failure.
The scientific evidence has well established the fact that fluoridation causes bone cancer, but the U.S. Public Health Service blatantly operates a disinformation campaign that has deceived even many of the scientists. It has been proved in court three times already that fluoride causes bone cancer. When faced with the incontrovertible scientific facts, the U.S. Public Health Service simply manufactured some false evidence to support their denials. The details are explained at length in a recent law review by Graham and Pierre-Morin. ("Highlights in North American Litigation During the Twentieth Century on Artificial Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies," 14 Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law, 195-248, 1999).

These are just some of the many instances of suppression of scientific evidence that fluorides are toxic and fluoridation is dangerous.  A complete review of the suppression of scientific evidence is beyond the scope of this article.


The Government's vested interest in keeping people ignorant of the harmfulness of EMFs and VLFs, in particular, is instigated by intelligence agencies.  Alan Yu presents evidence that the Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) can be used to control the minds of the civilian population. (The Relationship between the Life Control Surveillance System, Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) system and ID-chips, home.earthlink.net/~alanyu6/part5c.htm, or see the excerpt on GWEN).

GWEN is a communications system. Construction began in 1980. When completed, the GWEN system will have about 300 towers. Each tower is capable of covering an area with a radius of 250 to 300 miles. The GWEN system uses electromagnetic waves in the VLF range between 150 and 175 kHz. VLFs are very low frequency waves. These VLF waves hug the ground instead of radiating into the atmosphere. The GWEN system covers the entire United States from 500 feet in the air to the ground. They go down to the basement floor of every house and public building.

I  can tell you about my own experiences with what appears to be the GWEN system in operation.  I went travelling on a logging road in northern California.  I hid behind a stump to see who was following.  A man in a white car with an antenna drove up and stopped.  He called in on a cell phone.  About one minute after he left, another car stopped about fifty yards from me.  A man and woman got out and milled around as if they had nothing better to do on a hot summer's day than do a dance in the woods.  The man pointed a small, hand held device at the ground.  A few seconds later, a mind control message started beaming.  I have seen such people do this kind of thing quite a few times.  They take great care to hide the hand held device which they point at the ground.

Materials for Blocking the Influence of Mind Control

Jim Keith tells of his experience with a mind control system operating in downtown San Francisco. The system which he encountered is used to influence the behavior of large numbers of people. He discovered that he could block the influence of this electronic system with aluminum.  After reading about the aluminum, I did my own experiments. I found that aluminum could be used to block the influence of a mind control message if it is coming from an electromagnetic wave source. Lay aluminum on the floor, not on the walls.  There should be no breaks in the aluminum.  Do not sleep above a section of floor which has aluminum on both sides, but none directly under that section of floor.  Do not put copper on the aluminum on the floor.  When in doubt, avoid metals on the body or around the aluminum protected area.

The aluminum creates an area of protection which extends beyond the aluminum.  The protected area has an elliptical shape.  The protected area extends approximately one to three feet toward the South Southwest.  On the North Northeast side, the area of protection extends only a few inches from the aluminum.  One explanation for this elliptical shape might be that there is a GWEN tower to the North Northeast.  A better explanation might be that the declination of magnetic north in Eugene, Oregon, where I did my experiments, is approximately 18 degrees East.

When you need to leave an aluminum protected area, you can protect yourself with aluminum insoles.  These work when you are standing or walking.  Do not hold or wear a magnet when you are wearing aluminum insoles.  The aluminum insoles will not work when you are sitting on a chair or bench where there is no aluminum on the floor or ground under the chair or bench.

I would guess that the U.S. Government has spent billions of dollars on the GWEN system. All you need is inexpensive aluminum foil from the supermarket, I thought. It is not that simple. Resistance to mind control can be influenced by a variety of materials. How materials are placed in a room can make a difference. Some materials, such as aluminum, can be used to block the influence of mind control for a while, but the body's polarity may ajust itself. The CETs have a protective effect against mind control, but may cause headaches as a side effect in some people.

ENER-G-POLARI-T diodes are another product that protect against mind control from EMFs.  These diodes were developed to protect people's health.  I used to use only the ENER-G-POLARI-T diodes in my left pocket to block mind control messages, but then the intelligence cultists started using a stronger EMF. There are scientific tests which can be done to measure whether materials are blocking the influence of mind control. Interested researchers may contact me for details.

In the Fall of 1999, meetings were held at the University of Oregon by people who wished to call attention to the inadequacies of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The general news media tell us that the WTO seeks to remove "trade barriers." They omit to tell us that "trade barriers" means laws for protecting the environment and food purity standards.

The students at the University of Oregon planned peaceful demonstrations for the WTO meetings in Seattle. They spent many hours planning and practicing how they would respond to possible provocations nonviolently. I attended these meetings. I heard mind control messages operating in the meeting halls. These messages were an attempt to program the WTO demonstrators to riot in Seattle. I showed my ENER-G-POLARI-T diode to a group of these protesters. I told them about the mind control messages. I told them that they could protect themselves from this kind of mind control message by using a diode. They did not heed my advice. I did not go to Seattle.

The demonstrations against the WTO were turned into a riot by outside agitators. Informants who participated in the demonstrations told me that at first everything seemed to be going well and the police took note of certain demonstrators, but took no action. Later, the anarchists who started the property destruction and rioting were hardly bothered by the police at all. The police went after bystanders and peaceful demonstrators. The demonstrators did not invite the anarchists. The anarchists as uninvited agitators smeared the reputation of the peaceful protesters. Anyone who has read Inside the Company, by Philip Agee, should have no trouble recognizing this kind of tactic as an intelligence operation.

Suppression of Opponents and Perceived Opponents of the Cult of Intelligence

Alan Yu was an officer in the Taiwan National Defense Department. He processed classified documents. From these, he learned about electronic mind control systems. He retired as a Lt. Col. in 1984. Alan Yu tells a disquieting story. His father was a member of the legislature in Taiwan. For many years, he was chairman of the Defense and Intelligence Committee. His father discovered evidence that an international cult of intelligence is undermining democratic institutions. They use mind control systems. They operate through intelligence and police organizations. When his father attempted to warn others about it, he was promptly murdered.

Alan Yu tells us that the first objective of a mind control organization is to eliminate people who know about their crimes. They use their technology to frame their opponents as mentally ill or make them sick. Eventually, the victims die sooner than they would have. (Alan Yu, Millimeter Waves and Mind Control, www.mtcforums.net/MCF/yu-3-97.htm, March, 1997).

Most people who are influenced by mind control systems never even guess that they were programmed.  There are only a few people who have the ability to perceive the presence of mind control messages.  This rare perceptual ability can be used to reveal misconduct. These are just the kind of people that the Cult of Intelligence wants to silence.  Could it be that the Jonestown Massacre was created by a mind control system?  Could it be that Kip Kinkel was framed by the criminal misuse of mind control technology?  Could it be that John Dupont was framed with a mind control system?  Could it be that Luke Woodham was programmed to kill all those people in Mississippi?

The scientific concepts that led to the invention of the CET were pioneered by Victor Schauberger. He was an Austrian. He was quite an inventor. In 1934, he was summoned to Berlin to meet with Adolf Hitler. Schauberger would have nothing to do with Hitler's plans. In 1957 and 1958, an American group promised Schauberger unlimited research funds and a fast pace of research. He was flown to Texas. He was required to bring all of his research documentation. He was kept stranded in a very hot desert area with no communication. His mail was censored. Schauberger agreed to demands under duress. In this agreement, he was prohibited from telling anybody about any of his knowledge, past present or future. His son, who was also there, was warned that if Schauberger did not keep this promise, he would be silenced by middlemen based in Munich. Five days after Schauberger returned to Austria, he died. As he was dying, he repeated in despair, "They took everything from me, everything. I don't even own myself."  (Olof Alexandersson, Living Water: Victor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy, translated by Kit and Charles Zweigbergk, Bath, UK, Gateway Books, 1990, pp. 121-123.)

Anyone who opposes fluoridation needs protection from mind control systems.  Anyone who is a political activist needs protection from mind control systems.  Anyone who wants to be left alone needs protection from mind control systems.

Copyright 2002 Daniel A. Montgomery