Elegy For A State

By Eustace Mullins

As I pointed out in my most recent work, The Curse of Canaan, "The tentacles of the Masonic Canaanite octopus are nowhere more deeply embedded than in the State of Virginia."  This depressing fact was emphasized when the present Governor of Virginia, Gerald Baliles, organized the Virginia-Israel Commission to promote closer relations between the State of Virginia and the bandit State of Israel.  Baliles threw the resources of Virginia's omnivorous tax collectors behind his pet project, one which may have been closer to his heart because of his own background.  Although he has coyly refrained from revealing his origins, it is notable that he is the only state governor in Who's Who who has left blank the names of his father and mother.  Who's Who biographies generally lead off with the full name of the father and the maiden name of the mother.  It is possible, of course, that Baliles did not include them because he didn't know who they were.  In that case, it would not be an omission.

Baliles was the political heir of ex-Governor Charles Robb, son-in-law of Lyndon Johnson, who has been courting the American Israel Political Action Committee for financial and political support for his currentrace for the Senate.  Although this grovelling before the most dangerous elements in the nation is hardly unique among our craven politicos, it is more flagrant in Virginia because of the invasion of the leading Rothschild operators in the United States, who have come to Virginia seeking instant squiredom on their vast estates.  Lewis Lichtenstein Strauss, partner of Herbert Hoover and of Kuhn, Loeb Co., the American representatives of the Rothschilds, bought an historic estate at Brandywine, Virginia during the 1930's, from which he ran the notorious Byrd machine for many years, a totalitarian control of Virginia politics which had begun at the turn of the century, when the Rothschild railroad operator, William Glasglow, became the driving force in state politics.  Strauss was followed by another Kuhn, Loeb partner, Freddie Warburg, who ignored local politics in favor of throwing great parties at his Middleburg Va. estate.  The present Virginia mogul is Edgar Bronfman, another Rothschild stooge who heads Seagram liquor.  Bronfman bought a vast estate near Charlottesville, a few miles from Thomas Jefferson's historic Monticello.  Bronfman seems less interested in becoming a Virginia gentleman than in making Virginia even more Jewish.  As president of the World Jewish Congress, he has been the principal financier of the worldwide hate campaign against the president of Austria, Kurt Waldheim, and the entire population of Austria (which is presently an American ally).  Bronfman is also chairman of the notorious terrorist organization, the Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (the Jewish Masonic organization), the American Jewish Congress, the United Jewish Appeal, the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, B'nai B'rith, and the National Urban League.  He is also a primary member of the notorious U.S./U.S.S.R.  Trading and Economic Committee, which is desperately trying to salvage the faltering Soviet economy with U.S. taxpayers' dollars.  In doing so, it has shrouded its operations in mystery, so that its machinations have become officially protected from public view by the U.S. government, which announces that USTEC, as it is often known, is now Top Secret.

Another prominent Virginia baron and political supporter of Baliles is a refugee from Chemnitz, Germany, the communications mogul, John Kluge.  Listed by Forbes magazine as the second richest man in America, with a personal fortune of $2.5 billion, Kluge bought a 5,000 acre estate in the millionaires section of Albemarle County, which he named, properly enough, Albemarle Farms.  After emigrating to the United States, Kluge became the partner of Finkelstein, in Baltimore, in a food brokerage business.  The firm of Kluge, Finkelstein is still the cornerstone of his fortune.  After noticing the amount of money which Kluge, Finkelstein was spending on radio advertising, Kluge bought the station.  This launched him on a career as a radio and television mogul.  He now owns Metromedia, of which he is chairman.  He is also a member of the advisory commission of the Rothschild bank, Manufacturers Hanover, in New York, a partner of Armand Hammer in Occidental Petroleum, a director of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, and head of the Shubert theatre empire.  His executive vice president at Metromedia, Stuart Sobotnick, is a director of Orion Pictures.  Director of Metromedia is Jane Pickens Hoving.  A former radio star, Jane Pickens, married department store tycoon Walter Hoving, who was thirty years her senior.  A Swedish immigrant, he had married into the Marshall Field department store fortune, later becoming chairman of Tiffany's and president of Bonwit Teller, the two most prestigious stores in Manhattan.  Jane Hoving received awards from the Federation of Jewish Philanthropy for her zeal in raising money for Israel, and later she was given the Albert Einstein award.

Kluge has lately been much in the news, because his British-born wife, Patricia, de cided to become an "instant lady" by installing a British type driven pheasant shoot on their lavish Virginia estate.  In this type of shoot, the peasants drive the pheasants out into the guns of the waiting aristocrats, hoping that the sportsmen will be able to distinguish the pheasants from the peasants.  Patricia imported a British baronet as her shoot master, or gamekeeper.  She confided to a friend that "Baronets make wonderful house guests, but it's better to have them as employees.  Then, if they take the silver, you can ask them to put it back."

The imported gamekeeper then inaugurated a reign of terror in the peaceful Virginia countryside, trying to protect the expensive game birds by shooting the neighbors' dogs, and killing the amazing number of four hundred hawks, an endangered and protected species.  The keepers amused themselves by tormenting the wounded hawks with sharp sticks before burying them alive.  After months of complaints, officials reluctantly brought charges against the keepers, emphasizing by a personal appearance of the U.S. Attorney for Virginia, John Alderman, that their investigation did not involve Mr. Kluge.  It is expected that the criminals will pay a small fine, but Kluge now faces a torrent of lawsuits from neighbors whose dogs were trapped and killed.  Such is life among the nested billionaires of Virginia.

[why Mr. Mullins, you don't believe a landowner has the right to protect its property ?  and why did those dogs trespass on someone else' land ?]

As the political creature of these powerful Zionist financiers in Virginia, Governor Baliles discovered that the creation of the Virginia-Israel Commission was the ideal way to ensure his political future after he leaves the Governor's mansion in Richmond.  On May 16, 1988, he addressed the powerful American Israel Political Action Committee in Washington, a move which the state's largest newspaper, The Richmond Times Dispatch, described as "ingratiating himself with the powerful Jewish lobby" Baliles is also the upcoming chairman of the National Governors' Association, where he intends to use his influence to promote an Israel Commission in each of the other states.

Because of his work with the Virginia-Israel Commission, Baliles was definitely promised a future run for the presidency by AIPAC.  The Richmond Times Dispatch noted May 24, 1988 that "Gov. Gerald Baliles is readying for a role on the national political stage."

Baliles' Zionist backers rammed an initial grant of $200,000 for the Virginia-Israel Commission through the state legislature, a seemingly illegal use of state funds for personal political propaganda and aggrandizement.  Baliles attempted to justify this use of state taxpayers funds by matching it with $200,000 provided by Bronfman and other Jewish propagandists in Virginia.

Governor Baliles made his most impressive move to ensure his political career in April of 1988, when he led a strange hegira of some 150 Virginians to Israel on a "goodwill mission".  The trip was apparently inspired by the desire to convince the Palestinians, an oppressed captive people under Israeli military occupation, that the American people approved of Israeli brutality towards them, and that they could expect no help or sympathy from America.  This was a powerful propaganda coup for the Israeli government.

The Baliles mission was demanded by the government of Israel because some five months of passive Palestine resistance had been met with the utmost brutality by heavily armed Israeli troops.  Hundreds of Palestinian women and children had been murdered by the Israelis in their attempts to stifle all patriotic protest.  Women hanging up their washing were shot down by Israelis in their own backyards;  small children were beaten and their bodies hastily covered by bulldozers.  Not since the horrors attributed to the Nazis had the world been stunned by the revelations of such brutality.  In the case of the Nazis, only verbal testimony was available to back up stories of atrocities.  In the case of Israel, American television viewers nightly saw armed soldiers beating unarmed children, purposely breaking their arms and wrists, crimes of which even the Nazis had never been accused.  Incredibly, Governor Baliles travelled to Israel to offer the terrorist government the official endorsement of the people of Virginia in their terror campaign against unarmed civilian critics, the captive Palestinians.

As a theocratic state and dictatorship, Israel does not recognize the religious rights of any one but the Jewish people.  Americans were outraged to see Israeli soldiers invading Arab mosques, dragging out the worshippers and beating them in the street.  This activity is heavily subsidized by American taxpayers, who pay each Israeli soldier an amazing $12,000 a year to carry out these atrocities.  Because the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits Congress from enacting any law which abridges the establishment of religion, the Internal Revenue Service annually violates the Constitution of the United States when it collects from Americans money authorized by an Act of Congress to finance the theocratic state of Israel and its oppression of religious minorities in the Middle East.  Although no American had previously protested against this violation of the Constitution, many citizens were now moved to write to Congress demanding to know why our tax money was financing these terrorist acts.  However, any protest against the atrocities committed against Arab civilians is immediately met by a furious barrage of counter propaganda in the United States raising the specter of "anti-Semitism".  Abie Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League (of which the aforementioned Edgar Bronfman is national chairman) ran a scare story in the Washington Post, June 4, 1988, warning against "growing anti-Semitic incidents in the United States."  One would suppose this would be the recital of attacks against Jews;  instead, Abie Foxman cited the distribution of pro-Palestinian literature in the United States -- specifically -- "Stop the Genocide in Palestine", as "an anti-Semitic incident".  This was a strange distortion of ethnic reality, because the Palestinians, by all accounts, are themselves of Semitic origin.  In strange contrast, the vast majority of the present Israelis, as I point out in The Curse of Canaan, are not even Semitic.  They are a Turco-Edomite people from the steppes of central Russia, who are known historically as "Khazars".

The 150 chosen Virginians who accompanied Governor Gerald Baliles to Israel on his propaganda rescue mission were largely drawn from the membership of the Masonic lodges.  They included newspaper publishers, businessmen, and a horde of ambitious politicians.  They published newspaper accounts that "Israel's hospitality was unsurpassed, as we were wined and dined throughout our visit".  They participated in the heavily publicized tree-plantings, a ritual for American politicians ever since 1948, and reported that they had not seen any evidence of brutality during their entire stay.  Baliles abruptly dismissed any suggestion that there was a propaganda aspect to his trip.  "I'm not interested in discussing political ramifications," he told reporters.  He then signed an official pact with Israeli Economic Minister Gad Yaacobi.  Just how a state governor is empowered to conclude formal agreements with other nations was not made clear.

On April 28, 1988, the Richmond Times Dispatch reported under the dateline "With the Saar Regiment in the Golan Heights, Israel - Gov. Gerald Baliles and more than 140 Virginians became ersatz soldiers yesterday ... they got a demonstration from a tank crew that launched shells and sprayed bullets."  These are the same Israeli soldiers who daily commit atrocities against Arab civilians.  On his return, Baliles brushed aside feeble protests from a few Arabs residing in Virginia.  Their votes would never get him into the White House.

One of the conditions to which Governor Baliles agreed during his sojourn in Israel was a commitment to the Israeli government that he would fly the Israeli flag over the State Capitol each year on the anniversary of Israel's conquest of the Arabs and the establishment of the State of Israel.  He also agreed to use his position as chairman of the National Governors Association to persuade the other governors to follow suit.  One suspects that he will have little difficulty in persuading them of the political advantages of such treachery against their own state constituents.

As Attorney General of Virginia, Baliles had endeared himself to his co-racialists by ex pending hundreds of thousands of dollars of state funds and years of effort in persecuting a Virginia realtor whose offense was that he had included a small sign of the cross in his advertisements.  Although this was not a violation of any known Virginia law, Baliles considered it a direct racial insult that the realtor would let his customers know that he was a Christian realtor.  The case dragged on for years, until Baliles was elected Governor.  He was quoted in the Richmond Times Dispatch, April 24, 1988, that "He sees a lot of similarities between people of Israel and Virginia."  This is undoubtedly true, as the only Virginians with whom he comes into contact are his Zionist allies.

Baliles shrugged off a suggestion from disgruntled Arabs living in Virginia that he should now make a similar state visit to an Arab country, claiming that Arabs have no "freedom of speech".  Freedom of speech, of course, is a relative term, as a study of the Virginia press shows no anti-Israel criticism or pro-Arab views.  Arabs may be free to establish their own newspaper in Virginia, but one suspects they would find it difficult to fill it with advertisements from such Jewish department stores as Thalhimer's, the state's largest such enterprise.  Hard on the five months "days of rage" protest by the captive Palestinians in the Israeli occupied territory, the Richmond Times Dispatch carried a lengthy defense of the Israeli atrocities by a Richmond rabbi, Dr. Myron Berman, of Temple Beth-El.  In this two page article, Berman maintained the usual nonsense that "Because Israel, like the United States, is a democracy, it fosters many differences of opinion based upon a foundation of an indestructible bond of national loyalty."

This is an ingenious whitewash of the torture and murder of Palestinian children, who have failed to show "national loyalty".  In fact, these child victims are loyal, but to their native homeland.  As Sameeh Al-Quassem, the Palestinian poet, expresses the grief, rage, and determination of this captive people,

You may put out the light in my eyes.
You may deprive me of my mother's kisses.
You may curse my father, my people.
You may distort my history,
You may deprive my children of a smile
And of life's necessities.
You may fool my friends with a borrowed face.
You may build walls of hatred around me.
You may glue my eyes to humiliations,
O enemy of the sun, But
I shall not compromise
And to the last pulse in my veins I shall resist,
O enemy of the sun
The decorations are raised at the port.

We have forgotten that the Arabs, our traditional friends, are a nation of poets and warriors.  History will decide whether this people will vanish beneath the yoke of international bandits and their Babylonian monetary system of debt capitalism.  We believe that they will not.  The greatest shame which Baliles has visited upon the noble history of the State of Virginia is his sullying of our proud history with the stain of the blood of the murdered Palestinian children.  As the great scholar Chang Ch'Ao put it, "A little injustice in the heart can be drowned by wine;  but a great injustice in the world can be drowned only by the sword."

The peple of Virginia, who have suffered under the enemy occupation of the Federal troops, the scalawags, and the carpetbaggers, have the greatest sympathy for the suffering of the Palestinian people.  Baliles, who has no contact with the people of Virginia, having been put in office by his Zionist allies, has no conception of the depth of this feeling.