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After I wrote a summary of a news article in GHI (Geneva's weekly free newspaper, identical articles in Lausanne Cités, Lausanne free weekly newspaper) about the mysterious purity of Lake Geneva's water, the same author has published a series of articles about orgonite. One of those even mentions ethericwarriors.com!

The dark side of these article is that they present orgonite like a new protective "toy" and despite some support are quite critical. The public will judge!

In a different free newspaper (20 Minutes), the image of an HHG illustrates an article.

These three newspapers are published to a total number 527'000 items!!! (20minutes 240'000,  Lausanne Cités 110'000, GHI 177'000). We should have probably half a million people about orgonite here. Not bad!

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Jacques, thanks again for posting so many of the last of the previous EW's reports, including this vital one from Steph.

The timing of hte destruction of the previous board by hackers was pretty impressive, by the way. 

Here are some situations that I think contributed to MI6's destruction of our board:

1)  Steph and Marco got recognition in three newspapers in connection with the clearing of Lake Geneva with orgonite this year

2)  Louis posted a report, including photos of Agent Bearden's home, also a surveillance van nearby--he had gifted the neighborhood

3)  The German gifters had apparently just succeeded in defeating the world odor's effort to turn the peaceful demonstration against the G8 fatcats into a riot.

4)  Eric Carlsen was arranging to take orgonite to the Browns in New Hampshire, who are slated (since a federal Kangaroo Court sentencing hearing in April) to be murdered by the feds for not paying unlawfully-levied taxes.  Eric did the deed last week, by the way--magnificently and courageously. I got an email from him after he visited the Browns and he said that Randy Weaver (who beat these FBI murderers in court) was on his way to stand with them.

5) Carol and I were in the middle of moving our home and business to a short distance north of Coeur d'Alene so that we can continue to prepare for airborne gifting--I always hoped that we'd be the first to start that trend Wink .  The move deprived us of daily access to the internet, beginning a day before MI6 trashed EW.  Then they attacked Carol so severely that she was nearly immobilized.  Some gracious help in a couple of chat sessions got her back on her feet, thankfully.

The MI6 hackers also interfered afresh with timely correspondence between Jacques and I during a brief (seems like forever, though) period when Jacques was being severely tested from several directions.  I hate it whenever someone gets isolated and assaulted that way by these tireless, resourceful and clever shitbirds and it's been extremely frustrating not to be in daily touch with him, lately.  Re-establishing EW under those circumstances has been little short of miraculous.