Behind The Falkland Islands Story

By Eustace Mullins

The CDL Report
May-June 1982

Excepting the readers of CDL Report, few Americans will ever learn the facts behind the Falkland Islands crisis.  The Jewish-controlled press propaganda line.  All other information is verboten by the fanatical Zionist terrorists and Mossad agents who control the American press.

Adolf Hitler said, "All that is not race is dross."  The Falklands Islands crisis is one of conflict between Argentina, one of the few white nations in South America, and the Jewish-poisoned dregs of the once mighty British Empire, a former bastion of the white race now consisting of a few whites inundated by a sea of coloured, and ruled by the Jewish banker family of Battenberg, who anglicized their name to Mountbatten in World War I, because even then they had already attained complete control of the formerly white nation of the British Isles.  Lord Mountbatten reigned as First Lord of the Admiralty, and his son married Edwina Cassel, daughter of the fabulously wealthy Sir Edward Cassel, a German Jewish emigrant who formed one of the notorious "Jewish Seven" who comprised the Prince of Wales;  and later Edward VII;  inner circle, led by "Lord" Nathaniel Rothschild.  These Jews saw to it that the Prince of Wales had everything he wanted in way of wine, women and song, and in exchange he allowed them to seize control of the British Empire.

Soon afterwards, the Jews collected their pound of flesh by forcing the half-witted son of King Edward, George V, to engage the British Empire in World War I, a war in which they had nothing to gain and everything to lose.  Although World War I did not destroy the British Empire per se, it was such a massive blood letting that Great Britain almost ceased to exist as an entity of the white race.  Deprived of the young men who could have maintained her empire, Great Britain easily let the remainder of her world wide holding slip from her grasp as a result of World War II.  Hitler warned the British that if they declared war on Germany, they would lose the rest of their empire, a prediction which soon came true, despite Winston Churchill's bombastic boast that "I did not become Prime Minister to preside over the liquidation of the British Empire."

Deep in the bowels of London is the once secret War Room, disguised by a door which reads "Toilet", an example of Churchill's well known "water closet" style of humor.  Here tourists are shown a bedroom, where the besotted Churchill "rested" every afternoon from two until six, safe from bombing and the effects of the war, while millions of young men whom he had sent out to their doom struggled and died in mud and filth.

It is the heirs of Winston Churchill who now propose to destroy the main anti-Communist nation in South America by driving it into the arms of the Soviets.  The notorious pro-Jewish propagandist, Robert S. John, wrote in 1970 in "South America More or Less", p. 202, "The Argentines frankly admit that their antecedents, the early Spaniards, virtually exterminated the indigenous population.  Today 98 per cent of the population is white."

Very few Americans realize that Argentina is the main white nation in South America.  To the north is the mestizo culture of Brazil, a nation of mulattoes which is a cross between Puerto Rico and the present day United States, and Bolivia, whose population consists mostly of the Indians who fled from the early settlers in Argentina.  Because it is 98 per cent white, Argentina is extremely anti-Communist, as a nation's opposition to Communism is in inverse ratio to the extent to which it remains a bastion of the white race.  As the United States has become more negroid each year, so its opposition to Communism has steadily declined.

As a white nation, Argentina reached the apogee of its opposition to Communism under Peron.  Along with is opposition to Communism, Argentina also reached the peak of its wealth and power during those years.  St. John reports with typical Jewish horror of the "middle-aged people who were well aware that Peron had favored Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during the last world war" and that "They would add: 'however, those were happy days for most of us here in Argentina.' "

On p. 213, St. John writes, "On political development while we were in Buenos Aires reminded us of the McCarthy era in the United States.  A law was promulgated which would have delighted the late Senator from Wisconsin.  It defined a Communist as 'one who carries out activities that are proved to be undoubtedly motivated by who carries out activities that are proved to be undoubtedly motivated by Communist ideology' and the law was made retroactive."

Unlike the farcical "anti-Communist" campaign in the United States, where the only offense of a Communist was his possession of a Communist Party card, the Argentine law went to the heart of the matter, and charged anyone who was "motivated by Communist ideology", a charge which would have resulted in the arrest of Roosevelt and Truman's staffs, as well as the active Jewish community in the United States.  By making the law retroactive, it punished Communists whose activities stretched back far before the law was passed.  In contrast, the "anti-Communist" campaign in the United States was dominated by "former Communists" persons who claimed to have seen the error of their ways.  Sincere anti-Communists like the present writer found that they were frozen out of the anti-Communist campaign, as the "former Communists" maintained a phalanx restricted to their own ranks.  Of course they were Jews, or Jewish stooges, such as Ben Gitlow and other founders of the Communist Party of America, including Jay Liebstein, who anglicized his name to Jay Lovestone, and reached the pinnacle of the "anti-Communist" movement in America by ghostwriting for J. Edgar Hoover a book on Communism titled "Masters of Deceit".  Hoover took the money from the book and ran to the bank without telling anyone that "his" book had been written by a founder of the Communist Party of America.

As a white nation, Argentina naturally sympathized with those who fought for the white race against the Communists in World War II.  After the pro-white countries had lost the war to the vengeful Jews, a swarm of hateful Jewish refugees like Henry Kissinger rushed into Germany to loot the nation and harass the defeated white men.  Some of these whites emigrated to Argentina, which was at that time the only prosperous white nation in the world.  To punish the Argentine people for offering a place to the refugees from Communism and Jewish terrorism, international Jewish bankers began a fullscale war of economic sabotage against the Argentines, with such success that for years Argentina has been beset by high rates of inflation and economic insecurity.  High inflation is the hallmark of the presence of the biological parasite, the international Jew, because the Jew, in infecting the nation, raises the rate of inflation to allow him to parlay his small amount of cash into a giant fortune, just as the presence of fever in the patient is a warning of infection in the human body.  Inflation did not become a problem in the American economy until the Jew achieved mastery of our economic system, and through the Jewish agency, the Federal Reserve System, was able to drive down the purchasing power of the dollar, erode savings and impoverish the American workers.

As the Jews gained wealth and power in Argentina, Peron was driven out and a succession of Jewish stooges accelerated Argentina's fall from prosperity and power.  Terrorism is always a basis of Jewish drive for power, as we have seen in America with the murders committed by Mossad, and the atrocities committed on American soil by the Jewish Defense League.  In Argentina, the nation was paralyzed by the atrocities committed throughout the country by the Montaneros, a group of Jewish Communist assassins, who amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in ransom and extortion from their victims.  The laundering and banking of these huge sums was handled by a Jew named David Graiver.  As a front for Gravier's operations, a Jew named Jacobo Timerman operated a newspaper and other economic fronts for the Montaneros.  As government officials began to win their war on the Montaneros, Graiver fled the country.  It was claimed he was "killed" in an airplane which crashed, by most officials believe this was a coverup story.  Timerman was arrested, and immediately the worldwide Jewish claque began a clamor for his release.

Threatened with economic sanctions which would have finished off their weak economy, the Argentine officials gave in to threats from Jimmy Carter and released Timerman.  He was flown to Washington, where he was introduced to the United States Congress amid huzzahs of praise as a "freedom fighter".  He then published a book of his fantasies which has become a worldwide best seller, "Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number."  It compares with most "memoirs" of the alleged Holocaust, in which the victims were murdered every day but in some form of reincarnation now own apartment buildings in Chicago, vacation in Miami Beach, and buy millions of dollars worth of Israeli bonds.

The veracity of Timerman's meanderings may be summed up in a single sentence.  On p. 70, he writes, "Between 1974 and 1978, the violation of girls in clandestine prisons had a peculiar characteristic: Jewish girls were violated twice as often as non-Jewish girls."  Let us analyze this declaration from a link with terrorists who has been honored by the Congress of the United States.  With no documentation of any kind, he asks us to believe (1) that he "knew" all of the girls who were held in clandestine prisons between 1974 and 1978;  (2) that he knew everything that went on in these "clandestine" prisons during those years, including every "violation" of every girl.  The word clandestine means secret and not known to the public or to any but a select few.  Even an Argentine official in charge of these "clandestine" prisons would not have had access to the information which the Jewish propagandist inflicts on the American saps gullible enough to buy anything written by a Jew.

Argentines were so incensed by the foul fantasies of Timerman's book, and the worldwide circulation of them by his American publishers, that the Jewish community of Argentina hastily denounced him as a complete faker and liar.  He admits in his book, p. 71, "The Argentine government steadfastly insisted that I was not arrested for being a Jew, nor for being a journalist."  As the apologist for the Jews William Buckley pointed out, Timerman does not mention Graiver anywhere in his book, for to do so would be to admit his terrorist connection and the reason for his arrest.  The arrest of Timerman signified that the Montaneros were now in significant retreat throughout Argentina, and this indicated that the Communists must take a new tack in their drive to subdue and conquer the only white nation in South America.

The Falkland Islands crisis is the new program of the Soviets to seize Argentina like a ripe plum.  It was orchestrated by the pathetic Jew-ridden and bankrupt government of England, aided and abetted by the Jewish regime of Ronnie Reagan in Washington, and sparkplugged by the notorious Alexander Haig, former goy stooge of Henry Kissinger, who grovelled at the feet of this emigrant Jew for years in order to obtain his present position in Washington.  To look at the face of Alexander Haig is to see the complete surrender of integrity by a shabez goi wretch who has embraced the possibility of exercising influence and power in the United States only by becoming the faceless tool of the biological parasitic Jew.  Haig performed brilliantly in his adoption of the Kissinger "shuttle diplomacy" technique, as he travelled back and fourth between Argentina and England.  His mission was simply to buy time for the British fleet to come within striking distance of the Falkland Islands, while stalling the Argentine government and holding out the false claim that "negotiations" would solve the issue.  In fact, no negotiations were being carried on by either England or the United States.  They sought only to give time for the British strike force to come into position for an assault on the Argentine garrison, while they hoped that the Argentine officials would then accept the offer of "assistance" from the Soviets.  This "military aid" would, quite simply follow the tried and accepted technique by which the Soviets took over in succession the nations of Eastern Europe -- the installation of a Soviet "advisory group," public outrage by the people at the betrayal of their nation, and fullscale military dictatorship to "maintain order".

This plot was exposed, not by any journalist, but by a paid advertisement in the Washington Post, which had steadfastly refused to write the truth about the Falkland Islands "crisis".  The advertisement, which appeared in the Post on April 30, 1982, was paid for by a pro-Argentine group, and was headlined "Russian Influence in the Falkland Crisis".

The advertisement stated that "The obvious intent of Russia is to sooner or later set up a puppet government in our country.  "It pointed out that for months large numbers of Soviet submarines had been cruising in Argentine waters, well aware that the minuscule Argentine Navy had no means of discouraging them, and that the Russians had now contracted for 80% of Argentine wheat.  Most ominous of all, the advertisement exposed the Soviet offers of "military assistance" which were made on the basis of the present artificial "emergency" in the hopes that the Argentine government would panic at the array of English military might, backed up by the influence of the American government, and that in desperation Argentina would accept the offer of the Soviets.  This offer was first exposed in El Dia, Montevideo, April 7, 1982.  The Argentine patriots who paid for the advertisement in the Post also demanded that "Argentina renounce numerous economic treaties signed with Communist countries".

The Jews cannot bear that any country in the world should exist as a "98%" white nation.  Consequently the Jewish attack on Argentina has mounted each year since 1945, reaching a crescendo of hatred in the foul slanders against Peron and his wife Evita, a pious Christian whose life was devoted to charitable works.  The Jews usually referred to her as "puta", the whore, just as they had referred to the Holy Mother of Christ in their sacred book of writings, the Talmud.

The arrogance of the Jews reached its height when a terrorist strike force flew to Argentina from Israel, seized a German refugee, Adolf Eichmann, and flew him back to Israel to be murdered.  The purpose of the Eichmann case was to give some legitimacy to the Jewish fantasy that six million Jews had been killed in Germany during World War II.  The Holocaust myth was a necessity for the continued existence of the bandit nation of Israel, because it was the vehicle by which they continued to extort many billions of dollars from the defeated German people.  The United States continued to maintain a large force in Germany, solely to enforce the collection of the Holocaust funds from the captive German nation.  At the same time, East Germany sneered at the ridiculous demands of the Jews and refused to pay Israel one cent.  The American people were told that their soldiers were stationed in Germany to hold back the Soviets, although they admitted that the American forces could stop a Soviet advance for only one or two hours !  The only purpose for the Americans in Germany was to ensure that any German official or citizen who objected to further Holocaust payments to the Jews could promptly be arrested and punished.  This remains true to the present day.

When Argentina protested against the blatant violation of her sovereignty as a nation by the Israeli terrorists who invaded her soil to kidnap and murder Adolf Eichmann, the United States immediately threatened economic and military sanctions against Argentina and every possible step short of declaring war.  The government of Argentina, aghast that the United States should aid and abet such a crime against international law, withdrew the protest against Israel, thus encouraging other transgressions by the Israeli terrorists, such as the bombing of the Iraq reactor, the daily slaughters of Arab women and children in refugee camps in Lebanon, and other crimes against humanity committed by the Jews.  Few Americans care to admit that their nation is today the most despised country in the world, often finding itself standing alone in its defense of Jewish atrocities, because it has encouraged the Israeli bandits to commit every type of atrocity known to mankind against helpless civilians in every nation unfortunate enough to come into contact with these outlaws.

Once again, the United States, through such pathetic stooges as Reagan and Haig, incites against itself the hatred of the civilized world through its encouragement of the Jewish war against white nations.  The announcement of American official support for the British plan of attack against Argentina means that once again the American people will be billed for the terrible costs of rousing the anger of all the Latin American nations against her, because she is once again committed to the most horrible plans of the Jews in their assault against civilized peoples.  These bills are coming due each day in the declining world prestige of the United States, its collapsing economy, its culture of degenerate drug-crazed mulattoes, and its political actions on behalf of Jewish terrorism which have become a stench in the nostrils of decent people everywhere.