Orgonite Empirical Research at a Private Military Academy 

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 4:47 pm    Post subject: Orgonite Empirical Research at a Private Military Academy
Before I go home for the weekend, I thought id give you initial feedback on that [harmonic] protector pendant.

I put it on at first of course, waiting for something to happen, but the energy isn't electricity or anything, so I just figured I'd wait until sleepy time. Since it would help me, a near insomniac, sleep.

I was walking upstairs towards my room minutes later then I realized I felt sorta, well, tranced or happy, or slightly euphoric. I even had forgotten I was wearing it!

So I was talking on the phone before I went to sleep, cuz im 17 hooking up with this pretty 21 year old girl (besides the point, hehe), and I felt different and realized I had took my pendant out of my sweater on the outside, I wasn't feeling the 'feeling' anymore. I remembered that I would possibly be able to sleep better and on my way back up I could imagine wanting to take it off, just like one guy said he had to take it off after awhile or something, I just read that.

So I slept with it on my chest under my T-Shirt, and HONEST to GOD, I just go to sleep and wake up, normally, but I was practically awake in my sleep with dreams. The only problem, is that I woke up really quick at one time, b/c I think it was possibly a nightmare, it wasn' t over my heart, and in fact I think it was outta my shirt, so I put it back in and dreamt the rest of the night away.

This morning I was eating in the mess hall, and I felt anxious so I took it off, sorta like, energy, too much. and it made my chest feel funny. I let two people I was sitting by, one with 'voices in his head'(-hes got issues, but I don't believe him), and the other, yeah.

So the somewhat mentally unstable kid holds it, and wraps it around his wrist and hand and clasps it tightly, he was real quiet, hes kinda young, a freshman, and then T*****, the other cadet, held it, and put it on for just a few minutes--he begged. He has been begging me to wear it under his shirt (cant even see it, so not for looks) all day, for just, five minutes or something, but everyone likes to try it out.

My friend M****** wants to buy a few, (everyonehere has that $$ cuz its expensive to go here) as well as MANY others, so youre in business, Mr. Croft, it really does something.

M******'s really upset girlfriend--she's just, stubborn and emotional--wanted to wear it, she knew absolutely NOTHING about anything, its just a charm, she wore it and was literally smiling within minutes and would touch it every once in awhile. Her mood was totally up after she gave it back, just for lunch too!

Last night this emotional freshman cadet K****, was having troubles and kicked a bunch of stuff, yelled and cried in the bathroom during formation and everyone of course laughed at him. He came by the office and still had tears in his eyes and I said, 'Hey Kelly, put this over your bear chest for a sec, maybe itll make u feel better,' and hes like, 'Oh ok,' with an attitude, but ina friendly way I guess and he had it on for 30 seconds while waiting and said he really did feel better already and sorta chuckled and gave it back.

Another thing I noticed while wearing it last night. The unfriendliest people, and everyone, seemed to be overly 'nice' when I was wearing it. I made a conclusion that it changes the way the wearer thinks, sorta in an optimistic way, and so something that sounds antagonizing normally, b/c everyone just looks for bad things, were taken in in a friendly way.

1st hour I let C*** wear it, and he actually felt it just as much as I did, he described exactly how he felt, hed touched it, and sorta not paid attention in class, and whisper over to me things like 'Does it make it hard to breathe?' and I'd be like, 'It sorta relaxes your chest, and he'd just keep asking away.' My platoon sergeant told me it makes his heart beat hard. I experienced the same two things, what is it??

Right now D*****, a skeptic, is wearing it, and has shut his mouth pretty good, hes gotta be feeling it. I will let select people wear it to sleep to see if they experience the dreaming. I have thought of some experiments to perform using controls and such.

I will do more of course, because I got this thing for unknown phenomena, also known as, 'science.'

Thought id tell you this, b/c a lot happens around the pendant since its new here. And do expect a lot of buyers from the Midwest area. Have a good day Don and tell your wife I said thanks! Aight??

Ill be back Monday with more, my dad will try it, and my gramps will.

"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."

~Wilhelm Reich