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Chapter 6. Whither AIDS ?

The most talked-about medical phenomena of the 1980s is AIDS, the "acquired immune deficiency syndrome." The name is of some interest.  First of all, it is said to be "acquired," presuming some action on the part of the victim in coming down with this disease.  Second, it results in or is characterized by an "immune deficiency," meaning that the human system, loses the ability to fight against and overcome these inimical presences.  The result is that the system becomes prey to a variety of infections, some of which will be fatal.  The prevalence of these infections occurs through two dominant illnesses, Kaposi's sarcoma, evidenced by large sores on the skin, and a form of pneumonia.  It is noteworthy that pneumonia, which had been a fatal disease, had largely been conquered.  It had been called "the old man's friend," because it took off many elderly persons who presumably no longer had a desire to live.

The class of infections which have become widespread through what is called AIDS were first recognized by physicians, veterinarians and biologists about fifty years ago.  At that time, many sheep in Ireland were afflicted by a killer epidemic called Maedi-Visma.  Biologists determined that Maedi-Visma was caused by a new class of viruses.  Because of the time they required to become virulent, these viruses were called "slow viruses." The advent of these slow viruses presages a new era in the medical history of mankind. Human beings prior to this time have not been affected by slow viruses, although they have been found among animals being transmissible among monkeys and apes. Slow viruses are also a type known as "retroviruses." When they enter an infected cell, they assimilate into the genetic structure of the cell, apparently during the cell process of mitosis, or cell division, such division being a normal process of healthy growth. Mitosis is one of the two alternatives which face every cell in the human body; either it divides and grows through mitosis as a life process, or it submits to viral replication and resultant cell death as part of a disease process. Thus we find at the crux of the AIDS problem the ultimate question of the life or death of the entire organism. This is why AIDS, once it reaches the virulent stage, is said to be incurable, resulting in the death of the host body.

In a healthy body, some ten million cells are dying every second; at this same second, they are usually replaced by the body process. Such immediate replacement cannot be orchestrated by the usual body processes of genetic information theories, chromosomes, enzymes or nerve impulse signals. The instantaneous nature of the process requires that it be commanded by bioradiation phenomena. These are triggered by coherent ultraweak photon emissions from living tissues of varying wavelengths. These photon emissions, according to their wavelengths, control biological functions which are in constant activity, such as photorepair, photoaxism, photoperiodic clocks, mitosis, and multiphoton events. Ultraweak photon emissions from living cells exhibit a spectral distribution from infrared (900 nm) to ultraviolet (200 nm). This photon intensity correlates with the conformational states of DNA, during which activity the spectral intensities of biophotons amount to magnitudes of some 10140 magnitude times higher than those of thermal equilibrium at physiological temperatures. The biomolecule with the highest information density, DNA, seems to be the source of biophoton regulatory radiation, functioning as an "exciplex" laser, and comparing favorably with the fields of man-made lasers.

Thus the problem of AIDS brings us to the most basic properties of cell function. The ability of the living cell to respond to microwaves without discernible variation in temperature apparently indicates a nonthermal mechanism like an activated crystal. Thus AIDS may help us in understanding the tuning mechanism of cells, which indicate its state of health or disease and thus improve our understanding of all diseases affecting the organism. A wide ranging study of living cells, from primitive bacteria to those of man, shows that these cells produce natural alternating current (AC) fields which infrequency ranges lower than 100 Mhz, show maximal electrical oscillation at or near mitosis. Here again, tuned systems are triggering biological actions in a manner which is not yet fully understood. Thus the death of Rock Hudson, one of Hollywood's most promiscuous homosexual psychopaths, may lead to the fortunate result of inspiring new breakthroughs in our understanding of the most basic cell functions. Unfortunately, the cancer profiteers and Medical Monopoly insist on treating AIDS as a malfunction of the cell itself, which, of course, calls for the "magic bullet," the chemotherapy

claim these protective techniques create a "harmful atmosphere" for the AIDS patient.  Since he is probably already dying, the argument would seem to be moot.

The established fact that from its outset, the AIDS epidemics was confined to the well-identified groups of homosexuals, Haitians, intravenous drug users, and blacks, has also created a furor at the American Civil Liberties Union, it being a precept of egalitarian society that a disease should not be so bigoted in choosing its victims.  In New York State prisons from 1984 to 1986, the toll of AIDS victims was 45% hispanic, 43% black, with 97% of them being intravenous drug users (New York Times, February 7, 1988).

This writer having previously established in "The Curse of Canaan" that homosexuality, from the time of Canaan himself to the present day, has had its origins in pollution of the original root race, the confusion of sexual identity being a direct consequence of the resulting confusion of racial identity, confusing the DNA pattern of the genetic structure, it is hardly surprising to find in Joy Schulenberg's useful book, "Complete Guide to Gay Parenting," Doubleday 1985, that "gay" couples who are white are found to adopt almost exclusively black children.  This is unfair to the black adoptees, who, through no fault of their own, will then be exposed to the possibility of contracting AIDS from one or the other of their "gay" foster parents.  It would seem that "gay" whites are unwilling to expose other whites to the perils of the "alternative life style."