Satanic place, vortex(es) and UB busted
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Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 10:07 pm    Post subject: Satanic place, vortex(es) and UB busted

Lately I was thinking of Valley of Fire and for some reason the “thinking” about that place bothered me. So I decided to dowse to see what’s coming up.
When dowsing, my pendulum fell from my hand on a certain spot on the map.
I said: “Ohhhoo, there must be something fishy there”.

I asked the pendulum if there is any satanic place? Before I even asked the question I got an immediate huge pain below my heart, it was like somebody stabbed me with a sword. I screamed and hardly could breath. Constantin came next to me, because I got him kind of scared and he told me: “They don’t want you to be nosy when it comes down to their affairs”.

I found out there is also one or more vortexes and an underground base.
I prepared myself with Earth pipes, HHg’s and TB’s.

Sunday, Constantin, a friend (which I will call Buru) and myself got to Valley of Fire.

First gifting stop at the State Park at Valley of Fire.
Buru and I went gifting while Constantin waited for us in the car, looking for the next places on the map. The energy was really bad, Buru also told me he felt the DOR. I got short breath and headache. When got back in the car Constantin asked us, because we were both having troubles breathing: “What’s wrong with you guys, you both look like a mess”. I looked in the mirror, well... he was right. Surprised
I spotted a spook’s car (a couple) waiting for us. The car followed us almost everywhere we went.

Few other stops, bad headaches, the same spook car, etc.

One of the places, the road there was CLOSED. There is a notice posted: ROAD CLOSED - vehicles found on the road after sunset will be towed away.
Ohooo… towed away after sunset??? Rolling Eyes

Again Buru and I went gifting. A huge rabbit with very long ears was waiting for us. Then he run away like I have never seen before. We were amazed. We followed the rabbit and placed the gifts there (hehe.. follow the rabbit hole - Matrix)

Anyway we did more stops, gifts, etc, and we arrived at that “satanic place” which I found on my map when dowsed.
ROAD CLOSED of course. My pendulum I guess didn’t lie.

Now, the three of us with a big bucket full of EP’s and more gifts went there and did our job.
Every time a pipe went into the earth I got a headache.
That place it’s in the dessert and it was kinda hot.

I got again trouble breathing. It was very windy and at some point I found myself making a U-turn and going in the opposite direction (the boys were in front of me watching of course for me, so I didn't get kidnapped ).
I said to myself “No, that’s no right, they cannot mess with me and pushed myself to think straight and got back on the right direction.

Anyway after that I got my energy back, felt really good and relieved.
Few more stops, gifts and we were done for the day.

At the “Valley of Fire” it is posted on the roads: DAY USE ONLY, SUNRISE TO SUNSET. That leads us to the conclusion that during the night someone has business to attend over there.
We would like to know what would that business be all about?

Lilly-Sovereign Spirit

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2004 4:29 pm    Post subject:
Another victory for you guys in Las Vegas, Lilly, congrats!

Knowing specifically what goes on on and under the satanic sites is hard to determine but our own bodies tell us when we're on target, thankfully, as you're demonstrating for us.

The DOR in deserts feels a lot worse, of course, but I've seen that in Las Vegas itself, where you guys have been doing a LOT of good work, the summer heat isn't as oppressive as it was, not very long ago.

The severity of the backlash, too, can tell us a lot about how effective a particular gifting mission has been. I think you guys REALLY stopped their fun this time, and in a big way. Maybe we'll get the intel on that later on but, for me, the sensory confirmations are always sufficient.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich