Mullholland Drive
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Mullholland Drive by DB  "He (Lynch) masterfully reveals how the mob, black magicians, reptilian entities, and demonic entities actually control the biz............In fact, most of the main occult clues are IN EVERY SINGLE SCENE - bar none.
You have sucubus, incubus, virgin possession for slaughter, the "deal" with the dark side, the selling of souls for dreams of ego o'er soul, he missed nothing....Another thing, these films - all so very real in context, movement and tone - are NOT fiction. Word on the street regarding MD, was every scene actually happened to either Dave or he was aware of it on some level. Every scene actually happened in Hollywood, at one time or another. That's why it is a true horror film, in a snuff sense. Its psychically imbued with the spirit and agony of those tragedies."

Director: Lynch, David

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