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Posted: Fri Feb 11, 2005 6:12 pm    Post subject: Behold…another Underground Base
What you are about to read is a true story, a story that has changed my life and maybe even a few other lives forever.

Nothing will ever be the same from this point forward.

So many of the things I had read that were considered lunatic fringe have materialized into 3-D reality. My consciousness is a witness to some of the sweeping changes that permeate the whole of planet earth.

What will manifest in the coming days, weeks, and months one can only guess.



(It feels so good to be unplugged)

Approximately 2 weeks ago I was talking to a very good friend of mine who
practices remote viewing. She belongs to a group that meets
on a regular basis. She had driven by a certain place that grabbed her attention and she 'knew' psychically that it was a terrible place.
I wondered if this could be where all the negative energy was coming from in my area.
I had busted every tower, street, electrical transformer, plus every other place that distributed negative energy.
So I thought.

That's when my friend informed me her group was remote viewing to find
out about AURA-LESS people one of the members of the RV group was seeing
in our town and other places. The lady who could see these strange aura-less
people made a vow to find out about them, who they were, and where they came
from. One night when they were doing practice targets they (unknown to the
viewers) pulled this bad place as a target and they all got similar
information on it. There were indications from the target data that this
place had an underground facility with a railroad that ran through it, or
tracks of some kind, and lots of metal cylinders stacked vertically in rows.
There were also indications that there were lots of 'humanoid' forms,
inanimate, being stored in the cylinders. And there was a "blue all seeing
eye" watching them and looking back. All of the viewers got these same
pieces of information independently of one another and didn't realize until
the debriefing that they all had similar information. They began to
suspect that this place might be the 'origin' of some of the aura-less
people. The lady who determined to find out more suffered an attack shortly

I wondered if human looking beings living amongst us without LIFE FORCE means we could be seeing an ARMY of CLONES. But why are they seeing so many of them?
Could they fit into the elite’s plans to bring about a new world order?
I wondered if they could be planning to use these aura-less/soul-less people to implement MARTIAL LAW?
If there are truly aura-less people then they would NOT have a CONSCIENCE, therefore they would not be bothered as a normal human would by committing heinous acts ordered by the elite.

All of a sudden, the underground base became our main focus and we would not give up until we brought it to closure. We started to gift the facility immediately after we heard about it without question every day with earth pipes, tbs, and hhgs. This went on for a week and a half.
On the second day I got confirmation of the underground base when I saw and photographed the vent pipe near the complex. I also saw evidence of further burrowing into the ground on the property immediately outside of the barb wired fence indicating this thing was expanding rapidly. I enlisted the help of several warriors on ew by having them examine photographs who later confirmed something evil was indeed taking place at the complex so we continued with the onslaught. This was a most educative and exhilarating experience for me because 90% of the gifting was done on foot over the week and a half we gifted. I myself racked up over 40 miles by walking every night. One evening I gifted for about 4 hours in constant but soothing sleet and rain. Sometimes it’s best to pick the most adverse weather conditions to gift because nobody would ever expect you to. Yeah, when the weather gets cold or rainy even the reptilians figure your determination will take a breather, NOT! The fact is, some of us fire up all 12 cylinders in these conditions, and PUT OURSELVES TO THE TEST AND LOVE IT!
(After all our bodies are vehicles for the soul to evolve and experience life on earth in the third dimension. So why would I become lazy and fool myself into believing that I would be safe by wearing polyester or cotton PAJAMAS for eight hours plus every evening and throughout the day)

This complex has recently been given a status of CLEAR by my psychic friends and associates. I want to thank my friends for their support and COACHING for me to blast this place and poke a finger in the Big Blue Eye All Seeing Eye!

I look forward to the day when can build a community park in it’s place.

Below are some photos I took of the area:
"Be vigilant, guard your mind against negative thoughts." -BUDDHA