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Orgonite Gets Dumped Into Giant Marsh

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New post Orgonite Gets Dumped Into Giant Marsh 
  Feb 2010
Big Muskego Lake is in Waukesha county just west of Milwaukee. It's a  2300 acre marsh loaded with cattails, lily pads, Bass, Pike, and many species of birds. It's  awesome! You feel like you're in the wild out there. Muskego in Native American means 'haunted'. After fishing there for 7 years, I agree. Willow wisps, underwater green orbs, black choppers, and a giant Slyph stays there all the time. It never leaves!
The lake has Monsanto farms near, and of course there' round up' death washes into the watershed. This creates 'death blooms' Green slimy goopy sludge. Thanks Monsanto! I hate you.  During the spring of 2009 I gifted the entire lake with over 100 tb's. in a 16 ft Lund. Did it all in a few hours. The water became a cool blue color with NO SLIME! Amazing transformation, I asked many fisherman what's going on with water quality. A lot of them said it's the first time in forever the  lake did not have slime and scum. They were dumbfounded. Ice fishing always shut down in late Jan due to plant death and oxygen depletion. Not this year, plants are still green, fish still moving!  Orgone seems to grow plants in the dark. Hmmm? I feel bad to confuse all these fisherman, they have no clue. I told them to call the DNR and ask what they did?
Life is good. Cool