Frank Olson

[2012 Sept] Frank Olson: Murdered by the Deep State

The Frank Olson Project - a website created by Frank Olson's family to explore the issues surrounding his death.

Frank Olson was a CIA employee, working under cover as a civilian employee of the Army, doing biological warfare research.  In 1953 he was dosed with LSD without his consent by Sidney Gottlieb of the CIA.  He suffered psychological repercussions from this nonconsensual experimentation, and tried to resign from the agency.  He was taken by the CIA to New York where he ended up "falling" out a hotel window to his death.  It now appears that he was directly murdered.  See this New York Times article, "What Did the C.I.A. Do to Eric Olson's Father?" for more information.  Eric Olson also has a web page,, with news and many articles about his father's death.  The page also has some information about questions of whether the CIA was involved in the death of Paul Robeson. (Here is a better formatted version.)

[2004] US Vice President Dick Cheney & Secretary Of Defence Donald Rumsfeld Linked to 'Murder of CIA Scientist' By Gordon Thomas