[Cynicism is one of the worst human traits and one of the most stupid as negative thinking creates your negative reality.  The term "pseudo-science" was invented by the Allopathic run HealthFraud crowd to attack alternative medicine and hide the quackery of Allopathic science, so you can imagine who controls this character's brain cells.  And he wants me to give him some orgonite!]

Leo Cynic <leocynic@googlemail.com>

hi john, i just randomly found some videos on youtube about "orgone energy" after googling it i found your page and i think your totally nuts, however pseudo science (if you can even call it science) has always fascinated me. i was wondering if you could send me some kind of tester orgone device; id be really interested if it actually made a difference in my life or something. 

Reply:  I avoid cynics, self-fulfilling prophesy.