Pakistani Army rape/genocide in East Pakistan/Bangladesh 1971

[No definite survey has yet been made to ascertain the exact number of people killed by the Pakistan army. Immediately after the War of Liberation, it was estimated to be as high as three million. The genocide committed by the Pakistan army is one of the worst holocausts in world history.]

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Genocide in East Pakistan/Bangladesh: A Horror Story---S. K. Bhattacharyya, (A. Ghosh Publishers, 1988).
A passionate treatment of the West Pakistani atrocities during the secessionist war.

Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape---Susan Brownmiller, (Fawcett Books, 1993 [reprint edition]).
Brownmiller's classic book includes extensive discussion of rape in wartime, including during the 1971 carnage in Bangladesh.

Death By Government---R.J. Rummel,  (Transaction Publishers, 1997).
An idiosyncratic but very informative survey of mass killing, with one of the most detailed treatments of the genocide in Bangladesh.

War and Secession: Pakistan, India, and the Creation of Bangladesh----Richard Sisson and Leo E. Rose, (University of California Press, 1991).
One of the best recent pieces of scholarship on the war and genocide in East Pakistan/Bangladesh.

Century of Genocide: Eyewitness Accounts and Critical Views---Samuel Totten et al., eds., (Garland Reference Library, 1997).
A first-rate collection of readings on genocide, including the slaughter in Bangladesh.

Bengali man and boys massacred by the West Pakistani regime.