New Strength, New Techniques, Thanks Attackers! 

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 New Strength, New Techniques, Thanks Attackers! 
Hey everyone,

I know I haven't posted for a while.  I have actually been undergoing some intense times, what with all the attention from rats and my own life dramas.

First it was Jesuits, MI6, their witches and puppets, etc... there seems to be a progression, (definitely out of desperation), now to dracs and even those are losing their grip, as others on this board have been pointing out.   What will it be after the insect hives, which now seem to be resorted to after dracs fail?

When under a drac-attack, I always notice an ominously dark or overcast sky and mental fogginess or headaches.  

Participating in the chat blasts has helped me a great deal in this year and a half.  Not only have I stopped being a helpless victim and become more proactive in cleaning my etheric space, I've also developed:

[*]more awareness of subtle energies
[*]some techniques of strenghtening my energies

Something happened recently that I want to share.  Nairobi has been quite chilly these past couple of months, leading us to light fires in the house to keep ourselves warm.  On a few occasions, I noticed that as I sat staring into the fire, something seemed to be happening.  I couldn't put my finger to it, but I was finding the fire irresistable, almost hynotising.  I started noticing that sitting with the fire was healing some emotional hurts, but there was more; it was almost as though it was trying to tell me something.

During one of the chats on Dooney's, as Dirk was leading us to boost the fires, (and fire elementals) in Greece, Nancy commented that she sensed I was connected to them, somehow.  Dirk felt the fire elementals were trying to tell me something.  That brought back to mind the experiences I've been having with the fire at home, and I decided to be more alert the next time I sat by the fire.

I must say at this point that I was struggling with what felt like bad spells sent to me.  I was frustrated that even after I was helped in the chat blasts, come Monday, the dark energies were back with a vengeance.  I felt helpless and frustrated, especially as I knew who was doing casting them and why.   Have you ever asked yourself why bad things happen to good people?  Years before my eyes got opened, before I "met" Don, I'd asked myself this question.  Ok, everyone tells you its for your own good, bla-bla-bla, but I wanted to be able to do something about it, but I didn't know how.

When I next sat by the fire, I "got" that the elementals wanted to help me heal my self and my etheric space.  I just visualized myself engulfed in flames of fiery love, (hmmm, I like the sound of that ;-)), and asked them to do their thing.  I decided to send fire dodecs with the elementals to the sources of negative energy and my space cleared up some more.    It was almost a sparkly feeling, like I could sense fairies dancing around me.  I feel blessed to be endowed with this new majic.

Another thing I learnt was that if I was too low to boost, I could command any entities I didn't like to leave my space.  All I needed to do was to say something to the effect that if there was any being in my space not of the love energy, I'm commanding it to leave and never come back, in the name of divine/highest love/power.  I do say it 3 times.  

My first proof of this method happened a year ago, when a pal of mine was taking care of her aged grandmother.  One night she called me, distraught.  Her granny seemed possessed and the entity was keeping them up at night and creating lots of disorder in the home.  I'd met the old lady and gotten the same impression, so I readily empathised.  I asked her to use the above method and command the entity to leave her relative.  The next day she called to say she'd done it, and they'd had their first restful night in months.

The next method is actually one I personally find important and have been doing at least twice daily, together with the grounding ones Dooney has taught us.  I started it a couple of months ago, and since then, I notice myself remaining very centred amidst attacks.  

I imagine lots of light coming from the presence of the highest protector/Divine Being and filling up my space and keeping out destructive forces.  I then see myself filling up with the "fires of love", healing/protecting me from destructive thoughts and feelings.  Then I empty myself and fill up with pure divine/protector force or power, giving me strength and the will to carry out my life purpose, whatever it is, regardless of distractions.

The last technique helps me have a sense of detachment.  Don comes to mind when I talk about detachment, because I think he's mastered it and is a good teacher of it.  

I imagine that I'm entering a divine space I have to leave all my "baggage" outside the door, almost like taking your clothes off before jumping into a pool of invigorating water.  I even say some words to trigger my letting go of everything: "Me, Here, Now"... The first word helps me detach from ideas, thoughts, beliefs, people and the second and third words help me let go of attachments to places and past and future events.  I then enter the space and fill up with whatever qualities I most need at that time, but most importantly, I ask the ultimate protectors to fill me up with what I need most.

In a way, I am really grateful for all those attacks, because they have inadvertently helped me be a much stronger, centred person than I'd ever been.  Many of us only work on self under pressure, after all.