More NSA Extortion Aimed at Mylow:

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New post More NSA Extortion Aimed at Mylow

Here's the latest, and the most remarkable, developments in the Mylow magnetic motor saga:

The good news:  Mylow has built a much better motor - it's self-starting and runs at 300 rpm.  At first it wobbled but he was able to stabilise it by adding a second stator magnet.  The layout of rotor magnets is apparently simpler as well, although the stator magnets are 'banana-shaped' like what Howard Johnson used.

The bad news:  He doesn't have it.  The MIB are trying to persuade him to work for them.  Enticing him by taking him to a secret lab in Chicago and showing him other suppressed technologies, and telling him they plan to release his motor or something like it to the public this summer via a university - which I am 99.99% sure is a lie.  And at the same time threatening to kill him if he doesn't comply with their demands.  One of which he has already broken by meeting Sterling Allan in a restaurant and telling him what I've just summarised here.

Please read the whole article for a lot more details!  It includes diagrams of the new motor design... you might want to save a copy (with images) too, in case anything happens to the website.

Apparently Mylow was supposed to meet with the MIB, including someone "close to the man in charge", yesterday evening.  No news yet on whether he did or what happened.  I hope he makes the right decision.

So maybe further psychic intervention would be appropriate.  Boosting Mylow, the MIB harrassing him and the chain of command?  Finding the location of that secret lab and adding it to your "who will gift around Mylow?" thread?  (Thanks for posting that!)

I wonder, could that "time tunnels" technique and boosting the positive outcome - the thing your group used in January to prevent O'Bomber being assasinated with nukes - be applied here???  That might be a way to affect not just Mylow himself but the bigger picture - replication efforts, disinformation campaigns etc.  If that idea has merit, I hope it doesn't come too late.