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 Next Level of Parasites ('fallen angels') 
Carol and I are in Dooney and Stevo's parlor tonight, hunting for the entities who have been giving Carol headaches for the past week or so.

I'm posting it right now because we gather that these parasites are above the top of the known dungheap and have been integral but hidden supports for the world odor.   We're sensing a lot of anger from them, also fear of exposure. That's why I'm posting it right now.

The psychics are sensing that Carol's the target because she's the one who saw the old hag, hiding in a white fog in Dooney's kitchen last month during our previous visit.  The white fog, as we mentioned before, was camouflage designed to give the psychics the impression that she's benevolent.

The discovery of the old bitch led to the psychics' discovery of a new level of parasites, including the apparently primary male and female entities in Mongolia and Siberia, respectively, whom we nailed last week with the help of whales and Lemurians.  The female is/was apparently indispensible, so she was harder to find  Cool

The more we do this work, the less powerful and more parasitic the world odor seems to us all.  All of the world odor's operatives thrive on deadly orgone radiation.   Human fear, rage, inappropriate lust, envy, hopelessness,  etc., literally feed these freaks and have done for millenia or longer.'  Just as simple orgonite changes nasty energy into good energy, the techniques our psychics are being shown can expose the world odor's operatives and demonstrate their essentially parasitic nature, therefore balance them out. Parasites can't survive exposure, after all.

The attacks against Carol were found by Dooney and STevo to be coming 'from 4D' and have been going on for several years but it's taken the psychics this long to find them.  Now that we're onto them, these three psychics are seeing them in various places around the world, all connected to the old female entity in Siberia, whom we'll apparently need to go after some more until she's finally neutralized.

The three psychics are discussing all of this while I'm writing.  Talking to each other about stuff like this brings clearer understanding, of course.

Can you see why I've been adamant about not allowing doomsaying, Theosophy-preaching or personality worship in this forum?  Those are all still doors for heavy programming in most people, perhaps ultimately from these parasites, which would enable the quick dissolution of our good collective reputation.  We want rational people to take this forum seriously, since it's always the rational, consciientious few who make the world better, after all.

Does this sound pretty crazy?   I'm taking a little risk reporting this but please remember that even though the psychics are all seeing the same stuff it has to be considered fairly subjective.  I can tell you that it's great fun going after these world odor parasites, though, and it may be that the finest confirmations/feedback for the validity of our long-term group activities might be the relatively violence-free, accelerating demise of this disgusting world order, as epitomized by the US, British, Russian and Chinese regimes.

Look at how many other activists are being arrested, murdered or imprisoned these days and consider that none of us have been officially  harmed in the past seven years that this gifting network has been expanding and consolidating throughout the planet.  Notice that all of them directly oppose one or another government agency rather than aiming higher, at the world odor's directorate and drawing attention to teh fact that the corporate thugs who make up the oppressive goverrnments of the world take direction from mostly-unknown parasites in the higher levels of the world odor.

Our three psychics are seeing these upper-level parasites right above this Montana house in the woods, hyperdimensionally, and a lot of Lemurians surrounding the house, cheering our psychics on and erectting a protective bubble very close around the house.   Carol saw a Lemurian appear as a white deer outside the window, three times as a way to show us how to deal with the 'fallen angel' parasites.

By the way, after we had pumpkin pie (today is Thanksgiving, when Americans all celebrate the early generosity and mercy of the Indians of Massachusetts) and watched a movie I was going to suggest that we play cards but Dooney said, 'Why don't we go after the people who were assaulting Carol?'  Cool   Then the parasites got pretty agitated and furious, apparently, and the Lemurians showed up.

Right now, we're all on the couch and Carol's teaching Dooney and Stevo how to see two Lemurians who are standing by the dining room table.  So, they're in the house, too.

As we progress toward sufficient awareness to see our fellow earth occupants it's getting easier to see them.  Can you imagine how insignificant the coporate US Federal Government (a pugnacious,  criminal organization) and other predators will seem after a lot of people clearly see Lemurians and other empowered and benevolent  associates?

We don't wish to persuade anyone that what we're experiiencing is valid; we just feel a need to report our impressions.  When a lot of reputable people have the same impressions, it's positive evidence, though.  You can see that principle in operation on this forum in the posted reports and photos of healing in the atmosphere by gifters around the world, for instance.

Chinese traditionalists often use mirrors to see entities who are beyond 3D.   The psychics are using the TV screen (it's turned off)  to see the Lemurians' reflection.  I'm content to get wild intuitive flashes at unexpected but timely moments, as you probably also are.

It's fun to watch teh psychics, though, because they're obviously seeing and interacting with the same entities. I bet this is a lot of fun for the Lemurians, too.  We get a sense that they've been waiting a very long time for some regular folks like us to finally catch on to how this world has been run by a hierarchy of parasites for the past six millenia or so.

The psychics suggest the term, 'fallen angels' for these new (to us) parasites because they're apparently quite ancient and had been empowered in ancient times but became merely parasites because of excessive ego adn the desire to exploit others.  Until now, they've sort of cheated universal law and haven't had to pay for their excesses. Maybe entities like this need to be exposed and effectively opposed before their world odor can finally dissolve. It makes sense that there would be some entities at the tip top of the world odor dungheap, since all worldly institutions are prone to excessive centralization, after all.

Around four hundred years ago the 'corporate' legal paradigm was established by the world odor. That's when they began their present, overt form of tyranny and large-scale exploitation and began spreading it from Europe throughout the world, epitomized by the British Empire.  Hence the family cartels, including gold, petroleum, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, ad nauseum.  A corporation is considered by the world odor's legal code to have all the rights of a real person but none of the accountability.  Maybe this is a reflection of how the world odor's more overt parasites, like the Bush family, the House of Windsor and other primary parasite clans can apparently commit the most heinous crimes imaginable and on a massive scale and apparently get away with it.  Maybe it's a more remote reflection of how these infuriated but impotent parasites a step removed in '4D' above us haven't had to account for their own 'sins.'

The psychics' impression that the extreme depravity, menace and ugliness that these creatures radiate might have been a sort of protective shield for them until now--'bogeymen.'  I guess one has to be pretty detached not to be intimidated by their level of malice but the world odor is the same way, of course: 99% threat and 1% force and entirely vulnerable to the increasing awareness of humanity.  If this is so, the four of us ordinary folks might have just put a crack in their dam and maybe the dam will break pretty soon and the world odor's shaky paradigm will dissolve.

There are a lot of disinformants who glamorize entities like this and call them devils or demons but all of that is designed to keep the unwary in a squirrel cage of superstition, overactive imagination, cheap drama and even  paranoia.

I think the session is wrapping up. This time, we just talked and that put the target parasites on the hotseat.  The clincher might be this report, since it's part of public record and might empower more people to stop being afraid of the world odor.

Carol said the Lemurians around here are having a great time seeing us figure things out and said to each other, 'They're ready for Round Two!' I guess iit's not wrapping up, after all, but I'm going to end this report and, if I can remember what comes next, will post more tomorrow.

Thanks for indulging me!   If you think we're nuts I sincerely apologize for taxing your credulity.  You're truly welcome to take or leave anything I say, as usual.  The only thing that can count, for you, is what you learn on your own.   I'm in the same boat, since I don't share the psychics' gift and can only report what they seem to commonly experience.  To me, knowing them, this is cutting edge stuff, though!   We don't even know for sure that we're entirely on track--only time will tell that but, meanwhile, we continue to take leaps of faith together and it's been panning out pretty well, all along.

'An hour's reflection is better than seventy years of pious worship.'

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Post Re: Next Level of Parasites ('fallen angels') 
We're all buzzing after  Round One so this is apparently Round Two.  Carol said that this is a gentler version of what she experienced in Costa Rica during her visit  with the enormous pod of rough-tooth dolphins, three years ago.

It may sound trite to you, but all three of the psychics feel that this is a DNA activation.  I say, 'trite,' because Theosophy-based disinformants and their newage silly-heart sycophants have turned the term, 'DNA Activation,' into a mind control trigger by now, the same way that the NSA's more resourceful disinformants did to 'Wingmakers.'

Dooney's seeing green and blue energy streams coming out of Stevo's feet as he sits in his recliner.

Now, five minutes later, she's seeing these streams coming out the top of his head and out of his fingers.  She hasn't seen energy this way, before, and she hadn't seen super-3D entities before tonight, either.  All that is a sign of  sudden personal development; a confirmation.   She sees purple energy around me.

Carol suggested that we try out our new activation by boosting people but said we first need to finish assimilating the new info/energy.  After this is done we're ready to experiment.  

Dooney saw a white orb go past the front of the house. Carol said that's an Andromedan--these little fellows have given us several plans for energy devices.

Carol said, 'Dooney, I saw right through you just now as you were relaxing into this.'  That may be to say that Dooney was in the expanded dimension in the moment.

It's half past midnight, which kind of shocked us all. We're winding down, so apparently this round was mainly  for assimilation.  We're anxious to see whether our boosting efforts are easier and more productive but we'll probably try it tomorrow.

We're apparently experiencing several worlds at the same time, rather than sequentially.  Dooney compares it to looking into a mirror in front and seeing the reflection of  the mirror behind, etc.


I'm writing this the next morning and am still kind of high from last night's experience.   The others are still sleeping--many psychics seem to need a lot of sleep, maybe because they work so hard in their dream state.

A week ago Carol and I were making plans to be gone from our home, perhaps in Mexico on a dolphin-gifting expedition, when the roundup/assassination of 50,000 of us on the 'terrorist' list was scheduled to take place, perhaps in February.   It may be that I'm the only person on the Etheric Warriors memberlist that's on that official list, though a score or so of us have survived murder attempts by the US Government's sewer rat agencies in the past few years and maybe a hundred other gifters have been overtly intimidated by these lawless agencies and their foreign counterparts.

We still intend to go to Mexico, unless someone else will drop enough orgonite in the sea to stop the HAARPicanes from being created off the coast there but after last week's international chat sessions we no longer feel much urgency about the feds trying in vain to get the armed Pajama People to fall for martial law, which this corporate government simply can't begin to enforce without the help of millions of Chinese and Russian troops, who simply won't come here.

We have the impression that even if the US Government succeeded at setting off a nuke bomb in a US city, enough of even the PJ folks would see them as the culprits, rather than the Persians.  I think this criminal regime has lost that much credibility over the past few years, hence the sharp decline in moronic flag waving by the Pajama People, the vanguard of whom are so debilitated by cancer, diabetes,  and Alzheimers that they're no longer a political force. I forgot to mention Monarch programming, which has effectively vitiated untold millions of people since the early 1950s and turned most of them into mere parasites.  Notice how they lack the vigor and cohesion that the then-fascist, flag-waving Depression Babies had in their prime.  A lot of the Monarch assets are controlled with pot and sexual addiction, for instance.

What we may be uncovering is a pathway to the general recognition that the cause of this old global illness, which has kept humanity from achieving health, prosperity and dynamic unity has been the world odor.  

These self-seeking parasites managed to scam most people into believing that humanity is intrinsically evil.  Good examples are how the Christian, Jewish and Hindu clergy have completely convinced their followings that we suffer only because we're bad people.  I think that one reason the world odor is trying so hard to scapegoat the Muslims is because theysimply don't believe that humans are evil by nature.   This realization is so strong in Islam that even their filthy clergy (whose 'jobs' Muhammad never made allowances for) haven't been able to overcome, as Christian clergy had managed to overcome and essentially erase Christ's similar teachings from most Christians' awareness.

Right now, a lot of energy and deception is being directed, mostly through the CIA's Monarch assets, I think,  at undermining and poisoning our simple forum effort, so the potentially empowering discoveries that our psychics are making might be seen in contrast to this. It's probably going to get worse before it gets better but to the discerning this may be seen as simply another in the very long list of confirmations that we're on track with our efforts to uncover and thus  neutralize the ancient engine that runs this corporate world odor.

Have you ever noticed that MDs succeeded at scamming the PJ folks into believing that a steady stream of their hypnotizing mumbo jumbo, along with handfulls of poisonous, costly pills, is an acceptable substitute for healing?  Meanwhile, anyone who is dying of cancer can go to and most likely just cure their illness within three weeks.  

The rate of awakening to simple truths like this continues to increase steadily, so no matter what any of us do, the world odor and its vast hierarchy of deception, including the MD clergy, will go away sooner than later.

I mentioned 'personality cult' as one of the infectious tendencies that we hope to keep EW clear of.  The way to do that is to focus on the work and a rational approach to understanding what we're all accomplishing.  This is only possible when nobody will assume to have the last word, of course, and people are inclined to surrender our responsibility for discernment to charismatic, authoritarian individuals, which is why parasites like clergy, medical doctors, gang leaders, politicians, domineering spouses and movie stars get followings.

The reason nobody on EW's memberlist has a personal following is because it's so well understood, by now, that we're all here to do the work and report about it, which is a lot more rewarding than being dogged by sycophants, after all.  

A few members, as you can probably tell, are inclined to fruitless titillation and are a little addicted to sensationalism but they're also very consistent gifters and have been reliable friends.  If we raised the standards for posting too high, after all, nobody would be posting, including me Cool

The phenomenal accomplishments we're reporting doesn't inspire blind following; it rather inspires readers to try their own hands at this amazingly empowering activity.  We're not prima donas, after all--even the psychics are ordinary people, so our readers don't consider any of our accomplishments to be out of their own reach.

We four have no doubt that the reason so much effort is spent by the world odor to undermine the forum effort is that they won't dare attack or even criticize what we're doing.  Even their  sponsored shadow forum efforts continue to fail, though, because those forums are mainly populated by Monarch assets with little or no character or personal integrity, so they can't hold the interest of genuine people.

Some people used to object when I discussed subterfuge but, lately,  I think that more and more people are seeing that in order to exercise discernment properly one needs to take a hard look at how the world odor has been using deception and infiltration to neutralize progressive movements.   To some, recognizing and keeping tabs on  subterfuge is as important as getting regularlyy charged up with the more positive realizations is.


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Post Re: Next Level Of Parasites ('Fallen Egos') 
This certainly was an amazing experience for me. Some of the most important discoveries happen while the four of us are just sitting around talking. We seem to have a synergy of energy that translates to greater psychic awareness, at least on my part.

When Carol saw the deer outside the window, I ran upstairs to find my Medicine Card book to see what the significance is of Deer energy. I read the whole description to everyone, and in a nutshell it said that if you are dealing with demons smother them with love and compassion. The deer is gentleness and has soft eyes and a warm heart. "Dear teaches us to use the power of gentleness to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us from Sacred Mountain" (where Great Spirit resides). That says it all for me - that's what boosting is all about; sending love with compassion, neutrally. So here we were, having just realized that these Fallen Egos are in the 4th dimension, attacking Carol and probably whole lot of other folks, hiding from us pretty successfully. We talked about Carol and Don getting beamed on the way over here and realized that they were directing the beam from 4D to 3D at a right angle. Then we followed the beam back to it's source. That's when we started to see who was behind it all. Then Carol saw the deer.

As I read the Deer medicine card, Carol felt the Lemurians close by the house and said they were cheering us on. We were on the right track. They had sent the deer image (actually it was a Lemurian appearing as a deer) so that I would get the medicine card book and read that information. All four of us have become accustomed to following these intuitions, as it always leads us to the solution for the problem we are looking at. Around this time Carol saw the Lemurians in the kitchen. We feel them around us all the time but have never seen them. Then she saw them in the TV reflection and we all situated ourselves so we could look at the reflection. I perceived them as a dark outline and saw some hand movements. I was compelled to go stand in the kitchen in between where they were standing and I felt the most calm, peaceful energy. As I stood there, I felt like everything was okay. No fear, no anxiety. At one point Carol saw the old hag in the background so I turned and boosted her, then walked over to the area where she was. She gradually shrank back until Carol couldn't see her anymore. I had the Lemurians next to me the whole time helping me.

Stevo went to stand between them next, and Carol and I saw in the TV reflection that they were moving hands all over him, especially around his head, doing a healing. He felt that same calm energy that I felt, and a very loving presence. We all sat in our respective chairs again and felt various degrees of tingling, dizziness, and a slight nausea like motion sickness. We all felt bigger than our bodies, like you feel as you are going out of your body. I have never felt that sensation except when I am falling asleep. Then I saw the streams of energy coming out of Stevo's feet. I didn't see them with my 3D eyes, but with my mind's eye, and I could just feel that they were there. Knowingness is so hard to explain in words! Smile  Anyway, I saw that these streams were coming out of his head and his hands, and that's when we realized that it was DNA work. (I'm thinking of it as DNA Reclamation rather than activation, since activation is a newage buzz word.) I had pink and red streams coming out of me. Don was purple. I don't know what color Carol was because by the time I looked at her she was done. I think she may have been running a gold color.

In any case, we sat there for quite a while giving each other our impressions of what was happening to us. At one point I simply had to shut up and let it happen. That's when Carol saw me go transparent.We were still in 3D, but I felt that we were experiencing more than one dimension at a time. It felt like we were floating in the room. My hands felt really big, like balloons. We kept talking until we felt that things were winding down. When I went to bed I couldn't sleep and felt the air around me vibrating. It seems my work wasn't finished yet. I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and really happy. I think we are being prepared to do even more high level work. After all that happened, we felt that the Fallen Egos were very far away now. They were connected to the Well of Souls that we found in my chat last Saturday (see my forum for details). The learning curve is very steep for the four us now, and it seems that every time we get together in person we have a huge breakthrough, so we're going to chat in person more often now. This is all a subjective account of what happened in our living room last night, but it felt like we were getting on-the-job training from the Lemurians. Tomorrow we will use our new insights in my Saturday chat....who knows what will happen. Smile


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Post Re: Next Level Of Parasites ('fallen Angels') 
Thanks, Dooney and Don for reporting this.

This is a striking report, because reading, like a flashlight I remembered some scenes in the german chatblast early this year.

We had found some ancient underground facilities in south america as well as in the middle east that were following the same scheme of construction.

There was a ritual site on the surface, with a stele, obelisc or even penis-shaped, taht was drawing the energy. This was the public site, however.
Underground we always found a hidden site with "basin" containing water and emitting a lot of suffering feelings, placed upom very strong vortexpoints, like Mount Sinai or near Damascus. I remember also a place in Panama.

Basins or wells, in which suffering souls are kept, maybe the victims of the cult they were following, hoping to find liberation but being betrayed and incarcerated for thousands of years.
In our case I remember that it was mostly female souls bound to the basins.
We could not identify the beings feeding on this at that time. It nows seems to be clearer.

This is just for confirmation, as your report confirms our findings.

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Post Re: Next Level of Parasites ('fallen angels')--Fallen Egos 
Good call, Manfred, and a very good confirmation, as you say.  Having some 'interlocking' participation and activity in the three related chat groups (EW, Dooney's and the German one) has been paying off, too.  I think it sharpens all the participants and there's no substitute for experience, of course.

What you mentioned points up the fact that The Operators are guiding us all, I think, and they seem to like it when we can  work in groups, however spontaneously and casually.

Keeping it light has been pretty easy, all along, though  with  the latest discoveries we're finding that the chat sessions energize us rather than make us want to take naps, afterward.

Carol also wrote some notes on Thursday's experience and will post them pretty soon.


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Post Re: Next Level Of Parasites ('fallen Angels')--Fallen Egos 
Hi Everyone,

This is an exercise I try to do every morning. It helps you to integrate and ground. It also helps you to grow spiritually. I’m posting this as a tool for anyone to use whenever they need it.
It has been a powerful gift for me, I hope it is for you too, as well.

“Pyramid Meditation, Exercise”

I’m calling this a meditaion but it is really a clearing exercise.

You visualize a ball of light above your crown chakra/ above the top of your head.
Then you draw energy from that ball of light down and straight out in front of the crown chakra,
about a foot out from the body  and then draw it straight into the crown chakra and then straight
up to the ball of light above you.

Then draw the light down again, out in front of the Third Eye/sixth chakra., about a foot in front of the body.
Then draw it into the third eye and move it up through the center of the head up to the light above the body.

Then draw the light down again, out in front of the Throat Chakra/Fifth Chakra, about a foot in
front of the body. Then draw it straight into the Throat Chakra and then move it up through the
center of the head and up to the light above the body.

Then progress with this same technique through the rest of the chakras in the body. The Unconditional Love
Chakra (which is about 2 inches above the Heart Chakra), the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus, the Second
Chakra, the Root or First Chakra. After the root chakra do this same technique between the knees and then
again about 6 inches below your feet. And then draw it straight through the center of your body up to the light above your head.

After this you visualize a vortex above your head turning clockwise. See this vortex slowly
coming down the center of your body, and as it does see all the debris that is not your own
being spun from the body by this spinning vortex. You spin the vortex all the way down
to about 6 inches below the bottom of your feet.

Then visualize that you are standing on top of a pool of water and ask the dolphins to help you
to clear your energy/DNA channels. You will see/feel  them enter your body and swim up to the top of your head. They will jump out the top of your head and do a somersault above your head
and swim back down and out your feet. You can count the dolphins as they come out of your
crown chakra to find out how many strands of dna you have active. This will be different for
everyone, that is normal. We are all at different levels in our own individual spiritual evolution.

You will want to do this 3 times. The first time I did this I was surprised on the third trip thru
the dolphins turned into Christ and the light coming out of my crown was blinding. You may or
may not experience this. Either way it will be a wonderful experience for you. And you may
want to do it regularly from the first time on. If you do this on a regular basis you will notice
a big jump in your intuitive abilities.  I use this technique whenever I feel out of sorts or attacked
and it brings me right back into my body and I’m totally centered and grounded and very strong.


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Post Re: Next Level of Parasites ('fallen angels')--Fallen Egos 
I can bear witness that Carol's been more happy and content lately, which isn't to say that she isn't as lively and mischievous as ever, of course.

The new energy/information that began flowing on Thanksgiving evening in MOntana seems to be spreading all over the planet now and anyone can experience it, I think.

I say, 'anyone,' because if I can (I do) you probably can, too.  I don't know if the world odor's predators will get a clue but maybe we don't need to be concerned about them.

We've all experienced some surprising and genuine detachment.  The present martial law threat seems like a game to Carol and I that we hope to win (in our case, that means avoiding the shooters) and there are some other threats in the wings, too.

Today in Dooney's chatroom we did some more experimenting with the new techniques, specifically boosting friends and foes from the seventh dimension.  Most of us had no trouble getting 'up' or 'in' there and the rest will probably find a way sooner than later, after they quit trying so hard.  I was kind of worried, early, that this new stuff might be mistaken as something exclusive or elitist but, by now, it's apparently obvious that this won't happen.

Carol was a little afraid of teaching it because she was concerned that it might be misapplied by some but today's session may have shown us that this isn't likely to happen--specifically,  the predators we were boosting, including some high level psi corps people, didn't have a clue what we were doing (and didn't have a defense, heheh).

Dooney expressed some urgency about spreading this info as widely and quickly as possible but I think it's already been happening, kind of like how gifting and cloudbusting spread all over the globe in a short time.

This is the most fun we've had in chat sessions, by the way, and after each one we still feel terrific. It's more about the feeling, by the way, than about mental gymnastics, though some visualization really moves it along.


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Post Re: Next Level Of Parasites ('fallen Angels')--Fallen Egos 
I've been very encouraged that so many of our regular chatters are able to at least feel the increased energy in the chats, and most of them have been able to experience the higher dimensional energy to a certain degree. More important than discovering the parasites is discovering this new tool we are now using. With practice, I have been able to get into the higher dimensions fairly easily, and I find that my boosting is more effective when I'm in that space. It's a more neutral energy and enables me to be more neutral in my boosting. It's similar to the energy of the cetaceans or the Guardian energy we tapped into recently.

This is something everyone can do, and everyone will do it eventually. I believe this is where we are going as we develop our energy abilities and psychic abilities. As one of our chatters remarked today, it feels familiar. It's our birthright to use energy in this manner, so it's no surprise really that people can pick it up fairly quickly. If you want to try it, start with Carol's pyramid meditation above. Once you start doing that regularly you may start to feel a change in your energy. Stay tuned for a more in-depth tutorial as we figure out how to explain what we're experiencing.


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Post Re: Next Level Of Parasites ('fallen Angels')--Fallen Egos 
I had taken a break from the chats, not so much because of the constant attacks I was getting during them, but because I wanted to focus on heightening my vibration to a point where I would be beyond the access of FE's.  My thought was to somehow learn how to protect myself so that I wouldn't need to depend on my wonderful EW friends.
When I read about the psychic's experience with Guardian of the Earth, I went ahead and boosted the heart chakra of the Earth.  I immediately sensed a very benevolent and loving force.  The feeling of this presence seemed to last for a few days, in which my heart became lighter and filled with love.  I am naturally able to dwell away from hurts, but recently I have been accosted emotionally and it felt a little more than I could bear.  The healing came as a complete and welcome surprise.  The comforting love vibration seemed to meld with mine for a few days, after which there was no contrast any more.  

I did notice that my boosting gained power, and I could actually sense the energy better when I dodec-ed and made a CV.  Another thing I seem to notice with the increased energy is less urge to eat - almost as though my cells are charged all day and less tiredness at the end of the day.

When I logged onto the following chat, there  exuberant feeling that made my hands and feet tingle.  The vibration of the group seemed very high and I was happy to just read everybody's posts and lend my energy to the process.  It felt so effortless and fun!

I started using the triangle/pyramid technique when Dooney went through it with us on her chat.  I did get interfered with and attacked then, but I have since found that whenever I use that technique, my space clears almost instantly.  I find that profound; no other method has worked to neutralize negative energies so effectively for me.  I sometimes have to do it up to 4 times a day and have gotten so familiar with it that the other night I awoke and found I was doing it in my sleep!

I haven't yet seen the dolphins because I am not good at "seeing" things that way, but the first or second time I did it, I got the sense that they had activated 18 strands.

On the whole, there is less interference from the outside in my life since this newfound knowledge and energy and for that I am truly grateful.  When there are attacks, I now feel equipped to defend myself better than ever before.  Most importantly, I am enjoying a heightened sense of awareness, joy and peace.

Thank you Don, Carol, Stevo and Dooney!!

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Post Re: Next Level of Parasites ('fallen angels')--Fallen Egos 
Great work, Judy, and thanks for the update!

Carol and I are going to visit Dooney and STevo again this weekend to discuss, some more, ways to share the new info effectively, though every heartfelt attempt is effective, of course.  I think the challenge is that this mustn't be perceived as being out of reach of anyone.   The dead paradigm is rife with examples of information being used to generate arbitrary hierarchies and to otherwise exploit others and that's a trap that we all wish to avoid, of course.

Meanwhile, it may be that the visualization techniques are mainly helpful as ways to get some folks to the state of generating, then identifying the appropriate feeling.  It's about feeling, after all, more than seeing.  Psi gifts are remarkable assets and are essential to some of the enquiries that some of us are involved with but it's obviously not as essential as eating, breathing or following one's own instinctive hunches, so shouldn't be regarded as exclusive attributes for effective gifters and predator blasters.

Also, Dooney got hit harder than she'd ever experienced last weekend and we spent most of Sunday's chat session healing her and chasing down her assailant, who was efficiently removing her life force from the etheric field around her body, not from the body itself---something new to us and the psychics got that this entity had been instrumental in Phil Schneider's murder.  The attack happened after Dooney and STevo started talking about Phil's info, by the way.  You can  imagine that it's tough  for psychics and sensitives to read raw information like that, since a lot of visual imagery comes along  with it for them and the world odor, at its roots (so to speak),  is graphically horrific.  This is one of several reasons that I'm grateful for not being a psychic.

I trust that at some point our psychics will be entirely clear of this threat but the world odor isn't dead, yet, after all, and they're apparently plenty mad at us, especially at the psychics.  The bright side of this is that every time the attacks come they're from higher up on the world odor's dung heap, so that's real progress.

By now, the ordinary sewer rat agencies, including CIA, MI5/6, Mossadomites, Jesuits, Chinese psi corps, KGB, etc., can't seem to get to us much these days. This new, weakened state of the world odor may soon enable especially positive results in Africa, where so much opposition had been applied to our associates that some of them experienced physical harm in recent years, in addition to the regular poisoning episodes at the hands of the sewer rat agencies  that many of us have been subjected to, there and elsewhere.  I was very happy to get Judy's current report, though, because this was a good 'field test' of the new info. Thanks again, Judy!

I posted Phil Schneider's information because I think it's time for people to start assimilating it.  An informed populace is empowered, simply stated.

Ten years ago, when he broke all his secrecy oaths and shared it, most of us were probably incapable of assimilating it but enough of us have seen the evidence of the horrors he discusses, also some effective, proven ways to defeat the world odor,  that we can relate to all of that in perspective, now.  Maybe even the quatrillion-dollar chemtrail and death tower manifestations (that's got to cost more than all the wars in human history put together) are enough to indicate the world odor's presence and intentions to even  the PJ folks.  I wish Phil were around today to see what we're doing and I pray for his progress in the next world.  

Ten years ago things looked pretty hopeless to every rational person who had the courage to look beyond the What To Think Network and all those ZZZZZZZZs at reality.  In one of his talks, though, Phil reported that during one of the efforts by the world odor (after he quit working for them and started exposing their agenda) to get him to go back to work, an agent told him that he had caused incalculable damage to the world odor's agenday with his talks but that all would be forgiven if he'd just go back to work for them.

You might not have heard him, yet, tell of his trip to Kobe, Japan, in 1995.  Some Japanese corporate executives flew him there in a private jet from Vancouver, BC, to give them and their associates information about the nuclear attack by the US Navy on Kobe in 1994 (I think it was that year) that was falsely reported as an earthquake.  He said that the attack was on account of new advances in computer tech that a company in Kobe had made and was apparently preparing to share on the open  market.  I wonder if Bill Gates was given a box seat at that horror show Laughing

If this actually happened, which I don't doubt is the case, it means that the US destroyed three cities in Japan with nuclear bombs.  Did we make them really,  really free for democracy or something?  Cool   May we now please destroy this beyond-redemption federal government through secession of the states? Please? Please? Even Eva Reich publicly stated that this government is criminal and ought to be dismantled, as Phil did at each of his talks.

Notice that Phil's talks are on a number of disinfo sites as well as on YouTube, also that he had become affiliated somehow with the UFO movement. I think that's unfortunate, since all of the UFO publications are CIA-sponsored by now and all of the organizations that are dedicated to discussing and examining UFO info are thoroughly infiltrated. Carol attended a UFO talk in Coeur d'Alene, recently, and a CIA agent was blatantly taking  everyone's personal info down. I bet another freak was in the parking  lot, photographing all the license plates.  This is common fare at all meetings where 'controversial' material is discussed, of course, so talking about it helps to expose these ruinous, murderous agencies.

While new information is liberating, I want to assure you that it's not going to 'rescue' us from our responsibility to disable the world odor.  If we won't accept this responsibility, then some other scam artists will come along and just replace this parasitic order with their own parasitic order  Wink .

We've already made plenty of progress, obviously. If that weren't so, then the feds would have blown up ten more skyscrapers by now and even nuked a few US cities to ensure that the bleating PJ folks would be begging for Russian/Chinese enforced 'UN' martial law before now.   The continuing apathy and sated contentment of the PJ folks, rather than a generally terrorized state,  is one of the best confirmations of our collective success, rather  Cool  and it's nothing to complain about.  I'll be pleased if world unity and prosperity is achieved without ever having gotten the conscious attention of teh PJ folks, who will probably always be the vast majority of humanity.  Once in awhile, after this hidden war has been won by the good guys,  a PJ guy or gal might say, 'Hey, where did the federal government go? Have you seen it?' then will  go promptly back to sleep without having gotten any response from anyone.

God bless them! God keep them from ever again  being terrorized by the world odor's terrorist agencies and turned into flagwaving, frothing, nihilistic  baboons, as before!  Cool

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Post Re: Next Level of Parasites ('fallen angels')--Fallen Egos 
I should clarify my comment about Carol feeling a need for caution in re: the use of higher frequencies to further unravel the world odor hierarchies.

We discussed this some more yesterday, several weeks after the initial 'flood' of energy and information over at Dooney and STEvo's house.

We're apparently being tested,  now, to see if any of us will become egotistical and she feels that the fallen egos, themselves, had simply failed this test, way back when they weren't so ugly and mean and still had bodies.

I think we're passing it, though. She said, too, that the sewer rat agencies are studying our responses and are doing  their best, though psi ops,  to tweak our egos so that we'll fall  off course and turn into schmucks like them.

I hope this helps! I think I inadvertently gave an impression that my wife is scared of sharing this.  Another wonderful development is that so many people are effortlessly catching on.   I think Dooney's going to get very, very busy with online coaching,  though: Cool

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 Re: Next Level Of Parasites ('fallen Angels')--Fallen Egos 
Thanks for your continued support of my coaching efforts Don! I have really been having fun teaching people about this new energy. I wanted to mention, as I should have before, that we are not the first to discover this energy. I'm sure many people have used this energy knowingly and unknowingly for a long time. It would be arrogant to assume otherwise. What I and we can offer here is our perspective of what this energy feels like and how to use it. This is ONE way to do it, not THE way. I'm always turned off when someone says they have the ONLY way to do something etherically. Our experiences with using the dodec have demonstrated that there are as many ways to build a dodec as there are people to build them. So I'm going to offer my method of accessing and using the higher dimensional energies, and I suspect you will add your own flavors as you become more familiar with the energy.

First of all, as I mentioned above, Carol's pyramid meditation is a good way to start accessing the energy. It's not the only way, but it's a darn good meditation. Maybe you already have a meditation that does that for you. Generally, you want a method that clears and energizes your chakras. The added benefit of using the dolphins to clear your DNA channels is an important part of Carol's method.

The next step I take to access higher dimensions is to imagine that my energy goes out my 7th chakra in a spiral pattern, clockwise. I imagine a spiral staircase, in fact, and every time my energy turns 90 degrees, there is a landing on the staircase and a doorway to a higher dimension. I simply open the door and walk in. In my experience, the 90 degree turn is the way to access another dimension. This is information I learned a long time ago and have heard reiterated from many sources. Apparently UFO's disappear by turning at right angles and changing dimensions. I have been in the hot tub and turned my consciousness 90 degrees to interact with the water, with surprising results. I seem to be able to communicate with the water when I do this. Give it a try next time you are submerged in's a trip.

So, walk up the spiral staircase and open the door to each dimension. The 4th dimension seems to be where the nasty entities hang out. This is as high as they can go...5th dimension and above is for love-based beings only. I usually zoom right past the 4th and go to the 5th, which is a very comfortable dimension. It's kind of like "home" for me, and boosting becomes very effective from this dimension. I haven't stopped in the 6th dimension so I have no information about that yet. The 7th dimension also feels very natural for me and boosting is incredibly effective from here. It's more quiet than the 5th dimension, almost like the energy becomes more pure and refined the higher you go. I stopped briefly in the 8th dimension during a coaching session and got the impression that it is a teaching/learning dimension, but I didn't spend any time there. The 9th dimension is mostly unexplored, simply because I tend to fall asleep when I try and work from the 9th. This tells me that I'm not quite ready for that energy yet. I did do a few 9D dodecs and found that they appear instantly, full-grown...very cool. I also feel that 9D is one of the hangouts of the cetaceans.

So, the 5,7,9 dimensions are most attractive to me, which tells me there is some correlation with music. There's a lot to explore about this, and I'm sure someone has already written a book about it. But I'm having fun discovering for myself and teaching it to people. Experience is the best teacher for me and maybe for you too.

So in a typical chat session, I will do the pyramid meditation as everyone is entering the chat and greeting each other, just to get my energy ready. Then I walk up the staircase to 5D, see how that feels, and eventually move to 7D which is where I spend most of my time while chatting. I'm still completely aware of my 3D body. It's not some mystical, floaty experience. It's reality layered upon reality, a true multi-dimensional experience. It doesn't seem as weird to me now as it did when I first started doing this, which confirms for me that this is a natural human ability. Besides, it's fun and it feels good. And I'm able to help people. It doesn't get any better than that. Smile

The other thing that Stevo and I have been doing, following Carolien's example, is spending time in 7D while out in public. It makes it easier to be around lower energy folks, and it's a way to entrain PJ people to the higher energy. Radiating that 7D love will have an effect on people whether you notice a change or not. If I run into a grumpy cashier, for instance, I just boost them with 7D energy. When you do this in public, you may notice people glancing at you more often or smiling at you as you walk past, or they may look at you with a puzzled expression.  It's hard to wake people up with words, no matter how eloquent they are, but energy effects everyone, no matter their level of consciousness. I'm not talking about invading someone's space or influencing them in any way except by example. All I do you can do too, and more.

Have fun!

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 Re: Next Level of Parasites ('fallen angels')--Fallen Egos 
Thanks for the tour, Coach.  I think you're pulling this off:  treading the mystical path  with practical feet  Cool

I think people are realizing that these efforts are not difficult and that the only difficulty in learning them has to do with dumping ideologies and also one's susceptibility to the disinfo sources, which apparently get plenty of juice from the world odor's 4D mavens, after all.  I'm particularly gratified that there's finally some compelling evidence that ideologies and dogmas are usually severe spiritual handicaps that lock  the unwitting in mental paradigms that only fake or approximate genuine spiritual knowledge.   Since the PJ folks are afraid of getting beyond 3D, the 4D sewer rats (typical clergy) can  pretty much lead them around by their noses.  I wonder how much  havoc entrainment will continue wreak on that paradigm  Very Happy .  Gifting a neighborhood causes entrainment, by the way, but the technique Dooney is suggesting is 'next level' stuff and I have faith that this, too, will gain popularity.

None of us, yet, fully recognize the earth-shaking nature of this new realization/tool but those few of us who are inclined to participate in the international chat sessions on and this site have sure been applying it.  It's a lot of fun and refreshing, too.  The sewer rats look a lot less daunting from that level, by the way. I'm no longer even worried about getting shot, along with the rest of the mostly-nice folks on the federal terrorist list,  on the eve of Fatherland Security taking overt, if brief, control of this dying federal gov't  Laughing though we'd prefer to be away from home that night, of course.   Genuine detachment is kind of fun; the fake kind--taught by Theosophy's  4D 'mystics'--is just a form of schizophrenia, of course.

Maybe the 'other shoe' to drop is for more and more people to get close to the dolphins and whales by dumping orgonite in the sea for them to distribute.  Every essential mystical link has 3D feedback, of course, so I'm personally speculating that this is the cetaceans, for us all and  for now.  Maybe, a little later, the Lemurians will show themselves to more and more people.

Carol found out in Costa Rica and Hawaii that there are a lot of dolphins who are quite eager to assist anyone who will make an effort to reach these more refined dimensions or overlaid worlds. They apparently hang out in the higher worlds, looking for opportunities to help all of us.   We had a lot of 3D  interactions with them in Florida for hte year we were there but none of us actually got in the open water with them, then, even  though we were invited by dolphins a few times.  As Dooney indicated in her post, there's a certain level of power that is accessed when we're in water. I think we all get plenty of chances, these days, to grab these skyhooks, though.

These three psychics were concerned that this new, liberating info might be very difficult to convey but after a month or so of digesting it I think the info is spreading at a comfortable rate and it's staying clear of proprietary or charismatic pitfalls. It's interesting to see who 'gets it' without much effort and who is having trouble assimilating it. Perhaps not surprisingly, it's the people with insidious newage (Theosophical),  'I am God' programming who might have to struggle the most in order to reach these essentially simple personal epiphanies.  The simplest truths are the ones that escape the most people,  as always, which is perhaps why they've always been the most  difficult for the world odor to corrupt. It's also why 4D-originated ideologies, like newage sewage and the fast-food fodder for bornagain chumps,  explain everything without answering anything.

I think it's finally time for us to get clear of all that crap, don't you?  This life is a lot more interesting when we take those welder's goggles off.