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Has Anyone Earthpiped Around the Nearest Mormon Temple, Yet?

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Post Has Anyone Earthpiped Around the Nearest Mormon Temple, Yet? 
The reason I ask is that one of our distributors, who seems to be a reliable fellow, sent me the following account, which is what apparently started him down the road of enquiry about how the world is really run:

Hello Don,

Here's my take on the state of affairs based on my research, tell me what
you think.

The illuminati world order is based in London, DC Corp, and the Vatican. All
3 have distinct purposes. All are satanic. All are nasty zionists, Masonic
devil worshiper reptilian types.

As for the underground cities, I have an
interesting story to tell.  When I was 18, I went on a mission for the
Mormon church. (left them after I went online in the late 90's and
discovered the truth about Mormonism and j.s.)  I had a "companion" -
roommate who left the MTC (training center) 2 weeks into training because on
our day off, we went to the temple to do temple work. After doing baptisms
for the dead (strange ritual, we were about to leave the temple and he told
me that a friend of his said there was an elevator that went to an
underground cavern below the temple where some "strange" stuff took place.

He was curious to see if it was true and found the elevator in a room down a
side hall just as his friend told him. I didn't want to go but then again,
nobody was guarding the door and it wasn't locked, so what the hell.  

When the door opened, I freaked out a little as there were something like 20
floors under the garage and all required a key to access. The 3 floors below
parking (P1 P2) however were marked S1 S2 S3 and didn't need a key.  I
chickened out and didn't go, but he took the elevator to the S3 level as he
promised to simply let the door open then pop back up.  

This is where the story gets a little strange. While he was going down to S3 (which I later
found out from someone is a book storage place) someone was coming up and he
went down to one of the lower floors.  When he came up with this old fart
wearing a white suit, he (my comp) was sweating and visibly disturbed. The
old guy was calm and had his hand on his shoulder. He wanted to leave the
temple ASAP and we did.  

Outside, he stopped and said "I think I'm going to
puke".  He wouldn't tell me what he saw until he said we were back in our
dorm. When we got back, he started to pack and wouldn't tell me what he'd
seen.  He said he couldn't and that he would send me a letter to explain
what happened.

I waited and waited for a letter that never came. Years
later, I got a call from this guy who has subsequently moved to Costa Rica
and was living in the jungle city somewhere. I of course thought from the
get-go he was a nut job and simply didn't want to go on a mission, hence his
early departure.  

At the time, I didn't believe what he told me  but he
swore to me that he saw big headed, big eyed alien types working with humans
in what looked like a huge cavern with multiple levels and a huge man made
high tech structure in the middle.  

He asked the old guy what that was all about pretending he didn't see the alien types.  
The old guy said that it's
a place where they store books and conduct genealogy but that he must not
tell anyone what he seen with an "understand" .. the guy's hand on his

He also told him that they had the ability to read people minds
and other god given powers that would allow him to know if he told anyone at
any time in the future, and that he knows what he saw.  

That freaked him out. He claimed to have not stop nightmares and to be "haunted"
 so he moved out of the USA.

At the time, I dismissed that as BS as this guy also wanted
me to help him find certain people in the US, the main reason he called me I
figured, as well as send him some stuff he couldn't buy in CR and to get
money from so and so.  I didn't follow up and didn't want anything to do
with a nut job.  Now, I wish I had kept in contact with him.  (This was over
10 yrs ago)  I believe there are underground cities, without a doubt. Also,
I now look at Mormon church in a different light.


I'm not Mormon-bashing and the upper hierarchy of that church are no better or worse than the upper corporate hierarchies of any other religion, of course,  but this was priceless!  Most people have a hard time contemplating the extent of underground activity, so I think that personal accounts like this one, which obviously corroborate Phil Schneider's direct accounts, are helpful to bring us to a necessary realization: that the underground bases need to be disabled and that anyone can do it with  earthpipes.