Phoney Wars for Phoney Peace and the Ministry of Fear
by Eustace Mullins

The Orwellian doctrine, Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace, has not been updated to the more practical version, "Phony Wars for Phony Peace." The established governments have long since abandoned their exhortations to be patriotic, loyal and sacrificing for the higher good. It has proven impossible to maintain their former shibboleths as the excuse for human sacrifice. Indeed, sacrifice has reverted to its original mode, that of religious ritual. The previous rituals which conditioned the brainwashed victims to lay down their lives to propitiate the gods have been replaced by more psychological "correct" methods of persuasion, in which the victims nudge each forward in their anxiety to take their places, laying themselves down on the stone altars and baring their breasts to sacrificial knives, which slash open their bodies to remove the still-beating hearts.

In 60 years of studying the causes of wars, and the mechanisms by which they have been achieved, I have employed one of the principal methods of great cooking, that of reduction. As the chef continues to mix and manipulate his ingredients, they are distilled into a more concentrated form, usually by heat, until the flavors "marry." (This is also a recipe for great painting - a certain period is required for the various colors painted onto the canvas to marry, to reconcile with one another, eventually subsiding into a beautiful jewel like overall tone, which we call "great art.") These are the works of the Old Masters, who used the formula known for many centuries. They were well-known in Pompeian Wall Painting and Roman art, and can be viewed in their pristine colors today. There are no shortcuts to achieving these effects, which is the sole reason why "modern art" became the travesty that it is today.

All wars since 1900 have been totally fakes. This will prove unsettling to many veterans, who were crippled or killed in these fake wars. I served throughout World War II in the United States Army Air Corps, which was the first to use weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations, a fact which our opponent Saddam Hussein has strangely neglected to mention, probably because Saddam Hussein is a "replacement" not the opponent which we wanted at all, but a last-minute choice because no more suitable replacement was available. He has no illusions about his desirability, and no doubt accepts his billing without resentment, relieved that he had made the cast after all. The first question asked of anyone in the world of the theater is, "Are you working?" which remains the principal goal of the profession. Everything is a charade, which may or may not be entertaining. In fact, for me the sole entertainment has been in the research. It is amazing how often the same characters have been trotted forth to go through the same clichés, "the war to end war" and "the war to save democracy," ad inifitum. In fact, most of these clichés sprang from the less than agile mind of Woodrow Wilson during the First World War. However else you might choose to characterize Woodrow Wilson, you must admit that he never failed to bore.

But to get to the business at hand, my statement that the great wars have been exercises in sheer fakery. We might begin with a seminal event in American history, our Civil War, which ostensibly began with the firing on a federal fort in Charleston Harbor at Ft. Sumter by "Southern hotheads." Ft. Sumter had little military or strategic importance, which would make it the seminal event in our greatest loss of life in our history. The "hotheads" were agent provocateurs of the Scottish rite, which had originated in Charleston. The rest of the South had no knowledge of participation in this event, which was the sole provocation of the Civil War. It worked so well that it has been used over and over again.

Organizations were set up to provide the necessary umbrella for these provocations. To start World War I, the conspirators set up three organizations - the Navy League, the Council on National Defense and the Carnegie League to Enforce Peace. It is our first encounter with the ubiquitous term "defense," but all three organizations were deeply committed to the steel industry, through the Carnegie connection, with J.P. Morgan's (Rothschild) banking interests, the required tax exempt status, and the absence of the very man whose name it more. Carnegie had turned over his entire fortune to his foundations, virtuously announcing that he would sever all connections with their prospective operations. This handsomely suited less virtuous operators, principally John D. Rockefeller, who took over the Carnegie Foundations, manipulating them as satellites of his own Rockefeller Foundation so that his name was never connected to any of their achievements. World War I, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, was ready to begin.

Dress rehearsals had occurred in the 1890s, with the Spanish-American War, when the U.S. battleship Maine was blown up in Havana. And with the Boer War in South Africa, which occurred almost as an afterthought when some Boer farms in South Africa were found to be teeming with gold and diamonds. These riches were promptly acquired by the British Empire, with the aid of its ubiquitous military forces, and in the process invented the concentration camp and making war on women and children, which became standard operating procedure of subsequent twentieth century wars.

With these impressive examples, World War I set new records in casualties, and by design, unseating most of the crowned heads of Europe. The British royal family survived intact, which made it the real victor in the war and chaos in which it had occurred. British intelligence, known as the British Secret Service, now roamed unchallenged across the world. They perpetrated the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, an event in which few if any Bolsheviks were active. In World War II, almost as an afterthought, they created their American counterpart, the Central Intelligence Agency, a group which has always been characterized by its singular lack of intelligence, as was defined by its supposed lack of knowledge of 9/11. The CIA enabled the British Secret Service to remain unseen as its work throughout the world was carried out by its CIA underlings.