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Mark Bennett

The Orgonite Experiment. How to super-size your vegetables by Mark Bennett

[EW 2009 oct] Tomato Plants

[2009 Sept] Quick Photo Collection Of Local Sept Results

[2009 Aug] Mid Season Early Results Of Carrot Harvest

Orgonite seed test

Etheric Gardeners

Cbswork talks about HHgs
Here's another gardener who uses orgonite, folks!

this photo of P Barker from Brighton with an average sampling of this crop - totally organic and no fertiliser. He was interviewed about Orgonite gardening with it in hand for The Truth Is Out There ep 2 or 3.... Its not a leek - rather a Spring Onion.

Germinated seeds with the help of a Orgon

Orgonite garden comparison footage at end of year - raw footageMr. Barker is one of the British gardeners who participated in an experiment with orgonite. As you can see for yourself, the testbed with towerbusters at each corner, has vegetables double the size - compared to the adjacent plot without orgonite. It was journalist Mark Bennett from Brighton, England, who set up this gardening experiment. You can read more about this test and gardening with orgonite in his 2009 press release.

First try with organite in one of two identical organic gradens in an alotment in Brighton, England. Filmed in fall of 2008.

Footage is raw and I do have photos of the resulting vegetables. A full edit with text and resulting veg's ups sometime soon.

Watch it and figure out which one has the organite in it and which doesn't.

The edited video will be more obvious and complete.

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