Observations After Milwaukee Area Gifting

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Post Observations After Milwaukee Area Gifting 
The smog that hung in the air over Milwaukee the last 8 years or so is gone! Smog always bothered me. I always pointed it out. I called it "death haze" Don's discovery has turned me into a Haze eliminating machine. Over a million people now have clean air in Milwaukee. Most don't even notice, but the birds and other "dumb" wildlife do!

We still get sprayed, but it doesn't reach the ground or stick in the sky very long.It is so much fun to rehab towers! Words can't descibe it.

I see many white unmarked planes flying over the towers after their busted. I always salute them, with one finger of course  Very Happy

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Congrats, Mr Claw---an expected, grand result after that huge, focused gifting effort!

PJ folks are conditioned to only react to unpleasant stimuli, unfortunately, and they're the vast majority.  They also seem to mainly look at the tops of their shoes and their boobtubes.

The Pajama People horde in Los Angeles stil haven't noticed the miraculous departure of smog after seven years.   At least a public record exists in the form of all the films made outdoors in and around LA.  Those films also track the arrival and continued appearances of Sylps over LA  since 4 or 5 years ago. Nice to see cumulus clouds over the city, too.

An old timer in Pasadena told DB (who is mainly responsible for all this) that he can now see Santa Catalina Island from there for the first time since the 1920s..  Carol and I see that every time we go to LA--very gratifying.

I only know of two instances where gifters have gotten public recognition for this and related accomplishments:  Laurent and his partner were credited by a major newspaper in Geneva for cleaning up that lake and Meta in Slovenia got a whole lot of positive media attention in that country for her work with orgonite cloudbusters.

Steve Baron got private encouragement and acknowledgement from police and environmental bureaucrats for his work in and around Toronto and Lake Ontario and that counts for something.  NIce to know that there are some bureaucrats who are not complete parasites.

I think the folks who own all the media in this country realize that even negative attention would multiply our numbers, so they're opting for silence.  The Las Vegas TV news anchor who took a crew to Death Valley to film the transformation, there (you're welcome! Wink ) was killed on her way back to Las Vegas.

Axel, Laurent and Laurent's partner didn't get media credit for stopping the horror show at CERN on those two momentous occasions Cool but EW and the German-language gifting forum, at least, recorded their timely accomplishments.  I think the PJ folks assume the media was telling the truth about that massive hyperdimensional weapon's purpose.

Thanks, again, for posting your reports here.   This probably guarantees that no fakers will dare try to steal credit for what you're accomplishing. I caught a couple of agency-sponsored fakers attempting to steal credit for LA's miracle but when I posted about them they just blew away. One of them was all set up with fake testimonials Wink

I think Chuck has taken the requisite and timely steps needed to guarantee that CIA/NSA hackers won't destroy your online reports, as they've done a few times before to ethericwarriors.com. He's got a good head for strategy.  It's a big pain in the @$$ tyo restore reports once the hackers trash a website like this one, especially to restore the posted photos, which seem to count for a lot with our readers.

Our readers represent the more committed and accountable portion of humanity, which may partly explain EW's relative obscurity.   The tiniest minority but the most genuinely powerful bit of our species.


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Post Re: Observations After Milwaukee Area Gifting 
I often wave to surveillors, too, and also forget to use all my fingers.   Counts a little coup, since they're mandated to hide from our awareness.