One Year Since Gifting In Japan

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Post One Year Since Gifting In Japan 
Hello Don and people,

Before anything, Don, thank you always for being soo kind
and also very empowering.
If it wasn't for your efforts and supportiveness I do not
know where I would be today - my deep gratitude to you,
Carol, and probably many others whom I have not met or had
contact before...

It has been over a year now since I gifted the area where
I live in Japan, and thought I give you and the readers
some notes from what I have observed and noticed since
the gifting.

By the way Don, I made some more the other week and started
to gift areas further away from where I live, so I'm very
enthusiastic about how things will turn out Smile

Last week, I have gifted a place that felt like the ruins of
a once masonic temple (yes, they exist here in Japan too...),
and also found a large tower, so I busted both places.
I also accidentally found a small area which felt a little
"dark" behind a Shinto Shrine (which praised/celebrated a
dragon, very cool place Wink so I buried one there too.

- small update since gifting last week:
Yesterday, I was walking along the beach with a nice sunset.
There were dark clouds rolling in from the ocean area, but by
the time they reached the land, the clouds started to break up
and dissipate.  This seemed a little odd because I usually see
it the other way around...
Could it have been because the area was directly above where I
gifted? -- I have no idea Smile

Note to readers:
For people experienced with orgonite, this is probably not
news and redundant information, but for people who have not
used orgonite and are curious, I am writing this in wishes
that this information is useful, and thought that maybe you
might want to join in on the effort by gifting your area (or
where ever convenient).

All of this information is from my own experience making my
own tower busters and gifting some places (around the house,
ocean, some radio-emitting towers, etc) close to where I live.

You don't have to believe in it, you just make or buy them
and place them in your house, yard, streams, ponds, lakes,
or strategic places like close to any radio-emitting towers,
and wait for a few days or weeks, and just silently observe
without dwelling on the "outcome", because it will happen...
I carry some in my car for no apparent reason Smile

Here is the list of what I have observed and experienced,
in no intentional or particular order :

-Many more insects, they seem to be having a party Smile

-Plants/weeds etc seem to be thriving, also having a party Smile

-Huge earthworms popping out of the ground.

-Better looking clouds, sometimes sylphy looking clouds too Smile

-Air feels less hostile than before the gifting.
 Air also feels "more fresh" and cleaner/nicer.

-Rain seems more cleaner.

-People seem more friendlier and less hostile.

-Many choppers (some military) flying above and around the
 gifted areas (*grin*) from time to time.

-My friend always had bad dreams, but put some in the
 bedroom and all the bad dreams and psycho instability
 went away since.

-A person I know who had not left the house for 20 years
 after college, got a job and started working, dealing
 with people/society, after placing some around where the
 person lives (with-in two months) !!!

-I became less depressed, and recovered almost fully from
 many emotional issues, and started working full time
 again without the burnout/stress that was consistent at
 the time...
 In other words, I feel much better and stronger not just
 physically, but mentally and "etherically" Smile

Since I'm a single daddy, all I need now is a cute girl
friend and I'll be much more happier Wink just kidding...

Probably more stuff is happening, but I'm not sensitive
enough to notice it, sorry...

People who do not believe in psychic stuff have noticed
some of the things mentioned above and started talking
about them to me out of the blue when I didn't say a
word of anything, so it was good confirmation for me
that most if not all of this is for real Smile

(update: sorry, I didn't know how to do the image thinggy...
 it should be viewable now Wink

Sorry for the poor quality snap shot from my cell phone,
but this is just an example of the kind of sunsets we
get here during the winter - almost every day - when
it's clear skies, it almost seems illusional sometimes
with many colors.  Mt. Fuji is sitting in the middle
between the bay area, and the sun sets behind it Smile

Many thanks, happy gifting, and best regards,


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Post Re: One Year Since Gifting In Japan 
I didn´t believe in orgonite when I started making some last year. I made them to try and see what would happen. One of the first places I buried some tb´s last year was at a small square near home, a forgotten place at the periphery of town where only drug addicts used to hang on there to smoke their dope. Now it´s been rebuilt, probably my first gifts were removed with the earth, and now I see kids playing ball there. It´s becoming a healthy place again.  I´ve added some tb´s in some of the ways they were about to cement, so Ì´m sure some of them are still there, or even if the first orgonites were removed, the healing energy still lingers on.

I know what we read at Don´s Adventures are too fantastic at first. I used to think his accounts were too "fantastic" or too "star trek" at first, with my limited knowledge, even if I wanted to keep an open mind. But after all attacks I´ve been through lately, and everything I´m experiencing, I´m sure they have a point. I´m seeing chems and sylphs eating then almost on a daily basis, while one year ago I could only see a mess of chem skies. And I´m only gifting towers with cheap tb´s so far, I haven´t built a cloudbuster yet.

I have a new confidence with my tb´s now, I´m not only gifting as a test as I did before. And Don´s accounts don´t look so fantastic or star trek now, much on the contrary, I´m reading them throughly as every detail is an important bit of information that might be useful.

Keep on gifting. By the way, my gifts are very funky inexpensive orgonite pieces Wink .  But every funky orgonite works fine with the environment, save the fancy stuff for personal projects.


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Post Re: One Year Since Gifting In Japan 
Hello Andrea,

Thanks for you reply! Smile

I am always happy to hear/read that there are more people gifting, and
finding interesting results.

I just wanted to add to my posting, thinking that maybe you or other
people might be interested in this information.

Just a few days ago, I placed a "six" in my yard.  A "six" is 6 tb's in the
formation of a 6 point star.
I also put one tb in the middle, just to see if it added to the fun Smile

only a few days later and things started to change very fast, and the area
of effect is very wide it is hard to describe in words - just plain amazing!
I can only say please try this and see for yourselves...

Best regards,