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New postPosted: Mon Dec 13, 2004 4:17 pm    Post subject: Transmitters pictures
We gifted more towers, fake palm trees Wink , Ub's, few vortexes, a hospital with 2 towers next to it and few transmitters on the building.

Before the trip, I dowsed and got that I need 5 EP’s and 4 Hhg’s plus TB's for the day - I got nauseous when I dowsed a place and I wondered if I will find a church there. Hmmm... There was a huge church and the bad energy got both of us sick. We also got nauseous when we gifted 2 more vortexes.

Usually UB’s are under golf club courses and parks. We managed to enter a golf club without nobody asking for Id's or permits etc... Fun!
It wasn’t easy for Constantin to hammer a pipe right next to golf players… but we were helped.

An Asian (icy eyes) guy in a white van stopped behind our car. He didn’t pay attention to me waiving at him as I was trying to distract him, he was like he didn’t see me.
I am sure he didn’t “see” the car as we asked for protection and invisibility… Or at least he got a different image of a car in his brain, hehehe…

He seemed desperate, looking for Constantin and of course he was talking on the phone.
He passed our car and he stopped again, trying to locate Constantin but this time I “ordered” him to go away and look for us somewhere else. He did that immediately.
It’s not the first time when I “give them orders", it seems the operators help us big time, I think we just need to ask.

What’s new here is that the transmitters are hidden under fake palm trees, we’ve seen that in LA, now they adopted this technique here.

The new building is not ready yet but the transmitters are ready … we are also ready … gift, gift, gift

Fake palm tree with crap on it.

another "palm tree"

another one

palm tree base detail

clock with transmitters