11 August 2010


Visit to Credo Vusamazulu Mutwa

I have known Credo Mutwa since 2001 when I stumbled over David Icke's video tapes "The Reptilian Agenda", which consist of a 6 hour interview with this wise and knowledgeable man. I devoured and absorbed every minute of this interview then, despite the poor sound quality.

When I was offered the opportunity to accompany Dr. Joubert (who had been helping in making this video) on a trip with Credo and Virginia to rural Mpumalanga I did not hesitate for a second.
This was very much in the beginning of all that waking up that has happened to me in the last 9-10 years.
I was subsequently able to visit him a few more times when he was still living an hour from Johannesburg. Although these encounters were not so many, they left a deep impression on me.
His books (see at the bottom of this linked page) which are highly recommended reading gave me a deep appreciation of the dignity and beauty of African culture. I shared my early orgone discoveries with him at the time and he was then as now very open and very enthusiastic about it. At one point he called the orgonite "those holy devices". In my naive optimism I thought that together we could move the world.
However as life goes forces around him (I don't want to go too much into detail here. Let bygones be bygones) suddenly closed in and prevented me from seeing him for many years. 

I had one brief interruption of that painful separation when I paid him a brief visit in Kuruman with 3 friends, among them Prophet Ngwatho who was to accompany me on the fateful Mozambique trip shortly thereafter.

Becuse of this background I was first apprehensive when Carol Croft told me in one of the recent EW chat sessions that I must go and see Credo Mutwa for advice on my personal situation.

For those who don't know: Credo Mutwa is a clairvoyant seer, a Sangoma (spiritual healer) and Zanusi (keeper of the history) of the Zulu nation but because of his wide and intensive travels, his knowledge far transcends the bounds of the Zulu nation.

There are few things important in Africa that Credo would not know from first hand experience.
I have shown him many old books about Africa and in most cases he would have known the writer and many of the people spoken about in these books. There are also few important leaders, and kings that Credo has not personally met.

So, I was very hapy when his wife Virginia consented to a visit this last weekend.

Credo in full ceremonial regalia

Credo is now 87 years old and in poor health. Many of the things he hoped to achieve have been blocked by the powers that be and there is a lot of bitterness and dissappointed trust, especially in his relations with white people. Credo, like nobody else, has made a great and largely successful effort to form a bridge between the ancient spiritual tradition of Africa and a worldwide audience. For this he has been accused of being a traitor by some of his own people.

   People involved in publishing his books have made nasty legal arrangements in such a way that he has never seen a cent of royalties, not even from his widely read book "Indaba my children". Apparently several books that he has written were supressed or even the manuscripts stolen. The list of dissapointments is too long to list all of them here.

Pontius Pilatus and the Ethiopian queen who defeated the Romans 2000 years ago. One of Credo's many sculptures.

With all this said and arriving almost choked by apprehension, I was so happy about the warm and loving reception I received from Virginia and Credo. He said it was the right time for me to visit and we should work together again. Credo and Virginia threw the bones for me, an ancient divination technique in Africa and I feel very honoured. Forgive my bragging, but I share this privilege now with the Dalai Lama and Zambian founding president Kenneth Kaunda among many others of similarly elevated status. I'm still little me of course.
What was said in this session is personal. I can only say that it powerfully confirmed projects I am working on. I had never asked him to do that in the 8 years I have known him but this was the time.


Credo told me urgently about a stone called Andalusite. He says we should incorporate it in orgonite pendants and he will show us how to make a special pendant of it. According to Credo Andalusite is the only stone that - when worn by a human being - reliably repels the little greey aliens, called "Madindane" in Zulu. These little creatures are quite common in Africa and they do molest people in the rural areas, often a traumatic experience. Credo talks about his own alien abduction experience in the Matopos Hills in Zimbabwe many decades ago on "Reptilian Agenda" and has a deep scar in the thigh to show for the medical experiments that were conducted on him by the abductors. He insists that they are fully physical 3D beings and not just other dimensional low density entitities.

popular depiction of the Madindane - here from Cameroon

You can still find realistic depictions of these little critters on the arts- and craft markets in Southern Africa. Mostly they come from Congo and Cameroon now. ("Stolen from the hut of a chief" as Credo puts it).

Of course I brought some nice and special orgonite and a zapper which was immedtaiely applied to him.
Virginia and Credo see a lot of patients not only from the surrounding area. Many of them with the trauma of alien abduction. Already years ago Credo has revealed the benefit of a plant called "Sutherlandia" that was known to the early settlers as "kankerbos" (afrikaans) or "cancer bush" (english) to restore AIDS sufferers to full health. The Zulu name is "Unwele" which means hair. It seems to stimulate hair growth a lot.
After what you by now hopefully know by now about AIDS policy, you will not be astonished to learn that this discovery was never allowed to reach the wider population of South Africa. Credo and Virginia are however treating people sucessfuly and in large numbers.
The treatment is of course on a spriritual level as well as the physical (herbs).

With the help of friends who donated money to them, Virginia has created a hospice of neat buildings that are just awaiting the finishing touches. Virginia is a trained nurse and a tradititional healer.

Virginia and Credo's hospice 90% finished

Some gardening, paving and the removal of a few glitches are still needed as well as furniture and some kitchen equipment. The total cost of all items still needed for completion is around 15,000.00 USD. Please, if you want to and can help, contact Virginia directly at +27 72 5994140 and ask how this can be arranged.

It's a worthwhile cause.

I'd rather not be the intermediary, so please do not send me money on Credo's behalf.
The best will probably be Moneygrams directly made out to Virginia. Ask her how she can best receive money.


Credo Mutwa's CB

24 March 2003

Last friday I was finally able to fulfill a long held dream: Thanks to the generous sponsorship of 1 forum member, I presented a CB to Credo Mutwa, the official keeper of the history and healer of the Zulu nation.
I had been in contact with him since October 2001, visiting him a few times after a common trip north to a Place called Gianni, in connection with a later abandoned project to create a cultural village and conference centre.

Credo had been very reclusive lately and limited the contact with white people to the absolute minimum.
He has been very ill with old-age diabetes and was generally in a somber mood.
I feel, that it is the general state of affairs about his people, his culture that inspires an almost holy anger in him.

However, the prospect of bringing him some gifts inspired the courage in me to try and probe this veil of silence.
I also had - since last October - a T2 Zapper from Don, which Don had donated, together with a letter by Don with some fotos from Carol's trip to Kenia to hand over.

So, I was very excited, when I finally got an appointment for friday 3pm. I was also quite anxious. What would the wise old man say about all these gadgets, I was planning to show to him, and the strange activities I was going to tell him about?

The CB was very well received and will stay in position, at a long overdue location, just west of Pretoria in a still rural area.
I showed Credo the Power Wand and he confirmed the strong energy emanating from it, but he didn't really know what to do with it.

His main interest instead focussed on a giant SP crystal, which I had brought as another present.

He asked me to press the tip of the crystal to various parts of his skull and forehead. He reported different very strong reactions at the various spots.
In th back of the skull he said it triggered strong visions. In the middle of the Skull (on top where a baby's skull is still open) he said it felt like the energy was streaming into the brain as if through a giant open hole.

Other spots reactivated memories, sensations of taste or hearing.

He then proceeded to ask his assistant, Virginia, to conduct an experiment with him. Pressing the tip of the SP to his forehead, he asked her to hold a corresponding crystal (not SP) to hers.
He then concentrated on transmitting various thought forms to her, which she received with 100% accuracy.

He was very reinvigorated and excited about all this and what I told him about our activities.

BTW this experience proves Don's point about none of the established inventions becoming obsolete, just because something new is coming up....

After these experiments, Credo said something very moving and encouraging to me: " you are going far into the future - may I come with you?" Of course I said yes, not believeing what he'd just said. At least he was not contemplating his own death anymore!

Credo showed me a photo of a device he had built many years ago which apparently produces a strong healing energy field and measurable "free energy" effects.

I will post a photo soon. It is a globe of strong copper rods, with various crystals, a bowl of brass, filled with marula juice and a coil around the foot.

The thing was able to light up the bulb of a torchlight at a distance and the coil would get hot when the marula juice was filled in.
It is not a chemical battery though, as some might think now.

This knowledge has been handed down over MILENNIA. ("The Zulu kings loved to dabble with electricity", Credo said to me on another occasion long time ago ) Credo refers to it as "the holy knowledge".

We decided to build two specimen of this beautyful device together - one for each of us - very soon.

I left in singing and dancing mode, in the hope to continue this soon.