Mylow Being Corralled by BlackOps for his Magnet Motor

An account of my trip to Chicago to meet with Mylow.  His recent correspondence speaks of the involvement of a very powerful entity that is interested in his motor.  Who are they?  Will he go with them?

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On April 27, 2009, I gave a special one-hour presentation about this on my weekly radio show: FreeEnergyNow.

Just about to get on my plane back to Salt Lake City from Chicago, via JFK.


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

The Mylow Saga

(Brief background for those not familiar)

Since March 18, 2009, I have had a front seat view of the Mylow Magnet Motor project, being one of two people that Mylow will call on the phone, and running the official project website at PESWiki through the shortcut: http://MylowMagnetMotor.com 

Mylow appears to have replicated one of Howard Johnson's all-magnet motor designs from three decades ago -- a first that we know of; and a definite violation of known laws of physics; and possibly a solution to the world's energy problems; and a way to eliminate our individual reliance on a central authority for power and a continuation of our way of life.

Though skepticism has abounded, I've remained confident that Mylow has what he says he has, and that the events he's been describing as happening to him, are indeed happening.

At first, Mylow was very open, sharing all his findings by posting videos at YouTube -- two or three a day on average.  But then on Apr. 2,3 he said he received a visit from a guy from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), who scared him more than he's ever been scared in his life, threatening him with consequences if he didn't stop posting videos and talking about this stuff to other people.

He defied them, posting one more video that night, but he held back from posting the video he had shot showing the thing running on his glass table, from all angles.

A few days later, he started posting under a new username (projectmagma) at YouTube, this time playing around with a new configuration using bar magnets.  I guess he thought he wouldn't get in trouble because he didn't show those motors working.  It turns out, though, that he did get it working, and it has even more power and stability than the earlier design.  The last video he posted was on the 15th, just prior to another visit from some MIB people to his place of work.  [Correction, actually, he posted a second one on April 25, the day I arrived in Chicago, shot on April 13.]

Prior to that happening, he was going to put the new magnets on there and then have some witnesses come in and document it working.  I was hoping to have that in time for my presentation at a conference on Geothermal Energy in Estonia two days later.  I went ahead and mentioned the technology anyway.

For more background, see 

  • Mylow Magnet Motor Saga - A simple inventor in Chicago is stirring the imagination of many magnet motor enthusiasts around the world with the myriad of videos he's posted, open sourcing the design to bypass suppression and facilitate rapid development. (Examiner; April 22, 2009)

Mylow's Story is Consistent with My World View

While many people have a hard time believing any of this (a working magnet motor, MIB trying to stop it from coming to public knowledge), I don't, because for years before I entered the world of free energy technology, I was involved in studying and exposing global conspiracies to overthrow freedom and establish a world dictatorship.  The implementation of the extreme security measures in the U.S. is all part of removing our freedoms and moving us toward that kind of Orwellian world.  

I do not view those in power in the U.S. government to be working in our best interest, though there are certainly exceptions to the rule.  And the NSA would be near the bottom in the list of those who have freedom dear to their heart.  While they put forth an image of working for the security of the country, they are more like foxes guarding the henhouse.

The BlackOps were behind Hitler, Stalin, 911, the Murrah Federal Building bombing (false flag operations), etc. They do ritualistic human sacrificing. They do mind control and ritualistic abuse. They are about as evil as this planet is able to dish out.

They might think what they are doing is for the best, but their methods of coercion and murder and manipulation are not of God; and the society they wish to birth -- the New World Order -- is the Satanic Beast (666) prophesied in the Bible.

While I'm not a Bible thumper, I do see a lot of truth to some of the end time prophesies that are consistent with prophecies from many other religious and spiritual paths.  An era of global dominion of evil prior to the emergence of an enlightened society, is the reality we are presently experiencing.  Free energy will be part of the new enlightenment both for its sustainability as well as for its empowerment.  With it, we won't be dependent any longer on the powers that be, but will be able to assert our own individualism and goodness -- aspiring to the highest that is within, rather than groveling to the baser elements of our nature.

My Trip to Chicago

Nearly from the beginning of this saga, I've felt that at some point I would be able to go to Chicago and see for myself what Mylow has.  Friday afternoon, it seemed to me that the time was now right.  Mylow had mentioned having built more working motors, and my schedule was open.  So without notifying anyone except those who had to know, I jumped on a plane and headed to Chicago via JFK (flight cost considerations).  

I'm sitting in JFK now, on my way back.  Still processing all that Mylow described.

Below is an email I received yesterday from Mylow, a few minutes before I was at his apartment, ringing his bell.

He didn't know I was coming. I didn't want to tip "them" off, who have been watching and monitoring him.

I had left a brochure in his mail slot, with my photo on it, and a note that I was in town, and requested that he call me. I then went to grab some lunch, which was when I saw a new email from him, where he talks about two working motors, one self-running.. (For context, read that message now.  There is a link there to bring you back to this point.)

Also in that email, I was curious by the "they" references that indicated that someone was working with him, providing him with materials, and in control over what he is presently doing, etc. Who were "they"? and what kind of relationship does he have with them? I had thought he was working with us to open source this.

I sent him an email asking him to check his mail slot; I also told him that "*** is a great restaurant, and a great place to show off cake" (or something like that, using his code language), in case he actually was home but was afraid to let me in; and perhaps could bring one of his motors over to the restaurant to show it to me there. I then stopped by again a couple of hours later and left a business card telling him I was going to try and find a hotel nearby. That took a couple of hours, with the heavy traffic that time of day.  I was nearly to the destination when he called (ID blocked). I immediately changed course back toward his apartment; and we talked on the phone for much of that time (it took nearly 45 minutes).

He said that he didn't have anything at his apartment, but that "they" had both of his working devices. He had mixed emotions about my arrival.  He was glad I was there to give him moral support, but he was fearful because he wasn't supposed to be talking to me.  Rather than meet at his apartment, we met at a nearby restaurant.

Looking Over His Shoulder

When I sat down with him at the Restaurant, and for the entire time we were talking, every little while he would nervously glance right and behind me and turning his head to look out the windows and behind him. He was exhibiting a highly frightened demeanor. He said he's not been sleeping well, and that some astonishing (not his word, and not intended in a positive context here) things have been happening in the last few days.

They apparently have threatened him with his life if he doesn't comply with their wishes to do as they say, including: don't contact me or PMMTester, don't post running motor videos on YouTube, don't talk to the press, don't disclose what they tell him and show him.

From what I can gather, based on the approximate three hours I had with him, by phone and in person, there are two MIB factions at play here, and not necessarily working at cross purposes. One is the NSA who showed up at his apartment April 2,3. The other is part of the deep black ops who are the real powers that be, sequestering for themselves the best technologies available on the planet, controlling the governments of the earth through their control of the money supplies, and the primary force behind the UFO cover-ups that have been going on -- much of that technology being things that they have developed. They would be the ones running projects like Area 51. Off budget, and off radar of many politicians.

The NSA dude who showed up on Apr. 2,3 is a director of some kind ("head"), and probably answers to the deep black op element. For clarity, I'll refer to the latter as "BlackOps".

Both have used tactics of extreme intimidation and fear with him, not treating him with any courtesy. When they went to his work, they told his boss/partner that Mylow was "in trouble."

You Wouldn't Believe What They Have!

Several times, Mylow said, "You would never believe the stuff they showed me." I told him that I would believe it, because I know they have a lot of advanced technologies that they are keeping from the people, using for their own nefarious ends.

He shares my sentiment that it is not right for the BlackOps to be sequestering the best technologies for themselves and keeping them from the civilians. He referred to communications satellites that are powered for years, but that this same technology is not available for the general public.

For some reason, the BlackOps have been very interested in what Mylow has accomplished, even though he is but one in a long string of magnet motors that they have witnessed and absconded similarly. Howard Johnson was likewise contacted by and controlled by the BlackOps. His patent drawings were purposely misleading, per their instructions.

They brought Mylow into one of their facilities in Chicago, and placed in front of him some components for him to build one of his motors, using their parts that represented the finest machining and materials. The rotor was about 24 inches in diameter, and the channel magnets were about five inches tall. It took him about six hours to get it running. The whole time there were scientists taking pictures and notes on what he was doing and commenting to him about its operation and the science behind how these things work. He said that most of what one guy said went over his head.

Does That Look Familiar?

Once the thing was running, they kind of pushed him back, as they descended on the thing to observe and record. Then the lady (who had gone to his place of work last week) placed in front of him a copy of some sketches Howard Johnson had made in 1978, which have never been made public (because they were confiscated back then). She said, "Does that look familiar?" as she placed it on the table in front of the motor he had just gotten to work. It was nearly identical. 

But even then, her demeanor was not one of camaraderie, but maintained the intimidation posture.  They were basically bragging to him about all the inventors they've gotten to do their bidding -- kind of as a way to scare him: They couldn't resist, neither can you.  They also told him that some of the "Inventor Prizes" and "We can help you patent your invention" programs are there as a magnet to find the technologies they want, and to be able to control them.

Mylow said that Howard Johnson used permeability plates to hold the magnets together, or the unit would tend to destruct.

For Mylow, this ability to arrange magnets into a working configuration doesn't come as a matter of scientific analysis, but as a natural gift. Mylow made a comment to the effect that signaled to me that they even tried to scare him by saying that they would recognize his work if he tried to sneak it out somehow. I told him that was ridiculous, because there are certainly others who will be able to make this stuff work as well, who will be similarly (though not identically) gifted. Once the effect is characterized and optimized, then it can be engineered to whatever desired application.

Radio Shack Magnets, Self-Runner, Lots of Power

The motor that they are most interested in, though, is the one that uses the Radio Shack bar magnets (shown in his projectmagma YouTube videos). That is the one that he got to "self-start" (not requiring him to find the "sweet spot" before it begins spinning). He said that it uses magnets all the way around the rotor disc, with one spot left open. He said that this spot was where the wobble was introduced. He was able to overcome that wobble by introducing a second stator disc just above and slightly offset from the first one. The way he drew it on a napkin was as if the Radio Shack bar magnets were vertical, not horizontal as he showed in his earlier videos; and one of the two stator magnets was about 1/2-width offset from the other underneath it.  Then it ran very smoothly. That's the one that stabilized at 300 rpm. The BlackOps were most interested in that one because of the force it produced.

If I understand correctly, the stator magnet is the banana-shaped magnet he pulled from a regular motor, then remagnetized so the N-S polarity went from one leg to the other.  He got the magnetizer from AllMagnetics.com (they are loaning it to him).

One of the things Mylow was very afraid to talk about was that the BlackOps apparently have a plan to release this technology to the public this coming Summer, possibly as early as June, via an announcement from a University.  "It will change everything."  It will open an entirely new ara of physics.  I asked him how he thought they would benefit from that inasmuch as it would empower the people.  He wasn't sure.  As if remembering something they said, he said something about maybe getting out of the country.

I should mention, too, that he does not have my world view expressed above.  To him, these guys are just some scary dudes with lots of power and smarts, and who don't mess around.   When I asked him if he would portray them as being the "villain" in a world plot, at first, he said "no," but said that they have a lot of power and have big designs for the world, and that they are more powerful than the government.  When I pointed out that the tactics they have been using with him of fear and coercion are not from the light, he seemed to nod, part way admitting the point, but somehow he seems blinded to just who he is dealing with.  Even today, in follow-up correspondence we've been having back and forth by email, he acts like he has this heavy decision to make whether to work with them.  They are the ones who have been talking about getting him set up in a lab.  I'm urging him to have nothing to do with them; that they would not be using it for the betterment of humanity, but to increase their control.  We can get him set up in a lab if that's what he wants.

Napkin Drawings

Here is a scan of the napkin we were drawing on at the Restaurant.  I've added a few annotations.

click for slight enlargement

Looked me in the Eyes

I realize that all of this is hard for many of you to believe.  It's easier for me to believe because I've been digesting the conspiracy thing for a couple of decades.  I've seen plenty of evidence for it, because I have eyes to see, having awakened to it around 1987.

Even then, I must admit that as I was sitting there listening to Mylow, the thought did cross my mind that perhaps he has some kind of weird martyr complex and is making all this MIB stuff up; but almost as quickly I would dismiss that thought because of how consistent everything has been, between what he's said by email, how he acted before the MIB showed up, the fact that I got corroboration from the guy looking into the MIB incident for Congressman Howard Coble of North Carolina, who sits on the Committee for Homeland Security, in which his secretary was able to confirm that there was a visit by a guy from the NSA (Coble's office will probably deny this), etc.  But most of all, looking at Mylow's demeanor, and having seen his sincerity in his videos and hearing it in his voice in our phone conversations -- all that is a big reason why I believe what Mylow is saying.

No, he didn't just conveniently make up the latest story when I showed up unannounced as a reason to get out of having to show me something, when there was nothing to show.  In an email before I showed up, and another just a few minutes before I showed up, he had talked about having two units running, and that there was another entity involved in supplying him with materials.  It would stand to reason that this other entity would be in possession of the units.  Mylow said he let them.

Also, on about three occasions, as we were talking in person yesterday, he looked me straight in the eye, and with all the seriousness he could muster, he essentially swore that he was not lying, and that all this was true, including that he had two units running.  I didn't see any body language that said he was just acting.

I actually tend to like to be jovial when I meet with friends, throwing in some jokes, and making light of very serious matters as a way of diffusing some of the anxiety that can otherwise arise.  But Mylow was as serious as he could be, the entire time we were talking.

A Decision to Make

Near the end of our visit, he made the remark that he wishes he had not posted those videos.  This did not turn out at all like he had thought it would.  He thought it would be welcomed with open arms, but instead he got crass skepticism from many of those he thought would help him bring it forward.  And now this MIB (not his phrase) thing has come up, totally changing his life, so he now walks in fear everywhere he goes, and he doesn't know what to do.  I responded that he had done the right thing in posting his videos, and that there are a lot of people who greatly appreciate his courage and humanitarian spirit.

At one point in our conversation, he did say something to the effect that he was willing to lay down his life for this if it came to that -- something he's already exhibited many times by continuing to correspond with me and PMMTester, even though he's been told not to; and by meeting with me and telling me all that he did last night.  Even though he didn't tell all (e.g. the stuff that they showed him that they have), I'm sure he crossed the line a lot of times.

They said they would be visiting him again in a few days.  It turns out that they will be meeting with him tonight.  (See correspondence below.)

Mylow hasn't given me his new cell number (unlisted), but the BlackOps had it and used it almost as soon as he got it.

Mylow said that the Aluminum disc is crucial to the operation of the motor, and that the magnets need to be in contact with the disc -- the more complete the contact, the better.

Mylow doesn't think the theory that has been floated regarding the North and South poles switching has any merit, but that it is more of a magnetic wave effect.

One of the last things he said to me was to reiterate that he is not in this for money, and he wouldn't care if he didn't get any money for this.  He wants it to go to the planet, though is is less positive about the state of humanity given what he's experienced in the past month+.

At one point in our conversation, Mylow broached the idea of maybe going on Coast to Coast AM.

Our Destiny 

So the gauntlet has been laid down.  The BlackOps want to be the ones to have their people release this technology, so they can try to control it like they've controlled so many other things, especially oil.

Meanwhile, Mylow has given us adequate information, hopefully, to be able to build one of these motors.  Can the open source community rise to the challenge and beat the BlackOps to that juncture?  My expectation is that not only can the open source community reproduce this, but they will be able to come up with a clear, easily reproducible motor that can be built with readily-available components around the world.  This is a technology for the people, not for the powers that be.  Let's beat them to this one.  We can do it.  Their dominion of brutality and manipulation of the world has gone on long enough.  Don't you think?

# # #

Recent Emails from Mylow

Wobbling Fixed

From: [Mylow]
To: <sterlingda>
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2009 11:17 AM
Subject: hjm

=======EDIT BY STERLING========

The remagnetizer you sent me works great. I used this to remagnetize the mystery magnets that look like Howards Johnson's banana-shaped magnets.

This motor works great, and it's not showing any demagnetization at all. It works well with the Radio Shack bar magnet. The permeability plate is attached to the bottom of the rotor magnets, and glued to them north pole up and south pole down. The disk makes a weird pinging noise.

The wobbling was fixed with two of these magnets offset from each other.

I used that rpm meter that PMMTester sent me and it says 300.1 rpms with great force.

They want all my findings in writing and sent with a correspondent with my videos and plan drawings.

The different combinations of material makes this thing run. If you use a Plexiglas disc it won't work.

You would never believe the way this thing works.

I'm working on the small magnets that you sent me to see if I can get this to work -- the one with the mounting holes. [...]

The reason the table demo crashed was that when this motor spins the magnetic forces increase at the stator position wanting to attract more, and that's why it crashed.

The motor can go in both directions.

When you build this thing with more powerful magnet, you need to build a stronger support system.

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----- Original Message ----- 
From: [Mylow]
To: <sterlingda>
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2009 11:17 AM
Subject: hjm

the remagnetizer you sent me works great i used this to remagnetize the mystery magnets that look like howards johnson banna shape magnet..this motor works great and its not showing any demagnetization at all.it works good with the radio shack bar magnet the permabilty plate is attached to the bottom of the rotor magnets and glued to them north pole up and south pole down the disk make a wired pinging noise.the wobbleing was fixed with two of these magnets of set from each other.i used that rpm meter that [PMMTester] sent me and it says 300.1 rpms with great force.they whant all my findings in writhing and sent with a corespondent with my videos and plan drawings.the diffrent compenations of metrial makes this thing run if you use a plexy glass disk it whont work.you would never belive the way this thing works.working on the small magnets that you sent me to see if i can get this to work the one with the mounting holes.[...].by the way the reason the table demo crashed was that when this motor spins the magnetic forces increase at the stator position whanting to attract more and thats why it crashed.motor can go in both directions.when you build this thing with more powerfull magnet you need to build a more stronger support system.

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Somebody Left a Note on My Door

From: [Mylow]
To: "Sterling D. Allan" 
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 10:45 AM
Subject: Re: hjm

hi sterling some one left a note on my door here is what they sent me you 
can post it. this is what i saw very freaten at this point, good friend your 

From: Sterling D. Allan 
To: [Mylow]
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 12:40:58 PM
Subject: Re: hjm

Hi Mylow,

Thanks for sending this. Is this one of the devices you worked on?

I wouldn't be afraid. It seems like a friendly gesture by someone who has
been working on a similar tech.

I'm in New York, waiting for my last flight home. It leaves tonight. Long

I enjoyed meeting you in person.

Again, my advice for you would be to get out of fear. Fear is never a
helpful emotion, though it is natural. Just as panic is not a helpful
emotion, though it is natural.

It's not good for your health, physical, emotional, mental.

I'm not saying you don't have reasons to be afraid. I'm saying that you
need to do all you can to get in a good place mentally so that all these
things that are happening to you don't get to you. When you go into fear,
they win. You don't want that.

Thanks for being so brave.


* * * *

From: [Mylow]
To: "Sterling D. Allan"
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 2:26 PM
Subject: Re: hjm
(slightly edited)

This is the device that they are going to show to the world.  It is based on Howard Johnson's magnetic motor and my discovery patterned magnetic movement.  The cupcake is a little difficulty to make.  They are very weak for their size and shape. I knew this before, but I think I can get them to rotate on a smaller disk. They were here last night.  They want me to meet someone important. I don't know who it is. The device that is in the picture is being developed at a secret location.  They want me to put it together. I am scared. I won't be back if I go with them. Something wonderful is going to happen, and the world will not believe I had something to do with it. When the time comes please don't forget me.

From: "Sterling D. Allan" 
To: [Mylow]
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 3:16 PM
Subject: Re: hjm


For what it's worth, I strongly urge you not to work with them. They do not
have the planet's best interest at heart. The BlackOps were behind Hitler,
Stalin, etc. They do human sacrificing. They do mind control. They are
about as evil as this planet is able to dish out.

They might think what they are doing is for the best, but their methods of
coercion and murder and manipulation are not of God; and the society they
wish to birth -- the New World Order -- is the Satanic Beast (666)
prophesied in the Bible.

Don't be sucked in by them.

You need to open source this and allow the people of the world to have a way
to come into their full potential and break off the bonds of the beastly
element that has run the show for the last century or more here in this


From: [Mylow]
To: "Sterling D. Allan" 
Sent: Sunday, April 26, 2009 3:32 PM
Subject: Re: hjm
(slightly edited)

I will be having a meeting tonight with my wife and family.  They [BlackOps] are not forcing me but this guy that they want me to meet is close to the man in charge.

* * * *

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