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posted 04 August 2004 18:06



For those who have not caught the post in the targets sections:"pentagram", here is the link for the web page mentioned there:
The first point was gifted today.
It is an ancient churchsite located in a small town called Hamar.
Got there with a little help from a friend:T
It was raining quite heavy when I stepped out the car, the place is located on a small "half-island" over looking the ocean.
Really nice place and obviously an energy spot.
They have buildt a huge glass housing for the old church dome.
Entry fee was 10$, since I am a broke traveller I did not have money for that...I had maybe 50 cents in my pocket, 3 power HHG`s and a bag full of super TB`s.
Found the first spot straight away outside the dome.
The moment I put my small garden shovel in the ground thunder broke loose, great feeling.
Dug the HHG down safe.
Walked around a bit, found a couple of more spots where I placed TB`s.
Triangulated the whole dome with the 2 remaining power HHG`s.
Snuck into the glass building with the church dome, but it was quite hard to place anything inside.
I think the stuff I placed around the building did its job.
The guardian of the place noticed me when I had a moment of silence with a tree and he gave me the evil eye.
We drove off and I asked T to stop by the gate, I crawled into the bushes and placed a TB there, as I did that a crow screamed loud at me and flew away.
I guess evil has to move headquarters now.
This is a small town with quite a reputation of harvesting young satanists and we spotted a few all black tragic souls on the way out of town...
We headed back for Oslo since T`s daughter had to be picked up, it was strictly business today.
We decided to stop two more places on the way back.
One is Eidsvoll, this is where the Norwegian constitution was signed and declared in 1817, and also the burial site of one of Norways most powerfull families: The Anker family.
I have never been there before and I got a very nice surprice.
The place was gorgeus and this was of course obviously an energy spot as well.
The trees here were so old and beautyfull I almost fell to my knees.
I gifted the place well along with the Anker Family grave.
Undine next to the house got one to.
Last stop on the way back was Ullersmo State Penitentiary.
This is Norways number one high security prison with all the hardcore killers and you name what else behind the walls.
T works as a prisonguard in a woman penintentiary and tried to warn me about the securiy system and the surveillance there, I smiled and said it would be ok.
Got out of the car barefoot, shovel and 4 super TB`s in my small bag.
Worryless I placed a Tb on the first corner, dug it down.
walked to the second corner further ahead, got there safe, placed the second tb.
very satisfied that no one was following me I continued to the third corner, got there safe, placed the third tb and headed for corner number 4.
Noticed a evil bird on the prison wall, I flexed my muscles and moved some energy, the bird flew off.
Half way to the fourth corner a prison guard comes running - of course!
He starts asking Q`s, since I have a year without using my voice its a little difficult for me to explain things...
I gave him my passport.
He explained that I had violated security there and that i had to come with him...
T got detained as well.
She has panic attacks that are quite serious when she feels threatened and is locked inside.
So she had a rough time, lots of crying and having to be led outside to breathe properly.
I did not really mind, I only found it a challenge to explain what I was doing.
Normally I have a little notebook that I communicate through and that was left in the car.
Managed to scribble some words down in my adress book and gave them my passport.
Was held for an hour or so before the cops arrived.
I tried to the best of my ability to explain(in writing) that I worked with reversal of energies and that I did Gods work.
I find it strange that they did not lock me up.
After a quite nice "interview" with the young police officer they let me go.
T was still shaking from her panic attacks and I let her hold a special HHG and transfered some of my energy to her, which seemed to work.
We smiled and laughed abit and decided to go back tomorrow, no - just kidding.
We got to Oslo safe and picked up her daughter J and parted with warm hugs.
Part 2 this weekend.
Life is great!

Mood of the topic. posted 06 August 2004 10:22
mark: the link worked when i tested now.
the information found on the site are small fragments from the book Det Norske Pentagram or The Norwegian Pentagram.
I managed to get a copy of the book yesterday and its a shame that its not available in English.
The author has done his research thoroughly and has documented everything with its proper references.
It is quite an eye opener for me reading all this information and the impact that the Norwegians has had on a global level.
I do not think the author knows the significance of his discoveries.

Mark: I would like to communicate more with you on this subject through email if that is allright?
Use this account: cesco@spray.no

There is more to come.
posted 03 September 2004 17:06
three more points gifted.
actually only two of the pentagrams, the third inter-connected.
i have three more left that will be done when opportunity arises.
will report in greater detail later.