Overview of the Differences Between Satanism and Witchcraft
(NOT modern Wicca)

(Copyright Steve Oglevie, 2003)

Satanism: Cosmological dualism between two male gods. Fueled by rebellion
against the Catholic Church's perceived excesses. Began in 9/10 C.
Witchcraft: Paleolithic era (before 10,000 B.C.) fertility cult worship of
the "Great Mother" (the earth) across the world.

Satanism: Satan viewed as the real God. "Each man is a god himself". In
the inquisition,witchcraft images were applied to Satan; goat's head,
horns. Satanists tried to enhance Satan's power for his usurpation of
God's position in 1999. They know this failed.
Witchcraft: Males worship male fertility gods. Females worship female
fertility gods. Males and females worship "Mother Earth". They believe
that the battle for dominance between men and women on earth affects the
conflict for dominance between the male and female deities.

Relationship to Christianity:
Satanism: Rebellion against Judeo-Christian worship of God. Infiltration
of the church to undo its work and decrease the power of Jesus. Reverse
words from the bible and the mass. "Forbidden fruit is the sweetest".
Witchcraft: Hatred for Christianity, especially the Roman Catholic Church,
largely originating in the Roman-Catholic Inquisition of the Middle Ages.
Infiltration of the church to subvert worship and curse participants.

Spiritual Goals of Abuse:
Satanism: Abuse of the spirit to make victims believe Lucifer is the
light-bringer and Jesus is the deceiver. Pain of children is offered in
sacrifice to balance the power of the gods, to give more power to Satan,
and decrease the power of Christianity and God.
Witchcraft: Abuse of the soul of victims to create enough "space" to hold
witch spirits perceived to live from body to body. Claims, curses,
part-spirits of deceased and live witches, and demons, are "sent" to other
people through transfer of body fluids, saliva, tissue, feces, urine,
breath, and more, in rituals involving extreme physical and sexual torture
and human and animal sacrifice. Pain is used to appease deities and
empower followers.

Abuse of the Will:
Satanism: They seek to over-ride the will, to make free will ineffective.
Mind control is used to over-ride the will and to control the mind without
conscious knowledge.
Witchcraft: They seek to mold the will of a child so the child believes
he/she is just like them. Use of deception, false blessings, claims,
covenants, etc., to involve the child's will and make the child believe
he/she is evil so he/she will invite evil in.

Goals of Sexual Abuse:
Satanism: To abuse the spirit, using the body and sexuality to get to the
spirit, to empower Satan. To indulge primal desires. Child pornography and
prostitution for income.
Witchcraft: To wound and dominate the soul. Orgasm and pain, in
combination, are used to appease each gender's fertility deities. Witch
spirits are "transferred" to victims via menstrual blood, semen, etc., to
reside, control, harass, and watch.

Other Goals of Abuse:
Satanism: To create cult-loyal alters with mind control systems to serve
the cult and protect its secrets.
Witchcraft: To create cult-loyal alters who willingly serve the cult and
protect its secrets.

Purpose of Sacrifices:
Satanism: To gain power, transfer power, and strengthen and share in the
power of Satan and demons.
Witchcraft: Worship of their respective fertility deities. Females offer
sacrificial and menstrual blood to Mother Earth for females. Males offer
semen and blood and water from "Father Sky" to keep Mother Earth fertile
for males.

Roles of Males and Females:
Satanism: Males dominate. Women have lesser roles. Both sexes are included
in rituals.
Witchcraft: Female groups dominate male groups. They are rivals for power
and dominance. Men hate women because they can give life. Women hate men
for a male-dominated culture. Each gender abuses, sacrifices and eats
infants of the opposite gender.

Demons and Magic:
Satanism: Satan and lesser "demons" are spiritually attached to victims'
personalities to terrorize and torment them, and to continually reinforce
complex mind control.
Witchcraft: Attachment of male and female gods and demons to reinforce
curses, claims, etc. and to fuel harassment by attached spirits, etc.
Attempt to gain power and harm others supernaturally with sorcery, spells,
hexes, charms, astral travel, coming together on "sacred ground" in a
circle, etc.

Religious Belief and Practice:
Satanism: Emphasis on perfection in very complex ritual practices and
obedience to the Satanic calendar.
Witchcraft: Emphasis on perfection in keeping the secret life hidden.
Perfection in complex ritual practices and observance of the sun (male)
and moon (female) cycles.

Satanism: Satanists predicted for hundreds of years that at the end of the
last millennium, Satan would usurp God's position, rule the universe, his
loyal followers would be resurrected, and only Satanists would have
eternal life. This day came and went without event. Victims are realizing
that all of their sacrifice, obedience to the rituals, and perfection were
for naught. Cult leaders are having difficulty maintaining their hold of
fear over their subjects.
Witchcraft: Each gender predicts that in the early 21st C., Mother Earth
will destroy all other people. Only they will survive, and the souls of
their ancestors, kept mortal in the bodies of their "chosen ones", will be
resurrected. Female witches predict they will be the sole inhabitants of
the earth and not need males to procreate. Male witches predict only they
will survive and will have eternal life.

A Few Pointers to Becoming Free of Satanism:
Become conscious of the mind control installed and the trauma
that was used to install it. Destroy the structures and refuse the
directives. Then rescue "parts" (personalities) from the trauma. Demons
cannot remain against one's will. By one's will and/or the will of the
affected "parts", alone, demons can be encapsulated and must leave.
Witchcraft: Pray a perimeter of protection against everything of
witchcraft. Become conscious of the trauma used to install curses, claims,
spirits, demons, etc. Refuse and/or renounce in prayer everything of
witchcraft; claims, curses, false blessings, covenants, spirits, demons,
portals, etc. Then rescue the parts from the trauma.