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From the June 2008 Idaho Observer:

Stooge Two: Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama


By Don Nicoloff

Now that the U.S. 2008 presidential campaign has been conveniently reduced to ‘two’ candidates, Senators John S. McCain, III and Barack Hussein (Muhammed) Obama, we have a duty to determine the candidates’ positions about real issues. Let us, first, continue to determine who they are.

Obama’s campaign mantra has been: "Change We Can Believe In." What kind of change? At this point, we can only conclude a change for the worst. There is no substance to Obama’s message, nor to the fairy tale story of his roots. To be blunt, there is no message, and the roots are shallow at best.

Campaign slogans aside, who is Barack Obama? Really... who is this man, and for whom does he work? Unlike most of his ardent supporters, Obama is living high-on-the-hog. Oh, you haven’t heard about that either? You will—and soon.

If author Webster Griffin Tarpley’s assessment of Barack Obama is accurate, then Obama is nothing more than a Manchurian candidate created out of myths that make as much sense as his campaign platform. Once again, genealogical research will take center stage as we explore more mysteries, fabrications, inconsistencies, folk tales, and outright deceptions from his own mouth and pen.

Obama’s suspicious roots and identity have been questioned by many, and rightfully so. We have yet to hear the real story though, so prepare for a wild ride. It is certain that if intelligence agencies, in their brazen attitude toward deceit, propaganda, and societal subjugation, lack anything -- it is intelligence.

Verifiable charges of cross-platform extra-marital sexual relations in limousines and hotel rooms, crack cocaine addiction, and a rash of murders sprung out of his former Chicago church congregation are harbingers of things to come. All the signposts of the above-mentioned candidate, his controllers, and his handlers are there. The question we should now be asking ourselves is: "Who is pulling his strings?" That depends on his ‘alias du jour’.

The creation of a U.S. president has become the most perverted of art forms. Bloodlines have everything to do with a candidate’s qualifications, opportunities, and campaign financing. No candidate reaches the pinnacle of his or her political career without having been compromised. In fact, most politicians are pre-screened for corruptibility long before anyone has ever heard their name. Corruption is the name of the game.

Polls and elections have nothing in common with the voting public and only function as methods of mind control, brainwashing, and propaganda. As the complicit mainstream media has, so far, successfully engineered a dysfunctional popularity contest among three candidates (let us not yet exclude Sen. Hillary ‘Rodham’ Clinton), attention has been focused on everyone but the candidates themselves.

Obama’s mother, grandparents, and siblings have become folk heroes, though even less is known about them outside of the orchestrated, non-stop media spin. His father’s polygamy, alcoholism, and dubious background are a perfect match for the multi-dimensional political personality which has been created in a manner not unlike a Federal Reserve note—out of thin air. 

The key to understanding Barack Obama’s meteoric rise to fame is proportional to the secrets contained within his "family history," despite his own, soon-to-be-in-dispute, autobiographical accounts. The compromised media has conveniently looked the other way when notified of Obama’s ties to organized crime and his indicted/convicted, Syrian-born Chicago business associate, political fundraiser, real estate developer and restauranteur Tony Rezko.

Obama’s connections go much deeper than his roots. His ties to the Ford Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and self-admitted handler Zbigniew Brzezinski reek of the putrid world of international espionage, money laundering, pornography, drug smuggling, and the sex slave industry.

Firsthand accounts of Obama’s direct involvement in the financing of a Kenyan political campaign intended to overthrow the current Kenyan government have described massive contributions to his "cousin," opposition leader Luo Raila Odinga. The collateral ‘loss of life’ associated with this campaign are of no coincidence, either. The significance of Obama’s ‘second middle name’ (Muhammed) has accompanied the e-mail accounts of two missionaries who have been witnessing events in Kenya for some 20 years.

When embarking upon a genealogical excursion, this writer is reminded of the supporting cast in the movie, "Deliverance." And he cannot discount the theatrical merit of the "Dueling Banjos" soundtrack while poring through a web of obfuscation, confusion, and lies. As we begin an in-depth study of Barack Obama’s ‘roots’ in next month’s edition of "The Three Stooges go to Washington," let it suffice to say that we know more about Howdy Doody, Micky Mouse, and Pee Wee Herman than we do about this mystery candidate, Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama.

Americans are probably getting what they deserve in the 2008 presidential election campaign—a parade of charlatans posing as the heroes of humanity. Unfortunately, the ignorant and the unsuspecting are very happy with the status quo, much to the detriment of the world’s true heroes. The incessant, baseless, and complacent idolatry perpetrated by the media and their Illuminist masters will eventually backfire. Like Barack Obama, their roots are shallow, too.