The War Against Christianity

By Eustace Mullins

The CDL Report
Published by the Christian Defense League
P.O. Box 449
Arabi, Louisiana, 70032
Issue 49
October 1982

The most devastating blows against the Christian religion are now being struck from within by Jewish moles, who have infiltrated Christian groups, often at the highest levels, for the sole purpose of continuing their destructive work.  They intend nothing less than the ultimate annihilation of the Christian faith and the eternal enslavement of their victims, whom they always refer to with the utmost contempt as "goyim", or cattle.

When a "converted Jew" was recently named Archbishop of Paris, thus delivering one of Christendom's oldest and most faithful communities into the hands of the Jews, few of the victims had any concept of what a "converted Jew" was.  They also had no understanding of the concept of the biological Jew, a scientific theory formulated from centuries of biological evidence that the Jew is a parasite whose entire life cycle is entirely dependent upon feeding upon a suitable host.  The Jew can maintain his parasitic cycle and perpetuate himself only if he remains aware that he is different from the host and that he must always observe his differences.  Consequently, the Jew continually fans the flames of hatred among his king against the host people in whatever country he has infested himself.  The war against the host peoples is often concentrated in a relentless onslaught against the Christian religion, because Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ warned civilized people against the dangers of the Jewish presence.

In its extreme phases, the war conducted by the Jews against the Christians and any other non-Jewish peoples results in the most horrible massacres and atrocities of history, epitomized by the present relentless daily slaughter of women and children in Beirut, while the rest of the world watches in horror, but because of the all-pervasive power of the Jews, can do nothing to stop these horrors.  During intervals of "peace", the Jew continues towage his war of attrition against the host peoples on all fronts, using every wile which he has developed over centuries of his continuous war against civilization.  Jewish humor consists wholly of vile and salacious attacks against the goyim, veiled in "jokes" about their bestiality and their stupidity.  Jewish leaders constantly herd the captive leaders of the goyim, known as the shabez goi, the traditional gentile moron who is hired to light the candle in the synagogue, into public organizations where they denounce their own people and swear eternal fealty to the Jews.  Two of the most disgraceful shabez goi leaders in the war against Christianity are President Ronald Reagan and the Reverend Jerry Falwell, both of whom daily pledge eternal allegiance to the State of Israel, and who arm and finance the Jews in their war against civilization.

The attack on Christianity is carried on all levels.  Canadian Jewish News Jan. 7, 1982, stated, "Germans today have a personal responsibility to support Jews and Israel and denounce racism throughout the world, Rabbi Erwin Schild of Adath Israel Synagogue said here recently at a lecture sponsored by the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Toronto, B'Nai B'rith League for Human Rights and the synagogue."  It is noteworthy that no "Christian" was allowed to speak at the "Christian-Jewish Dialogue", and that only Jewish purposes were discussed.  Schild also said, "After Auschwitz, you can't deny the evil of humanity and even Christian nature."

Schild reveals one of the basic tenets of the Jewish parasite, which is that anyone who opposes the depredations of the parasite is "evil", and must be punished as cruelly as possible.  To this end, the Jew constantly fabricates myths of "persecution" and "extermination", while at the same time carrying out the most brutal massacres of Christian victims, who in past centuries have numbered into the hundreds of millions, most of them women and children who were butchered on the pretext that they were "evil".

To emphasize that this campaign against the Christians is waged constantly and relentlessly, on a worldwide basis, we cite the Newark Sunday Star Ledger, March 21, 1982, which quotes Newark Archbishop Peter L. Gerety as having issued a 24-page major pastoral letter directing Catholics to "root out anti-Semitism" in their lives, and "to engage in dialogue and collaboration with Jews based on their common Biblical heritage."  Note the emphasis on the verb "root out", or to purge themselves by the most violent methods of their "hatred".  For centuries, Catholic leaders warned their flocks against the Jews and ordered that no Jew should ever pollute a Christian place of worship by his presence, but now these leaders have abandoned their religious traditions and have wholly embraced the disgraceful practices of the lowest forms of shabez goi existence.  The Archbishop does not merely suggest, he "directs" that Catholics must "collaborate" with the Jews.  The traditional definition of a collaborator is one who cooperates with an enemy occupying force.  Those Catholics who collaborate with the Jews are acknowledging that the Jewish enemy has now won major battles in his war against civilization, that he now occupies the land, and that those who wish to survive must collaborate with him or be exterminated.

This same issue of the Star Ledger quotes Bishop Joseph A. Francis, "one of only five black Catholic bishops in the United States" as "having challenged Catholics throughout the Diocese of Newark to exorcise racism".  Neither he nor Archbishop Gerety demand that the Jews abandon their fanatical racism and hatred of all civilized peoples.  They are simply instructing the intended victims that they should not resist their attackers.  Can this be "religious doctrine" or the faith engendered by the true Church ?

In the onslaught against the host peoples, the Jews indulge in the most arrogant and obscene attacks against Christian leaders.  The Miami Herald, Feb. 26, 1982, Prime Minister Begin of Israel, was quoted as having demanded that West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt "Go down on his knees and ask the forgiveness of the Jewish people."  This is the only time in history that the leader of one nation has ordered the leader of another nation to go down on his knees in an abject gesture of submission and slavery, yet Begin, who has boasted on the program "60 Minutes" that he "invented terrorism in our time", found nothing out of the ordinary in his demand as the terrorist leader of the worldwide parasitic community that one of the principal leaders of a host nation go down on his knees before the Jews.  Ironically, Schmidt is the leader of a nation which, second only to the United States, has funded the parasitic bandit nation of Israel with more than thirty billion dollars extorted from German workers and given to Israel.  The Germans paid the extortion demands only because the United States maintained a large military force in Germany with the threat to imprison anyone who refused to pay the extortion to the State of Israel.

Throughout many centuries, the Jews were weak and unable to publicly flaunt their goals of enslaving the Christians and destroying any Christian leaders who dared to oppose them.  During these centuries, the Jews developed many cunning practices in order to carry on their evil work.  One of the most vicious techniques was their masquerade as "converts to Christianity",' known in Spain and Portugal as "conversos", the converts, or "marranos", or "Jews who mark (amarran) the faith).  (Encyclopaedia Britannica.) Colliers Encyclopaedia, v. 15. p. 436, describes the marranos as "Those Jews of Spain and Portugal who under duress became Christians.  Some Marranos actively actively accepted Christianity, but many of them practiced Judaism in secret, while others waited only for an opportunity to throw off their Christian disguise.  Many Marranos rose to positions of great prominence and subsequently married into noble and wealthy Spanish families."

In areas which remained predominantly Christian, the Jews had to wait for hundreds of years before they were strong enough to throw off "their Christian disguise".  When the State of Israel was established in 1948, after a series of atrocities which shocked the entire civilized world, Jews in many nations came forward to announce that they had been "marranos" or "pseudo-Christians" and had maintained this disguise in their families for as long as five hundred years.  Now they delighted in abandoning their masquerade and announcing to the world that at no time had they ever believed in the principles of Christianity.  They had been Jews, and nothing but Jews, throughout the centuries.

One can only wonder whether Archbishop Gerety and other shabez goi wretches know or care anything about the true history of the Satanic forces to whom they direct the souls entrusted to their care to surrender themselves.  Certainly no one with any knowledge of theological history can believe that any Jew who "converts" to Christianity has any purpose except the most diabolical program to enslave Christians and to destroy the principles of Christianity.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica states that "Conversos remained within the Jewish communities in the cities because their occupations (merchants, doctors, tailors) were monopolized by the Jewish people."  In 1499, laws prohibited conversos from holding public or ecclesiastical offices.  In the 16th century, laws called "limpieza de sangre", or laws of blood purity, were passed to halt the rapid intermarriage of marranos with noble Spanish families.

In his History of the Jews, Josef Kastein, p. 231, writes, "As early as the 6th century the Merovingian rulers of the Frankish empire decreed that at Easter no Jews were to be seen in the streets for four days."  In 1982, a book appeared which claimed that the Merovingian rulers were actually descended from the family of Christ.  They were driven from power a few years after promulgating anti-Jewish laws.  On p. 233, Kastein writes, "Some of the Jews, who were wedded to their estates, pretended to go over to Christianity."  Note that this is not a description of impoverished Jewish tailors in the ghettoes, but of Jews with large estates.

Throughout the Middle Ages, when Christianity everywhere was in full retreat before the rapid infiltration of the Jews, the Christian Church valiantly attempted to stem the tide.  Kastein states, p. 325, "The monks called on the people to exterminate the Jews.  At Easter, 1506, when certain Marranos in Lisbon were discovered making preparations for the celebration of the Passover, the monks organized the "Blood-Marriage of Lisbon and over two thousand Jews were killed in two days."  These stories of pseudo-holocausts abound in all Jewish propaganda.  A street riot in which one or two Jews were killed by an outraged populace went into the history books as a "pogrom" in which many thousands of Jews were killed.  This often ludicrous propaganda reached the height of nonsense in the twentieth century when the entire budget of the State of Israel was based on "reparations" from Germans who has supposedly killed six million Jews during a time when the world population of Jews actually increased, and while fifty million Christians were dying in the holocaust of World War II.  No one ever suggested that any reparations be paid for the fifty million Christian dead because, as defined in the Jewish Book of Laws, the Talmud, non-Jews were not human, but were regarded merely as beasts of the field.  Jewish law also states that goyim, or beasts, are not to be buried.  As a result, during World War II, a Jewish war of extermination against the Christians, millions of Christian victims were never buried, but were left to rot in the open.

On p. 326, Kastein writes, "Very few of them (the Marranos) became resigned and abandoned the secret practice of Judaism."  Christians, who believe and practice their religious faith, are unable to believe that members of other religions can infiltrate Christianity for their own purposes and masquerade as Christians while perverting the Christian religion into Satanic forms of worship.  The Jews not only pretended to be Christians, but also infiltrated other religious groups as part of their worldwide plan to enslave all non-Jewish peoples or beasts.  On p. 340, Kastein describes Jews in Turkey.  "This movement created a new generation of Marranos, known as Donmehs, who in public behaved as Turks, but had their own private conventicles, in which they observed Jewish customs.  They exist to this day."

Kastein goes on to describe how the Jews, masquerading as Christians, infiltrated every country in Europe.  He writes that Marranos entered England and France in great numbers, and rapidly became wealthy and powerful.  On p. 352, he writes, "Like the Marranos in Spain, the neophytes (pseudo Christian Jews) who had now become Polish aristocrats made the utmost possible use of their freedom, and managed to secure high social positions."

To the Jews, every such advance meant another breakthrough in their unceasing war against the Christians and their plans to overthrow all civilized governments.  On p. 376, Kastein writes that they went into other countries "armed with considerable wealth and extensive international commercial relations."  On p. 394, he describes the turmoil which these Jews created in Germany during the nine-teenth century.  "A whole host of polemical writings for and against the Jews came into existence, which eventually became so outspoken that the censorship forbade the public discussion of the Jewish question."  This censorship exists in "free Germany" today.  No one is allowed to protest the exorbitant billions of dollars which German workers are forced to pay to Israel, no can anyone enter into any public discussion of whether the mythical Holocaust, also known as the "hoaxocaust" actually took place.  Like all governments controlled by the Jews, the present-day German government denies to its goyim slaves any rights of free speech or free assembly.  Germans cannot assemble in public or engage in public discussion of the Jewish problem, just as Kastein describes German censorship of the nineteenth century.

Today, because of Satanic Jewish power, every government in the world stands on the brink of complete economic and political collapse.  Christian leaders in every field, particularly in religion and government, frantically assure the Jews of their fanatical devotion to the cause of Israel.  Little do they realize that while the Jews may have temporary need of them at the present as collaborators to ensure the permanent enslavement of the goyim masses or beast of the field, the Jews have even less respect for them than for the most ignorant of the gentiles.  They will be the first to be disposed of when the Jews openly establish their world dictatorship.  It was the liberal government officials and educators in Russia who were the first to be massacred when Jewish Bolshevism openly seized power, and so it has been in every nation in which the Jews embarked on their bloodthirsty purges of all potential opponents.  As we approach the beginning of the twenty-first century, God offers us one last opportunity to save civilization before our lives are swallowed up forever in Satanic Jewish world dictatorship.  We can do no less than follow the example of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who was martyred by the Jews only because His followers failed to take up the battle against this unholy empire.  Once again, God extends this chance to us, our last opportunity to save ourselves and our civilization.  A short time remains before the world descends forever into the darkness of Jewish barbarism.