By Eustace Mullins

Insider Report

World Intelligence Review
P.O. Box 507
Chalmette, LA 70044
Issue 81
September 5, 1989

Although the Department of Justice, Washington, D.C., is not yet a serious challenge to the old Mack Sennatt comedies, or the leers and sneers of the "funnyman", Charlie Chaplin, its antics concern many Americans, who do not know whether to laugh or cry, as each new revelation of the department's ventures into insanity are laid before the American public.

We have recently witnessed the spectacle of a "Special Prosecutor" from the Justice Dept., Lawrence Walsh, spending forty million dollars of taxpayers money to find out whether Col. Oliver North paid for two tires.  This is more money than the Credit Bureau has spent in its entire existence !  We also witnessed the ludicrous spectacle of a black man, William Lucas, who was appointed by President Bush to the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, being harried and torn by the most fanatical leftwing Senators from the Democratic Parry.  They turned him down flat, sending a clear message that the black man had better stay in his place.  Lucas' offense was not that he was black, but that he had strayed off the plantation, until he was picked up by the "patterole", as the old slave chasers were known.  There is a clear understanding in Washington that the "civil tights" movement not only is limited to blacks, (no whites need apply for relief under its stringent protection but it is also the private preserve of the old hard line Stalinist-Communist wing of the national Democratic Party.  It maintains its private army of Stepin Fetchits, who cringe and laugh whenever the Democratic leaders, such as Senator Edward (Chappaquiddick) Kennedy, bark, and no "civil rights" effort is allowed unless it is authorized by the party of Bella Moscovitz and the secret Harold Ware cell of Communist government officials in Washington.  Lucas not only ran away from the plantation, he actually joined the Republican Party, and attempted to take office in Washington under its auspices.  This was not to be.  Amazingly enough, Bush refused to appoint Lucas to the civil rights post anyway, giving it to him as an "interim" appointment until 1990, on the cowardly excuse that to make such an appointment might "offend" the Democratic leaders in Congress.  They had already trashed Lucas in public, for the entire nation to see, and Bush dared not rob them of their Muscovite victory by going over their heads.  As King George IV, representing the Bank of England, Bush has served notice that he will observe all the bylaws of "bipartisanship", meaning that whenever the interests of Republican voters, who elected him President, conflict with the wishes of the old Stalinist leaders of the Democratic Party, he will ignore the people who elected him, and will vote for the Democratic program.  No doubt he has good reason for doing so;  there is not only the central bank policy of "bipartisanship", which has been imposed by force upon the American people;  there are also the unpleasant reminders of what happens to Presidents who refuse to go along with the Moscow line.  Nixon was hounded from office, directly negating the Presidential election which had put him in the White House;  there was an attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan shortly after he took office, to remind him that certain people were still extremely displeased that he had defeated the Democratic candidate, What's His Name, for the Presidency.  Reagan got the message, and never again challenged the Stalinist Communists of the Democratic Party during his two terms in office.

Some of his followers, who had failed to be baptized in the new religion of bipartisanship, sought to bypass Congress by funding the Nicaraguan rebels, the Contras, against the Nicaraguan Communists by private fund-raising.  It was not to be.  Israel got the funds, and North got the blame.  The fact that he and his associates were merely faceless stooges for Henry Kissinger did not save them from the stake;  it meant only that the fire was lower and burned much longer during their ordeal.  The Department of Justice, as we have mentioned, functioned as the Inquisition which made the ritual executions possible.

In the light of its persistent efforts to function as a super KGB in the United States, it is difficult to recall that we have not always had a "Department of Justice".  Such an operation was never envisioned by the Founding Fathers, who believed that they had made adequate provision for judicial and police departments in the Constitution, and in the Judiciary Act of 1789.  Almost a hundred years later, subterranean influences in Washington, working upon the sensibilities of Congress, claimed that there was now a public demand (inaudible to all but the conspirators) for a Department of Justice.  By means as yet undisclosed, Congress was persuaded to create a "Department of Justice" in 1870.  The first century of this nation's existence had seen unparalleled growth and prosperity for all Americans.  This began to change, and not subtly, soon after the department began to operate.  The century since its creation has been one of steadily accelerating decline for our people.  How did this happen ?  America had begun its existence as something for which the entire world longed, a nation of freedom, a nation of opportunity, a nation which had not been stifled by the stealthy machinations of the Canaanites and the Black Nobility.  America was also intended to be a land where justice would prevail.  In fact, it did prevail, until the Department of Justice was established.  After 1870, the new department, as the ultimate tool of the monopolists and their spoils system, served to remove the possibility of obtaining justice in the courts beyond the reach of Americans who were not in on the scam.  Justice since that time has been only for the fortunate few, for those who conspired to create the Department of Justice, and who have since been the sole beneficiaries of that creation.

Because of these sinister origins, the Department of Justice exists solely to serve the directors of the PIP, the Party in Power, which is known more accurately as "the Perverts in Power", because of their strange desires, and also for their compulsion to pervert every aspect of American existence.  Although all government departments in Washington are permanently tainted by political opportunism, the Department of Justice remains the most reprehensible, because it advertises itself as the final arbiter of justice.  Thus it is the most flagrant prostitute of our national government, boldly flaunting its commitment to do anything for its pimps.

The present writer has routinely advised the Department of Justice, over the past forty years of grievous criminal acts which have been committed, and whose prosecution falls within the purlieu of this department.  These letters have been sent Certified, and with Return Receipt Requested;  therefore the department has regularly answered these letters, and has as regularly refused to take any action.  Reported violations of civil rights are met with the Department of Justice response, usually in an ill-concealed sneer, that if I really think my civil rights have been violated, I should hire a private attorney !  Notifications of interstate theft, using the mails to defraud, and conspiracy to defraud, all amply documented, have met with the identical response, that I should hire a private lawyer.  This is the same Department of Justice which will spend millions of dollars to prosecute a political dissident.

On one complaint of copyright violation, Oliver (Buck) Revell, acting director of the FBI wrote to me on May 28, 1986 that "the FBI pursues criminal investigations and prosecution of copyright matters generally in the areas of sound recordings, motion pictures, and audiovisual works .... the FBI will not institute a criminal investigation in this matter."

Few Americans are aware that for years the vast resources of the FBI have been diverted to protect the profits of a few Hollywood film moguls, who are also the largest donors of funds to political campaigns.  The resources of the FBI are dedicated to protecting the profits of these film moguls, and to conducting black bag criminal break-ins for the ADL.  The five thousand lawyers employed at the Department of Justice carry out the most humiliating errands for the party bosses;  when they arc not conspiring with the dread KGB to commit atrocities against American citizens, they indulge in their most consuming passion, volunteering to carry out hatchet jobs against any critic of the State of Israel.

Since the advent of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1933, and a staff of government officials personally selected by Bella Moscovitz, the secret boss of the top secret Harold Ware cell in Washington, the Department of Justice has been unrelentingly pro-Communist in its bias.  When Bella Moswvitz fell, or was pushed, down the stairs a few days before Roosevelt's inauguration, the leadership of the Harold Ware cell was taken over by none other than Roosevelt's other mentor, the sinister Felix Frankfurter, who had been denounced by Roosevelt's own cousin, former President Theodore Roosevelt.

The long parade of Republican White House staff members convicted and sent to prison reflects not only the powers delegated to the Department of Justice attorneys, but also the political clout of the Democratic Congress.  Like the Supreme Court, the Department of Justice can be said to have read the election returns, but its actions occur on a much lower and more petty level.  The dedication of the Justice attorneys to the aggrandizement of statism, more properly known as Marxism, has never been a secret in Washington.  However, in recent years, two conflicting philosophies have clashed in the department, as the adherents o[ fanatical sects sought to attain absolute control of the department for their own sinister ends.  In 1933, with the advent of the Roosevelt regime, the Stalinist wing of the world Communist party, through Bella Moscovitz, and later through Felix Frankfurter, seized total control of the Democratic Party.  Our government officials now vied with each other in demonstrating their newfound loyalty.  Large posters of Lincoln and Stalin suddenly appeared in the homes of leading government officials;  the Internationale was now routinely and prayerfully sung at exclusive weekend parties hosted by their friends, and earnest clerks could be seen poring over the latest edition of Stalin's speeches from International Publishers.  However, these were only token gestures.  These officials were not token Communists;  they were actively engaged in espionage activities in every department of the government.  Frankfurter placed his ubiquitous proteges, who were nicknamed "the happy hot dogs," in obeisance to their mentor, in key positions.  At the War Department, he sent over to Secretary Henry Stimson two of his most eager followers, Harvey Bundy and John J. McCloy.  McCloy later became the Gauleiter of a defeated Germany, and the personal lawyer of the Rockefeller fortune.  Native born government employees, who had served ably and well at very low salaries, were quickly shunted to the background, irreversibly tainted as "good Americans".  They could not ever boast a foreign accent.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party was taken over by the descendants of Trotsky's revolutionaries, who had nested in the Rockefeller-financed League for Industrial Democracy.  Now calling themselves "neo-conservatives", and boasted of their absolute loyalty to the State of Israel.

As the "neo-cons" took over the various government departments, during the "Reagan Revolution", loyalty to Stalin was met by equal loyalty to Trotsky.  The Department of Justice was taken over by a small group of activists, a coalition of bankers, radicals, and Zionist fanatics who became known to each other as members of "Nesher", the Hebrew word for "eagle".  The origins of Nesher are to be found in "Chekisty: A History of the KGB", by John J. Dziak, the official historian of the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Dziak exposed the world-wide espionage and assassination bureau run by the KGB through Dr. Max Eitington, a close associate of Sigmund Freud.  It was Eitington who introduced psychiatry and drugs as principal tools of the espionage trade.  Eitington also prepared the documents for the 1937 show trials, which resulted in the nine top generals of Stalin's army being executed.  These documents were later found to have been prepared by the Gestapo, with which Eitington worked closely.  He had long been an intimate of Reinhard Heydrich.

The Eitington technique of preparing forged documents for use in political show trials have recently been employed with great success in the Office of Special Investigations of the Department of Justice, persecuting American citizens, and having them deported and executed by the KGB on "war criminal" charges.  The evidence in these cases was prepared by the KGB, special "witnesses" were dredged up from Soviet concentration camps, their testimony purchased by offers of release from life imprisonment, and our citizens were convicted on accusations prepared jointly by the KGB and Mossad.  The "trials" took place almost a half century after the alleged "crimes" outside American jurisdiction.  Its equivalent would be the prosecution of Soviet leaders today for mass murders committed during the 1930s in the Stalin purges.

Among the many assassinations arranged by Max Eitington were the murder of Trotsky's son, Leon Sedov, in a Paris hospital;  Rudolf Kleist, a German Trotskyite whose decapitated body was found in the Seine;  and Walter Krivitsky, a KGB defector who was found shot in a Washington hotel room, only a few feet from the halls of Congress.  Eitington's brother ran foreign espionage operations of the KGB, expenses being paid by the income from the Soviet Fur Trust.  Max Eitington set up the Berlin Psychiatric Institute whose graduates later were sent to the United States to establish cells of the Tavistock Institute (the British Army Dept. of Psychological Warfare operation), which now systematically sets up brainwashing curricula at which the leading officials of the major U.S. foundations, government departments, and educational institutions are forced to attend.

The Eitington group, known by the nickname, "the killerati", because they were self-styled intellectuals and doctors dedicated to secret conspiracies, became the nucleus of the British Secret Intelligence Service, and its more recent subsidiary, the Central Intelligence Agency.  The Department of Justice takeover by Nesher created a mutually satisfactory meeting ground for the ostensibly hostile forces of Mossad and the KGB.  Provided with unlimited funds by the American taxpayer, they were enabled to carry out their sinister worldwide campaigns of murder and sabotage.  Nesher is known to have financed hit teams to assassinate Palestinians who were cooperating with the United States government, and thereby assured the continuing chaos in Palestine, the basis of Israeli policy.  In retaliation for Nesher operations, which were known to be financed by the American government the Arabian forces began to take American hostages, creating an even more fortuitous situation for the Israelis, who could now demand further appropriations from Congress to fight the "terrorists".  Nesher then ousted Duvalier in Haiti, creating chaos in that suffering nation.  Meanwhile, Nesher's principal operative mole in government offices, Jonathan Pollard, was daily removing thousands of pages of crucial U.S. documents from secret files for his Israeli employers, assuring more economic chaos and future diplomatic catastrophes for our nation.  Pollard operated under the aegis of Under Secretary of Defense Fred Ikle, whose Swiss connection is now involved in another international financial scandal.  Ikle's two principal aides were also prominent in Nesher, Richard Perle and Stephen Bryen They set up yet another front group, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, as the cover for their furtive operations, working closely with Moscow Procurator Natalya Koleznikova, and the mastermind of the Irangate imbroglio, David Kimche, who was director of Mossad.

When Pollard was exposed, a massive coverup was initiated by Nesher conspirators, Dep. Atty Gen Arnold Burns and Nate Lewin of Nesher initiated desperate "damage control" techniques to cover up for Pollard and prevent his prosecution.  Burns' law firm had handled the books for the Lansky Syndicate financial operations through the Sterling National Bank.  Burns also set up fifteen illegal tax shelters through Israeli connections, which resulted in the criminal evasion of some forty million dollars in taxes.  Investigation into Burns' operations was stopped by William Weld, head of Justice's Criminal Division.  Weld is a member of the prominent Wall Street investment family whose control of the Bank of Boston funnelled the payments to Pollard for his Israeli espionage operations.

The Nesher group continues to work closely with Swiss espionage and conspiracy operators, one of whose proctors, Tibor Rosenbaum, had financed the Israeli takeover of Palestine.  Swiss law enforcement was headed by Elizabeth Ikle Kopp, cousin of the aforementioned Fred Ikle at Defense.  Her husband, Hans Kopp, headed a billion dollar holding company, Shakarchi Trading Co., which handled the funds for worldwide espionage groups, principally, the CIA and Mossad.  Ten million dollars of the Iran-Contra proceeds from illegal sale of arms to Iran was first deposited in the Chase Manhattan Bank (read Kissinger) by Arab wheeler-dealer, Adna Kashoggi;  the money was then transferred to Credit Swisse, and later was laundered by Shakarchi executives.  This ten million dollars paid for the purchase and delivery of one thousand TOW missiles by the CIA for clandestine transfer to Iranian terrorists.  As a result of information revealed during the Iran-Contra investigation, both Kopp and his wife are now under investigation, while Kashoggi was arrested and thrown into a Swiss prison.  He was recently transferred to the United States, but a trial is unlikely, because it would directly involve too many highly placed Defense and Department of Justice officials.

During the Reagan Revolution, the Department of Justice was headed by Edwin Meese III, who publicly denounced the American Civil Liberties Union.  He was then hounded from office, and forced to hire Nate Lewin, of Nesher, to defend him against a host of charges, none of which were ever proved.  Meese was replaced by a longtime pillar of the Eastern Establishment, Dick Thornburgh, the former Governor of Pennsylvania.  Thornburgh is a former director of the ACLU !  As head of some 77,000 employees at Justice, Thornburgh has announced his intention of dismantling fourteen regional strike forces which had been set up to fight organized crime.  He had previously begun the same process of dismantling while working in the Gerald Ford administration.  Thornburgh developed a cozy relationship with the firm of Merrill Lynch while serving as Governor of Pennsylvania.  His largest expenditure during his term of office was the authorization of an $807 million bond issue to patch up the decaying Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The issue was handled by Merrill Lynch.  He then became a director of Merrill Lynch, for $35,000 a year.  He also became the political protégé of Donald Regan, former head of Merrill Lynch, who was now Reagan's chief of staff.

Although Thurnburgh's predecessor, Edwin Meese III, left office under a cloud, having been drawn into the notorious Wedtech scandal with the State of Israel, his record may be surpassed by Thornburgh.  A Yale graduate! and longtime personal friend of President Bush, Thornburgh not only has a long association with the firm of Merrill Lynch;  he is also a director of the scandal ridden Rite Aid Co., the nation's largest retail drug firm.  Rite Aid's president, Marty Grass, was recently arrested in Room 158 of Cleveland's Sheraton Airport Hotel.  Detectives seized him as he was handing a $33,000 check to Melvin Wilcynski, a voting member of the state pharmacy board.  According to the Wall Street Journal, Grass was trying to remedy problems caused when Rite Aid bought out Gray Drug Fair, acquiring 162 stores in Ohio.  The stores had been fined for allowing non-pharmacy employees access to prescription drugs, failing to install proper security alarm systems, and other violations.  Marty's father had married Lois Lehrman, whose family owns 100 million of Rite Aid stock.  Her brother, Lewis Lehrman, is the well known "conservative" who funds Buckley's CIA agitprop organ, the National Review, the Lehrman Institute, and Jack Kemp's abortive Presidential bids.

As a front for the Nesher operation, Thornburgh can be trusted to continue the role of the Department of Justice as the enforcement arm of Mossad operations in the United States.  The identification of this department as an Israeli operation reinforces a long felt conviction among Washington insiders that the time is ripe to abolish the Department of Justice and the FBI.  As the 1988 Libertarian candidate for President, Ron Paul had called for closing the FBI, but he neglected to focus on the festering sore at Justice which produced such FBI outrages as the notorious Cointelpro operation.  It is time to clean house in Washington.